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Title: New 15mm Scifi Rules Trilaterum
Post by: tyrela on March 02, 2016, 03:59:10 PM

Hello all.  I am currently in the beta test process of a new rules set for 15mm Scifi battles, Trilaterum.  This is being developed for direct support of Stan Johanson's line of 15mm scifi figures  http://www.stanjohansenminiatures.com/15mm.htm , with rules for much more to include your whole 15mm scifi collection.  

Some of the highlights will include

- integrated turns
- d8 die system
- suppression and reactive fire components
- a unique firing sequence that rewards intestinal fortitude and bravery
- Stands take damage markers that will accumulate over time, causing decreased readiness and eventual loss of stands
- will have a full army creation system to allow any figures to be used with the system

You can Follow the development on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Trilaterum-15mm-Scifi-478968305647567/
or my blog http://usulshomeworld.blogspot.com/

I will be running events for thsoe int eh northeast at Havoc and Huzzah.  Thank you for looking at my project.