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Title: (COMMERCIAL) 64 new WWII releases at Pendraken!
Post by: Leon Pendraken on April 05, 2016, 12:40:13 AM
We've got our new 10mm WWII Polish range ready, just in time for Salute as well!  With 29 new codes in total, this range almost everything you could possibly want for your Polish armies.  The only addition in the near future will be the 46mm mortars, which will fill the missing POL12 slot in the list below.

We'll have a selection of these new vehicles plus the army packs, at Salute in a fortnight, but please let us know if you'd like to pre-order any of the other codes.

Polish - http://www.pendraken.co.uk/World-War-II-c19/NEW-Polish-NEW-sc344/ (http://www.pendraken.co.uk/World-War-II-c19/NEW-Polish-NEW-sc344/)
POL1   Foot, walking/firing   (10)   £1.65
POL2   Foot, advancing   (10)   £1.65
POL3   Foot, kneeling/firing   (10)   £1.65
POL4   Radio Operators   (5)   £1.65
POL5   Officers    (10)   £1.65
POL6   Senior Officers   (10)   £1.65
POL7   wz.28 RKM LMG teams, prone   (3)   £1.65
POL8   KP wz.35 ‘Ur’ AT rifle teams, prone   (5)   £1.65
POL9   0.3” Ckm wz.30 MMG teams   (3)   £1.65
POL10   Artillery spotter   (10)   £1.65
POL11   wz.31 81mm mortar with crew   (3)   £1.65
POL13   Cavalry, walking   (5)   £1.65
POL14   Cavalry, charging   (5)   £1.65
POL15   Engineers, with pick and shovel   (10)   £1.65
POL16   wz.36 37mm AT gun with crew   (2)   £2.80
POL17   wz.97 75mm field gun, pneumatic wheels, with crew   (1)   £2.80
POL18   wz.97 75mm field gun, spoked wheels, with crew   (1)   £2.80
POL19   TKS tankette, 7.92mm MG   (2)   £2.80
POL20   TKS tankette, 20mm gun   (2)   £2.80
POL21   7TP dw, twin 30mm turrets   (1)   £2.80
POL22   7TP jw, 37mm Bofors turret   (1)   £2.80
POL23   wz.34 Armoured car   (1)   £2.80
POL24   wz.29 Armoured car   (1)   £3.00
POL25   Fiat 621 truck   (1)   £3.50
POL26   Fiat staff car, type 1   (1)   £2.80
POL27   Fiat staff car, type 2   (1)   £2.80
POL28   Casualty markers   (10)   £1.65
POL29   wz. 1913 Schneider 105mm field gun, with crew   (1)   £2.80

Army Pack: Contains 1 pack each of POL4, 5, 7, 11, 13, 14 and 70 figures from POL1/2/3.

      Priced at £22.00

And a few pictures...

POL1 - Foot, walking/firing

POL2 - Foot, advancing

POL9 - 0.3” Ckm wz.30 MMG team

POL14 - Cavalry, charging

POL22 - 7TP jw, 37mm Bofors turret

POL24 - wz.29 Armoured car

And then moving on from these, we've got 34 new WWII French codes as well, expanding this range to include all kinds of foot types, a variety of new artillery pieces and even some cavalry.  We've also got a new WWII French army pack just about ready, so we'll add that very soon.

French - http://www.pendraken.co.uk/World-War-II-c19/French-sc127/ (http://www.pendraken.co.uk/World-War-II-c19/French-sc127/)
FRE24   Foot, advancing   (10)   £1.65
FRE25   Officers    (10)   £1.65
FRE26   Radio Operators    (5)   £1.65
FRE27   Senior Officers, 2 poses    (10)   £1.65
FRE28   Hotchkiss M1914 MMG    (3)   £1.65
FRE29   Foot in greatcoat, firing    (10)   £1.65
FRE30   Foot in greatcoat, kneeling, loading   (10)   £1.65
FRE31   Rifle grenadiers in greatcoat   (10)   £1.65
FRE32   FM24/29 LMG team, prone   (3)   £1.65
FRE33   Chasseurs in vareuse, foot   (10)   £1.65
FRE34   Chasseurs in vareuse, officers   (10)   £1.65
FRE35   Chasseurs in vareuse, FM24/29 LMG, prone   (3)   £1.65
FRE36   Chasseurs Alpins, foot   (10)   £1.65
FRE37   Chasseurs Alpins, officers   (10)   £1.65
FRE38   Chasseurs Alpins, FM24/29 LMG, prone   (3)   £1.65
FRE39   Dragons Portes, foot   (10)   £1.65
FRE40   Dragons Portes, officers   (10)   £1.65
FRE41   Dragons Portes, FM24/29 LMG, walking   (5)   £1.65
FRE42   Chasseurs in gaiters, foot   (10)   £1.65
FRE43   Chasseurs a Cheval, mounted   (5)   £1.65
FRE44   Chasseurs a Cheval, dismounted   (10)   £1.65
FRE45   60mm mortar with crew   (3)   £1.65
FRE46   80mm mortar with crew   (3)   £1.65
FRE47   25mm Hotchkiss m.39 AA gun with crew   (2)   £2.80
FRE48   Motorcycle Troops, mounted   (3)   £2.80
FRE49   Motorcycle Troops, dismounted   (10)   £1.65
FRE50   Tank crews, baled out   (5)   £1.65
FRE51   Engineers, with pick and shovel   (10)   £1.65
FRE52   Engineers, laying mines   (10)   £1.65
FRE53   Casualty markers   (10)   £1.65
FRE54   75mm field gun, spoked wheels, with crew    (1)   £2.80
FRE55   75mm field gun, pheumatic wheels, with crew   (1)   £2.80
FRE56   Laffly S15R   (1)   £2.80      
FRE57   Canon de 105mm 1913, with crew    (1)   £2.80

Army Pack: Contains 1 pack each of FRE9, 10, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30 and 70 figures from FRE8/24.
      Priced at £22.00

And a few pictures to tempt...

FRE24 - Foot, advancing

FRE33 - Chasseurs in vareuse, foot

FRE39 - Dragons Portes, foot

FRE45 - 60mm mortar with crew

FRE54 - 75mm field gun, spoked wheels, with crew

FRE57 - Canon de 105mm 1913, with crew

Hope you like them!

Title: Re: 64 new WWII releases at Pendraken!
Post by: Leon Pendraken on July 03, 2016, 11:35:14 PM
We'd had a surprising number of requests for these, so here they are.  Three battle weary British tankers taking a well-earned break for a quick brew!  Complete with a small ammo box to serve as their table, these will look great in some mini diorama style bases.

While we're working on WWII, we've got the missing Polish mortars moulded as well, so the wz.36 46mm mortars are now available as well.

British - http://www.pendraken.co.uk/BR180-p7523/ (http://www.pendraken.co.uk/BR180-p7523/)
BR180 - Dismounted tank crews, drinking tea!  £1.00

Polish - http://www.pendraken.co.uk/World-War-II-c19/NEW-Polish-NEW-sc344/ (http://www.pendraken.co.uk/World-War-II-c19/NEW-Polish-NEW-sc344/)
POL12 - wz.36 46mm mortar team (5)   £1.65

And of course pics:

BR180 - Dismounted tank crews

POL12 - wz.36 46mm mortar
Title: Re: (COMMERCIAL) 64 new WWII releases at Pendraken!
Post by: Leon Pendraken on December 27, 2016, 11:28:36 PM
We hope everyone has had a good Christmas with a suitable pile of gaming goodies stacked under the tree!  We've got a few more presents ready for you here as well, with the T-35 heavy tank now available!  This 5-turreted beast was produced before the start of WWII and remained in service through until 1940.  During Operation Barbarossa, the vast majority of losses were down to mechanical breakdown of the vehicle, rather than any enemy action!  This is a huge model, coming with separate turrets and tracks as well, so we'll be looking forward to seeing some on the table!

Elsewhere, we've added some extra fuel tanks for your T-34's as well as general stowage.  These come in two varieties, the earlier square type and also the single drum used in the later war.

Russian - http://www.pendraken.co.uk/World-War-II-c19/Russian-sc128/ (http://www.pendraken.co.uk/World-War-II-c19/Russian-sc128/)
SV75  Square fuel tanks for T-34's, early style (x10)   £1.65
SV76  Single drum fuel tanks for T-34's (x10)   £1.65
SV77  T-35  £6.00

And the pics:

SV75 - Square fuel tanks

SV76 - Drum fuel tanks

SV77 - T-35 heavy tank
Title: Re: (COMMERCIAL) 64 new WWII releases at Pendraken!
Post by: Mick_in_Switzerland on December 28, 2016, 08:10:54 AM
Dear Leon,

Pendraken gets better and better - well done. :-*

I am currently working on a Star Wars / Rogue One project with your Science fiction figures as the Stormtroopers and modern Argentinians and Americans as the Rebels.
Title: Re: (COMMERCIAL) 64 new WWII releases at Pendraken!
Post by: Leon Pendraken on December 28, 2016, 04:11:53 PM
Sounds good, you could probably use our walker as an AT-ST as well.