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Author Topic: Fallout - TNT & PnP in the Tennessee wasteland  (Read 1027 times)

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Fallout - TNT & PnP in the Tennessee wasteland
« on: August 19, 2016, 12:54:37 AM »
Hello, I'm a new poster, but I've been lurking this forum for a while now.

I'd like to present my game set in the Fallout universe. It's been quite a relatively long project up to this point, it started in November of last year.

First, some backstory on the whole TNT and PnP aspect - I've been running a homebrewed d20 system for Fallout, and the sessions have been going on steadily (with a bit of a break from April up until recently, when the sessions have restarted with a bang). Ever since getting the itch for playing TNT though, I've decided to marry the two concepts. I plan on using the same world and the same timeline - happening at once. Almost all of the players are all up for picking a faction (or two, in some cases) and influencing the political/war aspect in the PnP game.
As of yet, the TNT games have not started for lack of terrain and miniatures, which should (hopefully!) be fixed shortly.

And now, for the backstory of the universe itself:
The year is 2264. The location is the vicinity of the former city of Knoxville, now known as Nox.
There are a couple of major players in the area:

The Enclave. Recently beaten back from California, these are pretty much the same forces you destroy in Fallout 3 13 years later. Technologically still superior to almost all factions, they still don't have the advanced power armour they had in Fallout 3, but are instead still using old suits from Fallout 2 and combat armour variants for their border patrol troops. They're fighting over this area since old records suggest there's a nuclear silo that hasn't launched all of it's payloads. They've also been collecting Vault dwellers for bolstering their diminished ranks.

The New Dixie Republic. Hailing from the ex-state of Alabama, from the former Gulf Commonwealth. They control a big chunk of that state, and want to expand their influence by any means necessary. They are in a vicious struggle against the Enclave and The Fallen Star Republic, relying more on numbers than technology, but since they have heard rumour of a powerful artifact in this area, they're willing to spend a few lives to obtain it...

The Fallen Star Republic. A local force, occupying a military base south-east from Nox. Relatively technologically advanced, their origins are from a local munitions factory, whose workers took shelter in the nearby military base and mixed with the National Guard forces stationed there. They're traders by heart, and (comparably to the other two big players) don't control much territory. Do have access to combat armour, laser guns, a couple of APCs and a tank.

The Brotherhood of Steel. Not a large force at the moment, it's mostly just a couple of scouting parties, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't send a bigger force should they uncover a big cache of technology or other technological goodies...

Besides that, it's mostly raider gangs and other smaller factions I might dive into at a later date.

Hopefully I didn't bore you all too much with the backstory to my game(s). Some of the ideas are my own, some stolen and adapted, I'm sure there's atleast a couple of details and cues I've taken from this forum.

Pictures of painted models (there aren't many, just the PCs of the game and a couple of mooks) will follow soon-ish.

Oh, and if anybody's interested in the three main radios we have playing during play, contact me.
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