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Finally started adding to the 28mm Japanese catalogue again (15mm will be added to in due course) this time starting with a simple blacksmiths. The code is JV-07 and it'll go in the catalogue next week. It's 27.50 and comes in seven parts (shown below).

It's being moulded tomorrow and I'll start to cast them up later in the week.



Silent Invader:
Very, very nice  8)

Lovely! The Oshiro Japanese buildings are, in my humble opinion, the best available.  It's great to see the range getting added to and I hope you won't be stopping there?

Thanks chaps  :)

--- Quote from: Elk101 on March 25, 2018, 01:58:22 PM ---I hope you won't be stopping there?

--- End quote ---

Working on a couple at the moment but more when they are ready.

Very sharp!  The forge is really nice, especially the coal details  :-*


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