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Title: (COMMERCIAL) Minibits January Sale!
Post by: Leon Pendraken on January 02, 2016, 09:08:11 PM
We normally run our annual sale in the run-up to Christmas, but things were so busy that we didn't get time for it!  Instead we're running it all the way through January, right up to midnight on the 31st.  This year we're including:

MDF Bases - 10% off! - http://www.minibits.net/MDF-Bases-c9/ (http://www.minibits.net/MDF-Bases-c9/)
- We'll be having a price increase on our bases from February 1st, taking them upto 1.20 per pack, so why not grab them now while they're only 99p!


I-94 Decals - 20% off! - http://www.minibits.net/I-94-DecalsTransfers-c23/ (http://www.minibits.net/I-94-DecalsTransfers-c23/)
- We stock the full range of I-94 Enterprises decal sheets so there's a huge selection to choose from.  A couple of codes are currently out of stock but there's a restock package winging it's way over the Atlantic as I type, so that should be here in the next week or so hopefully.


Militia Miniatures - 30% off! - http://www.minibits.net/Militia-Miniatures-c13/ (http://www.minibits.net/Militia-Miniatures-c13/)
- Launched through Kickstarter in 2014, our small range of modern mercenary characters have proven to be very popular.  We've got some new additions coming for this range over the next few months so keep an eye out for those.


Vallejo Paints
- This one isn't a sale as such, but just a notice that we'll be increasing the price on all of the Vallejo Model and Game Color ranges at the end of the month.  The costs from our supplier went up in the middle of last year, so we've had to follow suit unfortunately.  So grab them now before the prices go up to 1.95 per 17ml pot.

Orders can be placed either through our website or by sending us an email using the Contact tab: http://www.minibits.net/Default.aspx (http://www.minibits.net/Default.aspx)