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Author Topic: Star Wars reimagined: the Clone Wars (18 / 11)  (Read 3001 times)

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Re: Star Wars reimagined: the Clone Wars (18 / 11)
« Reply #15 on: November 18, 2016, 04:35:00 AM »
Now I already have all the miniatures for this project, minus the heads (those will hopefully arrive in time for my incoming winter holidays within two weeks). Some "extras", like beasts for the shocktroopers, are already waiting to be prepped and primed. Unfortunately I'm on night shift, so I won't have time to start painting.
Meanwhile I'm using what spare time I have at work to write even more fluff and background. Tonight I've written about the Clone Wars. But my own version. That takes place in the sci-fi setting I had created some time ago, Galaxtar (mostly a mix of Stargate, Galactica, and AvP). This reimagining of Star Wars would take place in an even more distant future (an idea I already had when I first created Galaxtar, and that I'm fully developing right now).
Let's say that Galaxtar tells the events of year 3.000, and this Star Wars takes places roughly in year 4.000. ;)

And now, for tonights wall-of-text... the Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars was the pangalactic conflict that helped make mankind the de facto rulers of the galaxy. And to think it was intended to be their demise...

The War started with a massive attack by the Robotic Axis, led by the Cylons, that had allied with the cybernetic Dronoids, who, in turn, convinced the Goualds to join them. They started by attacking the humans, as Cylons and Dalektoids thought they'd be easy prey, and Goualds still harboured a great loathe towards their former slaves.

It backfired, greatly. To start with, unknown to all, humans had been building a truly massive fleet of warships. They were capable of holding their ground against the first waves of attacks, while simultaneously rising the Living Alliance: pretty much every organic race united with the humans against the robotic menace.

Still, it was soon clear that this was going to be a long and prolonged war, as the cylons had been replicating themselves for centuries, and were like a never ending tsunami of metallic warriors. The solution taken by the Alliance was to use the knowledge of cloning technology of the Tausir and create an equally limitless army. Thus the clones were created.

They were human clones, but made from a bunch of very basic and outstripped genomes. Their growth was artificially accelerated. And from the very first moment they could learn, they were teached only one thing: the art of war. For this, famous bounty hunter Jango Fett (an outcast of Mandalore, the most warring society) was hired. His expertise was well known throught the galaxy, and the training regime he developed proved effective.

Clones were cheap to produce and easy to replace, so on the battlefield they were poorly armoured (if at all), but fairly well armed. They were created as cannon fodder, and they fulfilled their role with blind loyalty. Yet, they were not enough to turn the tides, and the Robotic Axis and the Living Alliance ended up stuck in a draw and a seemingless never-ending war.

This was the perfect time for a new force to rise: the siths. Siths were mutants who showed strange powers, like telekynesis, or mind probing. Mostly of human origin, over the last centuries their number had steadily increased, and had created a proper organization, ever honing their skills. Now led by Darth Sidius, they entered the war with their supernatural abilities, leading the clones from the front.

And finally, the Living Alliance, rised by the humans and led by the sith, started to overpower the Axis. And with a new fiercer attitude, and no moral restraints, the planet-cruncher was created: a weapon capable of devastating a whole planet. It was put to use. The Axis conceded defeat. All races of the Alliance accepted it... except the humans.

The final consequence of the Clone Wars became evident: humans were the proper victors of the conflict, and now held the galaxy in an iron fist. The complete extermination of Goualds and Dronoids was declared (after studying the cyber-neural connections used by the latter). All cylons were re-progammed, deprived of their artifical intelligence, and made into the robotic slaves they once were, a long time ago.

To the other members of the Alliance, humans offered to join them in a Galactic Empire (the alternative was quite obvious). All accepted, and the Imperial Senate was created, to represent them. Darth Sidius, supported by the justly feared sith, declared himself Emperor. And peace and order was restored throughout the galaxy, under the benevolent leadership of mankind, who had now truly achieved their manifest destiny of becoming the master race of the galaxy.

Of course, there are some that claim that the whole War had been orchestrated in the shadows by the Emperor and his siths, as a way to gain the supreme power. But those are theories only spouted by traitors, the members of the so-called Rebellion: a terrorist movement that is threatening the pax imperialis in the galaxy, and has suspicious connections to the sect of the jedi, created by a schism from the sith.
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