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I got inspired by all the "latest..." posts in this forum. Please join me on this one. I convert many of the minis I paint and I will post them as replies to this post. Here comes the first one - The Mad Baron with a gun! (The conversion went better than the paintjob...:)

white knight:
Marcel Dalton, conversion based on the Atlas Averell Dalton mini:

With the original figure (my repaint and the prepaint version):


Well, this is my latest conversion, from last week's LPL. Ain't much of one, though. Just a headswap, which is about as much as my skills run to...

My Gallipoli Tommy is Soapy's Combat Stress charity figure, given a new head, also by Soapy. Add a Copplestone SMLE and another soapy head with the actual head gouged out to leave just the helmet, and voila... We have this chap at Suvla Bay saying "Goodbye, old chum" to his comrade.

The original:

Easy job. Absolute child's play.

Thatīs a nice one. I was wondering how people would use this figure. Very nice setup!

Have I made this thread a sticky? No? Well, I am doing it now.


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