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Title: What if games workshop are actually good value....
Post by: nic-e on June 23, 2014, 10:36:00 PM
So i've been looking for monsters and dungeon scenery lately, and after not finding the sort of thing i wanted, i came across the gw chaos warshrine.T
he ogres carrying it were perfect!! but allas, 35 pound :'( ....
..but then i though fora  second that maybe, just maybe, i was looking at this all wrong.
If i got this kit, i'd be buying it for bits, and from the warshrine i could pull out two large ogres, a sorcerer , a bunch of dungeon scenery and a load of smaller parts to use as objectives. okay, it's pricy, but at flgs prices it looks worth it.

Then i though, what about the other big fantasy kits that have multiple configurations?
The dark elf cauldron of khaine comes with several different miniatures attached and can have its central frame made into a wonderful center piece!

The undead ghost chariot thing can be made into a whole heap of ghosts and ghouls.

I'm not saying they aren't pricy, but i think that if you were looking for a nice little themed set of miniatures to fill a dungeon , these big kits can be broken down really easily.

I'm feeling very conflicted now as i seriously consider buying a handful of games workshop kits as the cheaper option to gathering individual miniatures from multiple companies!
Title: Re: What if games workshop are actually good value....
Post by: Westfalia Chris on June 24, 2014, 04:10:45 AM
This is the sort of question we opened the GW thread for:


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