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Author Topic: 1:600 Naval Flags project, and Poll  (Read 575 times)

Offline Lluís of Minairons

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1:600 Naval Flags project, and Poll
« on: July 05, 2017, 06:35:27 PM »
Now that our Spanish Galleon project is closing to a hopefully happy end (whose results will be shown soon), it comes the time to start thinking of a 1:600 scale accessories range, that in my mind should unavoidably begin with an appropriate set of 17th and 18th centuries Naval Flags --so as to allow each one to further customize and decorate his/her ships --either those we're gradually going to release, or from other brands.

Consistently to the already existing collections of SCW 1:100, 1:72 and 1:56 flags, this new range will be printed as separate DIN A7 paper sheets, each one devoted to one particular ship type and nation. Each sheet will include one ensign, two alternative (or complementary) mast flags, one bow jack and one triangular or swallow-tailed pennant, following the general pattern shown below (using a fictional sample, BTW):

According to Minairons commitment toward Iberian Peninsula nations History, we have already designed and printed some first sheets; but beyond such commitment, we believe that our highest priority must be given to users' own will, so I've decided to place a complete poll consisting of two related questions, which I invite you to answer.

Please read the complete piece of news on Minairons blog.


Offline chema1986

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Re: 1:600 Naval Flags project, and Poll
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2017, 08:55:41 AM »
Hola Lluís! Wow I really like those flags in the blog, The Spanish are superb! I hope to see some Dutch and English too.

Offline Lluís of Minairons

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Re: 1:600 Naval Flags project, and Poll
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2017, 08:33:07 PM »
Thanks, chema1986. I'm persuaded you will also like their military counterparts, already designed too but still pending printing work.

As for Dutch and English sets, it's up to you and other users to decide what sets to release first, as already mentioned :)

Offline Lluís of Minairons

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Re: 1:600 Naval Flags project, and Poll
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2017, 09:04:51 AM »
The poll we placed some weeks ago is over now. Let's analize its results and make a few first decisions:

Poll consisted of two linked questions; the first one asked what period would users like better we started with. As it can be seen by the image above, results here are straightforward: we are required to start with XVIIth century (17 votes, against 10 for XVIIIth century). However, the number of votes requesting a development of both periods is significant enough to make us think that, despite giving higher priority to the period having won, the second one shouldn't be put aside. Somehow, we'd better to start developing this latter shortly after having started the first period.

As for the second poll, this one asked for users priorities among diverse seafaring nations --where several responses were allowed.

Results here are fairly clear, with English men-of-war flags an absolute winner with 20 votes! Other options can be grouped into three groups: those closely following the winner (14 to 12 votes), those not prioritary but inspiring some curiosity (8 to 5 votes) and the not so favoured queue (4 votes or less).


First of all, results have been inserted into Minairons Wishlist, so as to allow you to still influence scores and priorities (no matter if you already voted in the poll; what I'd like to foresee now is amount requests). Thanks to this, everyone can also request another projects not listed in the poll --just as I've done myself by adding Emanuel Wynn pirate, Jerusalem trucial trader, Russian man-of-war or Papacy ships!

Secondly, we had another 10 flag designs ready before placing the poll. All them are included in pipeline and even a few have already been printed. These 10 designs fall into two categories: flag sheets belonging to Iberian Peninsula nations (that aren't going to be affected by the poll results), and French and Ottoman sheets (whose releasing will be alternated with those best scoring in the poll; so in the next few days, pipeline will be modified with the insertion of English man-of-war flags and will start their production too).


It mostly depends on our first model ship production progress (this extremely hot weather isn't helping, BTW). When we see it ready, we shall launch the first sets of naval flags, so as to have them ready for the ship release.

Q. - What about XVIIIth century sets?
A. - I'm not forgetting them. I'm most probably going to set a similar voting process to help establish pririties --once the XVIIth century range is running.



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