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Author Topic: Goliad LPL12 Portfolio  (Read 1847 times)

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Goliad LPL12 Portfolio
« on: July 06, 2018, 07:58:15 PM »
When Captain Blood suggested LPL12 participants post portfolios, my thought was to leave it to the finalists because that would be what the membership would be most interested in. But in the spirit of participation - and also maybe to get constructive feedback for possibly another LPL run I decided to post my portfolio. My overall intent for LPL12 was to experiment with a range of periods and figures and see if I would want to do more in a particular period.

Round 1: Brits in the Hutt Valley

As a New Zealander I have always felt a bit guilty about not exploring my local military history enough so I used this challenge to learn about the British-Maori conflict in the local area, including visiting what local sites I could. Inspired, I knocked these British out pretty quickly. I am often not happy with the way my red paints show on a figure so for these I put a very thin red ink layer over the paint and was pleased with the finish. I tried to get the officer into a more scarlet jacket but it does not show up in the pic. I really like the Perry figures and if I paint a few more with a handful of Maori I can do some skirmish gaming.

Round 2: Indochine

If I am going to do some bush-jungle terrain for NZ, why not look at other jungle conflicts where the terrain can be re-purposed? I love these French paras - great figures. Never been that into WWII but these caught my imagination. I had never painted camo either so this was a good challenge. And so much camo - USMC pattern, British Para pattern, French Para pattern. Personally I am really happy with how the camo turned out - some of the best "realistic" painting I think I have done - the camo actually seems to work as camo on a table! Alas I probably made these too subtle for 28mm. Looking at other 28mm camo paint jobs, they tend to be more stylised/represantional to get the figure to pop. End result - I have finished a French Platoon and Viet Minh opposition. I just need to get all the jungle terrain finished, decide rules and find someone to play against!

Round 3: Oxford Blues

I love horses. And I have always liked the look of the Warfare Miniatures Williamite Wars range. My lack of photography (and story-telling) skills undermined me here and throughout the competition. That said, I don't think it pays to do a cavalry team for LPL, which is a shame. All cavalry teams seem to be harder to arrange in shot showing a story - ideally you want to show horses plus riders in best way but with a large group I think it is hard to do that in a coherent way. With a single mounted figure it seems easier, showing everything in closeup with horse and rider at best angle. If I could have just entered the front guy with the hat and outstretched sword I think I would have done better in this round (I got smashed)! There does not seem to be that many cavalry teams entered in LPL - so maybe I have learned a lesson: have a single mounted figure with foot followers! Or maybe there can be an LPL rule change that means if you enter an all-cavalry team the horse counts as a team member! Anyway, I do like the late 17th century style (and Warfare Miniatures figs) - and there is a loose family connection to Lord Bellew of Ireland who formed a regiment for James II - so I might paint some more for this period.

Round 4: Paratroop Support

French paras again. I struggled with the photography - Round 2 feedback suggested that my camo had not presented well in picture so here I tried a plain background. I got the win but I am still not happy with the picture.

Round 5: Rhys ap Thomas 1485

I had these painted figures sitting in a box from an as yet uncompleted WotR project. I based them up and finished the standards. I tried something new with the basing - coffee grounds for base material, short/low flock options in front with long flock between the figures to try and create a sense of "weight".  I have always been inspired by Captain Blood's WotR, and I do like armour so I thought late Medieval would be a "thing" for me but for whatever reason I am not that motivated to complete an army (despite having 3/4 of an early Tudor force painted). I'll probably grind them out and see if my brother wants to buy them!

Round 6: King of the Wild Frontier

Fantastic Boot Hill minis offering broad surfaces so a painter has a good canvas to apply lines and detail if they want. I was very pleased with how the plaid pants turned out. I had all the plaid painted but the yellow stood out too much instead of being more background/cohesive within the pattern so I applied a thin wash of a greenish colour to tone everything down and lightly re-applied pattern colours where necessary. I think I undid my chances in this round by not giving these figures a better setting/story - especially up against Plynkes.

Round 7: Sirkel die Waens!

When I entered LPL12 this "story" is the one  strong vision I had for an entry so I am glad I got enough points to make it to the knockouts. I am pleased too that by this stage of the competition I was getting my photography and story-telling in a better place (maybe not competition winning but more in the zone!). My biggest success in this picture is the wagon - which is a 3d print job. After an extended love-hate relationship with my newish 3d printer I am starting to be able to print out the type of objects I want. This particular file was a re-sized 1/32 wagon I found on Thingiverse, a great place where people put up free files (model/copyright attribution to designer Kazzee - thanks).

Thanks to the LPL12 moderators and all the participants and voters. LPL is one of Lead Adventure's "jewels". Even if I don't enter again I am glad to say that in one year "I served"!

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Re: Goliad LPL12 Portfolio
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2018, 08:54:20 PM »
Thanks for doing this, Goliad, I do like these portfolio thingies. Gives a slightly different perspective from the way we see them during the contest.

I think my favourites are the Maori War fellows and the medieval men-at-arms. I'm often unclear as to why I like one thing over another, so I can't really tell you why. It must be said that in my voting (I did give in and actually start voting after the first round or so) I seem to pick the loser rather than the winner, so I think my likes and dislikes aren't quite aligned with the majority.

I feel for you about the photography, it's something I still have to wrestle with. My obstinate insistence of only using ambient lighting probably hamstrings my efforts but I just can't be doing with any fancy lighting rigs or light-boxes. I have improved over the years, though, and if you keep at it I don't doubt the same will be the case for you. You may be right about cavalry. I seem to recall that we had an all-cavalry themed round the one other time I was in the LPL and I got slaughtered. Maybe we should do that again and see if anyone can come up with a good way of displaying them. I've seen the painting "Scotland Forever" in the Leeds City art gallery, and it is one bloody impressive experience seeing it up-close and full-size. Surely there must be some among us who can replicate that spectacle in the LPL?

Impressed to read that the wagon was 3D-printed. If I'm honest I haven't seen much that has impressed in this field so far, and usually examples just make me think we're still a way off them being up to the task, but I really can't fault that piece. Nice one. Normally I'm a Jan man all the way, but I confess I voted for you over him in that round.

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Re: Goliad LPL12 Portfolio
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2018, 09:16:33 PM »
Thatís a great and varied portfolio with lots of interesting subjects that Iím attracted to  :)
Thanks for posting and sharing the background and your thoughts on your scenes.

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Re: Goliad LPL12 Portfolio
« Reply #3 on: July 13, 2018, 09:32:14 AM »
Terrific to hear the background to your work.