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Some pics from a recent 6mm Sengoku Jidai game. The rules used were a version of 'Pulse of Battle.' Each 5 base unit represents a mix of troop types and weapons, the actual figures on the bases that make up the units isn't significant. All the units are essentially the same. The two armies are Oda and Mori.

The Oda deployed in foreground. The Mori advance in the background.

Maeda Toshiie with some Hashiba troops march past a shrine:

View from the Oda left:

The Oda centre. The Mori appear on the horizon

Mori Terumoto in his honjin, surrounded by Mori troops.

Kobayakawa clan arrive on the Mori left.

As Maeda and Kobayakawa fight over the bridge, Oda Nobutada leads his men forward.

Fierce fighting as Maeda drive back the Kobayakawa

A lull in the fighting as the Kobayakawa fall back to regroup

Meanwhile, in the centre, The Mori main force attack the Oda centre. Oda teppo open fire.

Maeda gains the upper hand against Kobayakawa and force them from the field.

With the Kobayakawa routed, Maeda turns on the Kikkawa in the Mori centre. The Oda advance and the Mori collapse:

Lovely  :)



excellent battle report and pictures.
The figures are simply beautiful.

I concur, this looks fantastic. Love the terrain too!

Superb!!! :)


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