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Author Topic: (KS) Shieldwolf Miniatures - Official News thread-----(FUNDED!!!) 13 hours left!  (Read 32701 times)

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Quoted so that I can actually read what you posted...  :P

As for Kingdom Death.. Umm, well they do divide opinions very sharply, as do brother Vinnie's efforts.

Does it matter if they divide opinions, though? They sell and go out of stock within hours. They're not for the people who don't like them, they're for people who want that style

Well, we do appreciate all feedback and it did result for example in changing the kneepads on the 2nd model we've shown here, but there's a limit to how much we could effectively change, it's not that we are going to last-minute change the entire concept, like we said it's been months we've been working on these!
The bet has been placed and the result will be seen early January, we are aiming at funding in the first 48 hours.

Thank you for the comment on the Orcs.  :) As for the Valley Orcs, we have prepared so much stuff that even people who may initially not be interested in these, will be.  :D

I completely understand, it just rubs me the wrong way because of how this debate has overtaken videogames. The new DoA isn't coming to the West because of people complaining about the style especially of the female characters. This is despite it selling better in the West than Japan.

I really can't wait to see what you guys come out with.

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First of all I appreciate you taking the time to post your thoughts in detail.  :)
Our opinion on conversions may differ. YMMV but from our stance it's not "heavily converted", it's 2 out of 5 proposed torsos that you'll need to apply greenstuff only on the stomach area. It was suggested by others when debating the clothing, so it's not our "way out" if people want more clothing, it's a simple solution. We prefer them as we make them but if it's "possible" for them to be converted in "fully clothed"... then so be it  8)

Also, this project may be aiming primarly in getting funded but (just like we said in our 1st KS) that's not the ultimate goal, we have prepared 10 times over the initial offerings!  ;)
War is Coming is an army game, it needs lots and lots of stuff to be played with, and if we want to offer 4-5 troop types for each faction, monstrous cavarly, characters, skirmish units, monsters, great monsters etc, and make people get all that for an amazing price, then we need a really big crowd. This is the reason we bother with Kickstarter.

Thank you for your reply; I was not aware that only 2 out of 5 of the models in this set were, uh, in "bikini mode". Would it be possible to add a couple of extra torsos to the sprue so that an option for all of them to be fully-dressed exists?

Also, different people do regard conversion and putty-work differently. I am happy to sculpt chainmail on a couple of figures, but doing that 30 or 40 times for an army? And to match existing chainmail on the model? Not so much.

I do realise that any design is ultimately a compromise of various practical and subjective things, but I will say this: lots of under-dressed female sculpts already exist, and I think there is a real appeal for something between those and the "can't tell if it's female or not" models. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing further previews. :)

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Yes, adding a couple more torsos could be possible, in fact we have already done the math on that but we must really see a big urge in the comment section in order to do that. It would be an additional Stretch Goal that could work, why not?  :)

Lots of under-dressed female sculpts already exist. Yes, lots. In plastic (let alone hard-plastic and modular) and with our price-tag? None...  ;)

For the greenstuff work I'm sure you are not the only one feeling that way, on the other hand there are and have been plenty of people who would create all kinds of awesome unique armies e.g. convert their Games Workshop High Elf army into an arabian themed one or even nippon/samurai looking or whatever, the internet is full of such examples. So it's definitely a lot of work and not everyone has the will or time to do it (probably because of something called "real life"  ;)), but it's the entire wargaming community we are addressing and sure enough there will be a number that will.  :)

The next update (coming up in the next days) will feature another two sculpts (and thus torso versions). In the meanwhile we are awaiting any day now foreign blog/website reviews for our Twin-headed Dragon, in our opinion another exceptional centerpiece of the Northern Alliance  8)

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I really think it is an issue of context, not sales.

Shieldwolf said "sensibly clothed." They're not. Even if you give them a pass on wearing bikinis in a supposedly cold setting -- and I am, I don't think it's much different than half naked barbarian men, historical Germans & Celts, etc. -- the armor defies the idea of "sensible." Like they covered the minimum amount of flesh not to be considered porn, and then gave up after  that, figuring no one would bother swinging a sword at their abdomen or thighs. Aside from that, I have no idea how the second figure can even manage to take two steps without crippling herself with the skull horns on her knees.

Shieldwolf also said they don't want to look like other fantasy figures. I think this also fails, as this look has been done before. I'd even go as far as saying it seems like a late '80s to '90s cliche in both miniatures and fantasy/gaming art.

Kingdom Death isn't the same thing. I don't think they're even pretending to be "sensibly clothed." And not only is that fine, if that's what they want to do and the market they are aiming for, but that would be fine if that's what Shieldwolf was aiming for. But that's not what it says in the OP.

I've also got to agree with some of the previous statements, it seems unrealistic to expect people to support a Kickstarter based on the idea that they will have to do additional sculpting to get the figures to look the way they want, or that they should support one set of figures because there may be figures they like better in future releases. I'm sure there will be people who will like these figures and will support the KS the way it is. But there is a lot of competition in the market right now, and a lot of Kickstarters to choose from. I think that a designer can only realistically expect support for the actual product being offered.

Offline Shieldwolf Miniatures

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...Aside from that, I have no idea how the second figure can even manage to take two steps without crippling herself with the skull horns on her knees.

We already stated that part is going to be altered  ;)

But there is a lot of competition in the market right now, and a lot of Kickstarters to choose from. I think that a designer can only realistically expect support for the actual product being offered.

And that's why we are pitching off with this plastic kit right from the start  :D
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Okay thanks, that's given me a good idea of what to expect.
'Sir John ejaculated explosively, sitting up in his chair.' ... 'The Black Gang'.

Paul Cubbin Miniature Painter

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Great!  :)

Hopefully people will like the next updated pics also, although a couple of YouTube videos might be posted by bloggers in between, we have sent to and want independent sources to verify the quality we are producing.

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I look forward to seeing what the valley orcs look like. Roll on the KS campaign.
Have fun storming the castle! ...and that really isn't me you know...

Gothic Project: leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=55943.0 - although on pause atm as too much RL stuff getting in the way.

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And here's some more stuff to talk about  :)

First we start with a miniature for our Orc supporters!
This is a sculpt from our first KS, the Valley Orc Shaman (there's also a youtube video of the review here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGUHS5xnvxo)
which will be available at a discounted price through our KS-2 too!

Although we offer a great visual of our products in our website, here at Shieldwolf Miniatures we go to great length to keep on working on it becoming even better! So, all 360's are being re-worked on so people can get a visual of any Shieldwolf miniature as if it was in their hands!  :D

Here's a 360 view we have been working on! (still WiP...)

and here's a teaser of the Shieldmaidens Monstrous Cavalry Unit...   :D

According to experience accumulated from our KS-1, we will have a pledge made available for warbear mounts only (just like we did for our Siberias Lions)  :B):
We do however feel the ladies atop do make the beasts look... prettier!  ;D

Hope you like them as much as we do!   8)

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Looking forward to this. Best of luck.
Semper in excretum sum sed alta variat

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Thank you!  :D

Offline Shieldwolf Miniatures

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The Ice warbears from the Shieldmaidens will be separately casted with the mounted Shieldmaidens as an addition for those who wish the bears only.
And since they are "monstrous" cavalry, here's an idea of how large these beauties are going to be  :)

(Our plastic Orc stands on a 25mm square base, the warbear is instead on a 75mmx50mm base)  :D

Offline Shieldwolf Miniatures

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Date has now been officially announced!  :D

Will you pledge your allegiance to the daughters of the Icy North...?

...or maybe support the brutal Shieldwolf Orcs who dominate the South?

The clock is now ticking...
(exact time of launch TBC)

PS. A happy and prosperous 2016 to everyone, let this be a year of health, peace and joy!  :)

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And just to keep things flowing... here's even more previews revealed!  :D

Hope you like them as much as we do!

Seems that Tuesday can't come soon enough!  o_o

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I like the last two ladies, also the mammoth


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