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August 17, 2019, 11:39:22 PM

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Author Topic: Marshal Frederick du Pied Douteux.....Napoleonic French  (Read 4303 times)

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Re: Marshal Frederick du Pied Douteux.....Napoleonic French
« Reply #45 on: August 16, 2019, 11:06:23 AM »
So, I’ve had a break this week but as I have this weekend to myself, I should be able to get in a little painting.  With luck I may the the lions share of one foot regiment done....

Anyway, the reason for this post, I have been having a think.

I know I’ve loosely based my army plans around the French at Albuera, primarily as it gives me a focus and structure around which to build.  But as I’m starting to enjoy the painting, I’m realising I want to stretch it a little bit. 

I find myself fascinated by the Federation of the Rhine collection of minis by atheists Perry’s and I have been reading about them a little.  As such, and if for no other reason than to add colour to my army, I’ve ordered figures to paint the Anhalt battalion of the 5th Regiment.  In time I will also add the Lippe.  My idea being I’d like a “Foreign” Brigade to add a little interest.  I’m looking at other foreign units that fought for the French in the Peninsular, and though I have considered Vistula infantry, I’m conscious they never really fought in the same battles as their Lancers, a unit that will feature prominently in my army.  (Indeed it’s their starring role at Albuera that prompted me to use Albuera as my focus).

I have a great book I picked up at a 2nd hand book shop “Napoleons War in Spain” written from the French perspective and with great colour plates of French allies etc which I’m reading through so I will pick another foreign contingent to add once I’ve found another interesting and hopefully colourful unit.

Then their is the fact I am a gamer first, painter definitely last!  I love the idea of adding a regiment of Cuirassiers too my army.  Yes, I know they didn’t appear much in the Peninsular and certainly not at Albuera, but as a gamer, I would obviously welcome their addition as a hard hitting element that should my army come up against say an Austrian army on the tabletop, I would be sorely missing otherwise.

As such, and to try and keep some tenuous thread / reason for being, I have ordered the fascinating cuirassiers standing at ease, some arms folded as I shall be putting them into my reserve as a nod to their lack of participation.  I will also paint them as the 13th, the only regiment I am aware that fought in the Peninsular (Spain I think).

If I can find a reason to add in a little Guard Cavalry, I would love to add in a few other bits....but I may be stretching it 😌

I don’t really have a question as i’ve Decided that’s what I’m going to do, though I am interested to know what other gamers do?  Do they typically pick a given army at a point in time or Battle as their “focus”, if so, do they too try to find tenuous links in order to expand it, are they more rigid?  Or do they just go with the rule of cool and pick from a wider range of units available at the time?  Are there power gamers that just opt for the the best units or how do they go about picking their regiments to portray a more balanced army?
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