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Author Topic: Sigur in Space! - Sisters of Battle, Eldar, Infinity, all things Sci-Fi.  (Read 38975 times)

Offline batu

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Hey sigur will you ever continue on your retro 40k Ork army. I loved that project so much. It inspired me to do a retro 40k Ork army myself. Can you please please continue working on it!

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@batu: Reading your comment was really nice. Thanks very much; I'm kinda touched someone remembers that project! I very, very rarely work on my own 40k stuff any more, since I don't play any more. I still love my Orks army and at some point I'll take proper photos too. I never did that. Oh, and of course I still got more than enough Orks to paint. Well, around christmas 2017 I did a little work on the Space Ork Raiders, which may count as working on the retro army:

That's the state the guys still are in though. We planned playing the Battle at the Farm from the RT rule book, but it hasn't come to be so far.

I'd love to work some more on my Orks though. Maybe playing this solo campaign of 5150 helps with that though. I did help me get 7 more Catachans repainted, so I got a full platoon for 5150:Citizen Soldier now:

full size image: https://www.tabletopwelt.de/uploads/monthly_2021_01/plt.jpg.48044222e33097a465398b2362f8a264.jpg

Three squads of six (including a sergeant, corporal, and a guy with a slightly killier gun. Here we got a wild mix of plasmagun, heavy stubber, and grenade launcher. The 3rd squad, Sgt.Goosio's, still is one man short after Pvt.Paul got killed during the last Patrol mission), one Lieutenant with three pals (radio operator, Squat medix, flag guy. In games terms only the medic is of special importance, the others are just grunts) and two support weapons. These are an autocannon and a Lascannon. Note the wildly different colour schemes on these guns. These guys are just planetary defence force, so they have to get their kit any way they can. I guess the lascannon fell off a cargo lifter or something.

Then there's some extra figures:

full size image: https://www.tabletopwelt.de/uploads/monthly_2021_01/extras.jpg.42d4aec95fc669b79b0387bfc5c2000e.jpg

A squad of Squat clan warriors. They're a trade delegation's bodyguards who are stuck on the planet due to the invasion. Then there's three more planetary defence dudes, because having extras is always handy.

Most of these were painted around 2009/10 when I did some repainting of my IG army collected from 1996/97 up to... er... 2009? Not sure. As you can see, there's some really new bits in there from the Catachan command squad. I got those, a Valkyrie and a Manticore. All new stuff. But I never did much with those. Anyway, in 2009/10 I participated in a "Tale of
  • Painters" kind of thing in which I painted a platoon of abhumans. Squats, Ratlins, Ogryns, Beastmen (no idea where I put these actually!). Originally, most of the Catachan models were painted during the late 90s and 2000, very often very quickly between school's end and the guys arriving for gaming on Saturday in the evening. :)

Anway, now I got the guys to play 5150. There's more than enough opposition around. Due to reinforcement rules there might be vehicles showing up for either side. My old Orks of course have a serious lack of vehicles due to the fact that ...well, there weren't any around apart from Buggys and bikes. I got a plastic battle wagon in a very sorry state which would require lots of repairs. When I stopped playing 40k with my Catachan IG (I also got Cadians of course, and Valhallans, because IG players never get enough :P ) I was just starting to repaint the vehicles. I think so far I got a half-finished Chimera?

Anyway, as much as warhammer 40k just isn't my main focus of gaming any more, there just is something nice painting one of those old metal lasguns again. Really took me back. :) They're by no means masterpieces, but they're ready for the gaming table!
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I love this thread!

So much happy nostalgia and amazing brushwork in one place.

I started playing 40k way back in Rogue Trader.  Battle at the farm was the first game I played using photocopies of the card cutouts from the back of the Rogue Trader Rulebook.

We had one guy locally who had all the models as they were released and painted up nicely.  I used to lose every game but loved every second of it.

I didnít play much between 5th and 7th edition but 8th Edition got me right back in.

Keep up the great thread because itís keeping my hobby mojo going  :)

I have not tried 5150 yet.  Is it any good?
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Offline Battle Brush Sigur

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@fluffy05: Glad you enjoy the thread! Yeah, I think you didn't miss much not playing between 5th and 7th editions. I mean in the end 40k's always 40k and to me it feels rather the same since 3rd edition, even during the one game of 8th I had (albeit I was a bit more confused during that one. :D ).  I started in 2nd edition, but had most of my games during 3rd, despite it being my least favourite edition to put it nicely. After 5th I didn't have many games; I think one in three years on average. I even bought the 8th edition starter box. I was really impressed with what they'd done with the rules in 8th edition. Even wrote a big review then. But then again, I was being too optimistic, thinking that they'd get rid of the codex system and instead release the sensible Index books and have the Primaris line run alongside regular Marines and stuff like that. :D Oh well. 40k is fun if you got the right people to play with and slip into the right mindset, right?

Oh, and if you're interested in 5150, here's my review of the Citizen Soldier variant and my first game: https://www.tabletopstories.net/language/en/
There currently are three variants out (RPG and space combat games aside): Star Marine (which very much is about boarding actions with elite soldiers; very much Space Marine-ish), Gaea Prime First Defence (Earth being invaded by a technologically advanced enemy; bascially X-Com) and Citizen Soldier (which is based on the player character rising through the ranks and basically attaining citizenship via 10 years of military service).

@batu: :D Ooh, thanks for that!

Heyhey, here's a group of Custodes on Foot:

full size image: https://www.tabletopwelt.de/uploads/monthly_2021_01/1schrift.jpg.500cc3bf536799135b0bd32f07123575.jpg

Hope ye like them. :) Next up:Custodes on jetbikes, while I preprare a whole lot of pretty Eldar. None of them my own, but I just painted seven of my own dudes. that's gotta be enough for a while now!
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Offline wds0855

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I just found this thread. Your work is quite excellent!!!


Offline llisos

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Your thread is incredible.

I just found out and I know I'm going to have a good time reading it all and admiring your miniatures!

Offline Battle Brush Sigur

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@wds0855: Thanks very much, Walt! Most of what's in here isn't my own collection, but commission work, but rest assured that I got more than enough sci-fi stuff as well.:)

@Ilisos: Cheers! Hope you enjoy all the stuff in here.

...aaaand more 40k things! Custodes things too.

full size image: https://i.imgur.com/bDbqBQz.jpg

So once those are finished there'll be even more pretty 40k things to come, so stay tuned for the finished versions of the chaps above and for what comes next!

Offline Battle Brush Sigur

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'ello and happy Sunday. :)

Here's the Custodes:

full size image: https://www.tabletopwelt.de/uploads/monthly_2021_01/custodesbg1schrift.jpg.27be0b0bc492b2ebb944cdb7565efad1.jpg

full size image: https://www.tabletopwelt.de/uploads/monthly_2021_01/custodesbg5REDschrift.jpg.5d58d0957130b18b6a2b1dff41a87b4c.jpg

full size image: https://www.tabletopwelt.de/uploads/monthly_2021_01/dawneaglebg2SHOOPschrfift.jpg.48f06b64f0858c03c967462c9f6e79bb.jpg

Oh, and here's something I did for myself:

....because most sci-fi games can do with long-range radios/scanners/servers/generators/etc. for objectives or scatter terrain, right? Yes, that's printer ink cartridges I stuck stuff to. :D

Hope you like them!

Offline Spinal Tap

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Your painting is head and shoulders above mine, I love your stuff.

The ink cartridge cases too look awesome, I did some a couple of years ago but they're not as good as yours.

Offline Battle Brush Sigur

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Re: Sigur in Space! - Sisters of Battle, Harlequins, Infinity, all things Sci-Fi.
« Reply #325 on: February 06, 2021, 12:51:08 PM »
@Spinal Tap: Thanks very much! :) Sci-fi terrain is a deep, deep rabbit hole in terms of terrain building, isn't it.

Here's the AAR of the second game of my solo 5150:Citizen Soldier campaign. This time our heroes are on the attack, and for the first time at full platoon strength!


full image size: https://www.tabletopstories.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/IMG_2704.jpg

Hope you like the battle report and have a smashing weekend!
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Re: Sigur in Space! - Sisters of Battle, Harlequins, Infinity, all things Sci-Fi.
« Reply #326 on: February 09, 2021, 08:37:40 PM »
Heyhey, I painted Eldar of the Iyanden Craftworld type. Starting with Guardians:

full size image: https://i.imgur.com/oQPRzKv.jpg

Not 100% finished, some bits need some tidying up, but they're mostly done. And of course they'll get some heavy weapon platforms.

I also got started on the Dire Avengers. Those are still much more WIP.

full size image: https://i.imgur.com/f8en04F.jpg

I was told to make those look especially nice, because the gentleman I paint the army for (it's going to be big. All the aspects, all the things. It'll look amazing) really likes them. And who can blame him. Dire Avengers are the quintessential Eldar-looking unit, aren't they. I love the look of Eldar. Never played them myself, got mauled by Eldar for years and years during 3rd edition 40k. But anyway. Eldar are just crazy pretty and GW is doing good not to change any of the designs.

Well, I hope you like them so far!

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Re: Sigur in Space! - Sisters of Battle, Harlequins, Infinity, all things Sci-Fi.
« Reply #327 on: February 09, 2021, 11:09:11 PM »
The Eldar are fantastic but I really like the robotic terrain from printer cartridges. Brilliant.
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Offline Battle Brush Sigur

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Re: Sigur in Space! - Sisters of Battle, Harlequins, Infinity, all things Sci-Fi.
« Reply #328 on: February 14, 2021, 12:35:44 PM »
@syrinx0: Cheers! Yeah, doing those was kinda fun. Also got rid of some bitz i had lying around for more than 20 years.

Well, I'm painting Eldar. Wanted to get the Rangers done next, because they are the next largest unit, but I had to wait for some orders concerning some details. Didn't finish the Dire Avengers, because on Thursday I had a little paint/chat thing on the interweb with friends, so I wanted to save them for that, but in the end painted something else: The next largest unit, Banshees. 11 figures plus Jain Zar. Slightly surprised that she's twice the size of her comrades. What's up with that? Do 40k figures scale with their points costs now?

Aaanyway, the Banshees are finished now, THEN I found another Banshee and another Exarch. Hrrr-umph. Oh well, those are the order of the day now, on the side I started basecoating the Warp Spiders and made some terrain bits. In the end Jain Zar probably needs some touch-ups on the armour. Overall I'm proceeding alright. The thing of course is that with this army, with all the aspects in their traditional colour schemes, I basically have to figure out a new recipe for every single unit in this army. A fair amount more work (not to mention the fact that these are Eldar, and thus have to be painted proper due to their inherent sexiness), but that's okay. Upside to this is that the whole project is very well structured. Kinda stop-and-go feeling between each of the units, but also well structured.

edit: Oh, I also bought things. First and foremost: new shoes. Good. My prior ones had a small hole and no profile any more, which had me roll for Difficult Terrain on ANY terrain. So that's good. Also had a re-supply of paints AND I bought myself a 40k thing, the Battle Sanctum. So that's going to be fun.

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Re: Sigur in Space! - Sisters of Battle, Harlequins, Infinity, all things Sci-Fi.
« Reply #329 on: February 18, 2021, 11:44:31 AM »

Surprise, it's Banshees!

full size image: https://www.tabletopwelt.de/uploads/monthly_2021_02/banwip2schrift.jpg.826516a9a8605311cfb87541473494e0.jpg

White Banshees against a white background. I'm a pretty rad dudeski, but that's not that good an idea of course. But it's not a problem; the figures still need the last looking-over and a few things fixed, and once that's done I'll do the 'presentation pictures' which will look nicer. Or so I hope.

Right now I'm finishing those dire Avengers, and then it's Fire Dragons time! the rangers will have to wait for now, but will be tackled soon as well.

How's everybody doing? Well? Good.


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