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Title: Scratchbuilding a 15/20mm Light Freighter
Post by: Gunbird on March 12, 2010, 09:56:15 AM
A friend of mine is looking for some background material for pics, and I had a several years old idea that died when I stopped with 20mm Sci-fi, so why not combine it.


Tis a big beast though, 45 cm's at the moment, and still very rough. Last night I fitted the magnets for the lift engines so they can rotate and they are snug as a bug now, and added the second coat of filler in places. I already got most of the parts for the landing gear ready but that won't be built till last, and the cockpit and nose area have just been donated by a Ju-86 wreck so I'll need to blend that in a bit (the one in the pic being a stand in from a B-25). The current deadline is the end of the month-ish to have her fully built and possible primered.

The Front bit will be the (closed) cargo ramp, on the top there is another hatch for taller cargo to be lowerd into. Underneath is room for a cargo sling if push comes to shove. Comparison figures are all 15mm FoW, to give you an idea of the size. Parts wise this is mostly a Revell 1/32 Apache, I picked up several a few years back at a fiver each thinking they make great space ships one way or the other.