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Author Topic: There are your Guns rules .......WHAT !!!  (Read 452 times)

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There are your Guns rules .......WHAT !!!
« on: September 20, 2016, 10:05:32 PM »
Brothers i have to get this off mee chest, having just played my first game of There are your Guns .I am So disappointed in them !

I play a lot of British Grenadier and General de Brigade( and i bloody love them, best sets of rules in my eyes  :) ) the rules are set around them so the basics are the same in all the sets !

Initiative, charges ,movement,firing melee and morale..

As for the Morale section we where just blown away by how easy it was for units to pass ! I dont think we had a single unit fail a test ! not when you need to score 6 on two D6 .and the + far out weighted the -
on average a unit would get a +2/3 add to his score

C in C  /SO or Brigade general within 12 "        +1
Brigade general Attached to unit                           +2
steady ( troop class eg. normal line )  vet ,elite ,          +1 ,+2,+3

there are very few - in the morale  -1 for conscript/raw  and that  all the - for troops to charge into combat !

so you dont get any of the other factors like !

cas / DP suffered in the charge !
   over  10% , 25% 35%+ Casualties!
  friendly troops retreating routing ect.
  The unit is unform ect...

The thing is , I dont see how it could of got passed play testing ! like that !

 When the morale is SO FAR OUT !   YOU CANT play the game when the morale is so far out its madness  :-[ ,
 Its  easy to  put right, ;) we will play it with ALL the General de Brigade Morale factors in it ! jobs a good un!

So Brothers have you had/ played a set of rules that did not live up to your expectation.

right quick beer then bed happy gaming lads LR



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