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Title: (COMMERCIAL) New multiple Dice Frames now available!
Post by: Leon Pendraken on July 07, 2016, 12:37:51 AM
Our dice frames have been massively popular since we first launched them back in 2012.  Over the years though, we've had various requests for custom frames to hold multiple dice, so we thought it was about time we released them for general sale. 

These new frames include strips for holding either 2 or 3 dice, plus a corner version for holding 3 dice.  These frames can easily be mounted next to each other as well, to give almost endless combinations on your bases.  So you can now track hits, morale, command points, anything you wish!

All of our dice frames can be found on the website here: http://www.minibits.net/Hit-Marker-Dice-Frames-c22/  These new multiple frames are supplied on their own, but if you need any extra dice to go into them, these are available separately here: http://www.minibits.net/Dice-D6-c14/

5mm Frames

7mm Frames

10mm Frames

12mm Frames

And a frame in use on a Pendraken Warband base, from Steve Hardy's blog: