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So begineth the Scale-o-matic:

Simply activate the Search/Find function in your browser and type in the manufacturer you require. Please be patient, this will take a while to complete! All feedback welcome!

Renegade, Brigade Games, Woodbine, Scarab, Musketeer, Great War, Baldrick

Copplestone, Renegade, Brigade Games, Great War, Brigade Games

Metal Magic/eM-4 Dunwich Detectives (2011c), Metal Magic/eM-4 Dunwich Detectives (2001f), Artizan (PLP094), Artizan (PLP043), Hasslefree (HFW104), Grenadier Call of Cthulhu, Grenadier Call of Cthulhu, Citadel Gothic Horror 1987, Citadel Gothic Horror 1985, RAFM Call of Cthulhu (RAF02912), RAFM Call of Cthulhu (RAF02918)

Copplestone, Hasslefree, Blue Moon, Artizan, Copplestone

Foundry, Hasslefree, Blue Moon, Artizan, Copplestone

Alban, Perry Metal, Perry Plastic, Victrix, Offensive, Front Rank, Foundry

Perry Metal, Perry Plastic, Victrix, Offensive (close up)

IKORE, Grenadier, Hasslefree, Foundry Street Violence, Copplestone Future Wars

Heresy inspector, Black Scorpion Cowgirl, BA Rogue trooper, Hasslefree Debra, Reaper Townsfolk

Void, Privateer Press pirate, BA Rogue Trooper, West Wind Zombie Hunter, Copplestone, and Super figure civilian

Perry, Foundry, Pulp Figures, Copplestone, Copplestone, West Wind, Foundry, Artizan

Pulp Figures, Brigade Games, Copplestone, Blue Moon

Artizan, Foundry (new), Blue Moon, Knuckleduster, Dixon, Foundry (old)

Artizan, Foundry (new), Blue Moon, Knuckleduster, Dixon, Foundry (old)

Knuckleduster, Blue Moon, Dixon

Old Glory, Foundry, Games Workshop Citadel Plastic (6th Edition), Games Workshop Citadel Metal (4th & 5th Edition)

Front Rank, Foundry, Games Workshop Citadel, Old Glory, Mirliton

Redoubt, Front Rank, Old Glory, Elite

Ironclad, Empress, Empress, Black Tree Designs, Foundry

Copplestone, Foundry, Copplestone, Foundry, Artizan

Ratnik, Black Scorpion, Copplestone, Foundry, Games Workshop, Privateer Press

Ratnik, Black Scorpion, Copplestone, Foundry

BAM (Bolt Action Miniatures), Artizan, Crusader, Black Tree, Victory Force, Westwind

Grenadier, Brigade, Grenadier, Brigade, Hasslefree

Pulp, Artizan, West Wind (SOTR), Bolt Action Miniatures (BAM), Eureka

Rattrap Productions, Artizan, Strange Aeons (Uncle Mike), Eureka

Black Army Productions, Artizan Designs, Black Army Prooductions, Pulp Figures, Black Army Productions, BAM Warlord Games

Warm Acre Games, Black Army Productions, Artizan Designs, Black Army Productions, Pulp Figures

Copplestone, Castaway Arts, Foundry, Pulp Figures

Games Workshop Lord of the Rings, Citadel, Avatars of War, Games Workshop

Minifigs, Wargames Foundry, Black Tree Design, Wargames Foundry, Rafm, Old Glory, Minifigs

Copplestone, Tsuba Miniatures, Copplestone, Tsuba, Musketeer, Tsuba, Hinterland

Each square 5mm x 5mm?

Looks OK to me and the general idea works.

The size of different miniatures is a real bugbear of mine.  Why can't manufacturers state the size of their miniatures in their catalogues?  Its so simple.


Excellent idea and I will make this a sticky.

I think it may be helpful to read this blog post in "The World According to Tom (Meier of Thunderbolt et all fame):

It points out several issues with miniature compatibility and problems with miniature photography in that respect.

Not much of an update but I thought I'd show what I put together as a measuring tool:

I'm not going to let this project die, it's just taking a little bit longer than expected! I think also collating any of the great comparison pictures people have put up in the past would also make this work.

Well done, very good idea. Might I propose the addition of a scale (by adding a ruler or something like that)?


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