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Title: Epic Heroes: Skirmish Gaming in the Realms of Fantasy Sneak Peek
Post by: Faust23 on August 09, 2013, 01:41:52 AM
Hi guys,

We are still polishing up the rules for fantasy gaming to add on to our Brink of Battle main rules, and so I wanted to share a sneak peek with you that first aired on our Facebook Group.


Today we spotlight one of the new Trait 'Types' from Epic Heroes: Vocation Traits!

 One of the other types of new Trait for EH is the Inborn Trait. These Traits will represent natural born abilities that must be purchased at the time you create the model's Profile. Once you play a game, you cannot go back and buy additional Inborn Traits with Experience points. Each model gets to have 1 free Trait slot for an Inborn Trait, which he must still pay the Supply Points to have. It just doesn't count as one of his Traits for the Max Trait per Model Type rules.

 Vocation Traits can be taken as an Inborn Trait at the time the model is built. However, since they aren't innate abilities but learned 'careers or classes' of warrior, they MAY be purchased later on with EXP. This gives Humans and other non-Demi Human type of models the ability to have something useful fill that 'free' Inborn slot, without using the more 'Racial' types of Traits like Graceful or Stout, etc.

 Here's the current list, and any Prestige Traits you can buy for them as well.

 Alchemist (V)
 Assassin (V)
 Athlete (V)
 Bard (V)
 Beast Handler (V)
 Beast Lord (PST)
 Beast Master (PST)
 Berserker (V)
 Cleric (V)
 Anointed Weapon (PST)
 Armor of Faith (PST)
 Banish Demons (PST)
 Despoiler (PST)
 Hellfiend (PST)
 Worthy Sacrifice (PST)
 Duelist (V)
 Fellguard (V)
 Doomguard (PST)
 Worthy Sacrifice (PST)
 Fighting Man (V)
 Gladiator (V)
 Henchman (V)
 Jack-of-all-Trades (V)
 Magister (V)
 Paladin (V)
 Holy Avenger (PST)
 Templar (PST)
 Ranger (V)
 Ranger Lord (PST)
 Sneak Thief (V)
 Stoic (V)
 Witch Hunter (V)
 Higher Calling (PST)
 Inquisitor (PST)

 You will see a few Profile Traits from BoB's main rules on here reclassified as Vocation Traits. This is because in EH's these exist, but for balance in the Historical rules, they don't.

 Noch Weiter!