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Author Topic: Testimonial/Chinese Eastern Railway Adventure  (Read 1051 times)

Offline McKinnhe

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Testimonial/Chinese Eastern Railway Adventure
« on: December 12, 2018, 09:28:46 AM »
The first thing I want to say is that I think IHMN is about the coolest thing ever. I used to play 40k back in high school and was sort of meh about it, but did it to fit in with my crew (we were the cool kids  ;)). I stopped painting and war-gaming about 13 years ago when I went to college and never looked back - got sick of the expensive paraphernalia and constant  need to buy more GW crap. I got the IHMN sourcebooks a year ago as a curiosity and that changed everything.  I started making my fantasy companies on paper, but as I live in northeast China, was at a disadvantage for minis that didn't have to come from the Land O' The Big PX.

Anyway, the accessibility and fun of the game really got me going an I ordered my first minis two months ago and started painted with some of the local acrylics - which I have to say are not that bad at all. Am trying to get some peeps together to do a weekly arts and crafts and pick-up games night. Will keep you posted on that.

My wife loves my rekindled hobby as it a) keeps me at home, b) lowers my blood pressure, and c) actually enjoys painting with me now.  Anyway, Craig, if you're reading, mate, should you find yourself in Harbin, China some day, let me know and I'll buy you one of our $0.40 beers.

Now, to come to my new companies: The first is made up of Chinese railroad bandits known as Honghuzi or "red beards" for reasons that seem a bit absurd. I got them off of Copplestone's excellent Back Of Beyond range. Right now I've painted the guys on foot, though I have some mounted guys on the way. I'm also attaching a Japanese machine gun and advisors, as well as some mercs to give them some anti-armor capability.

My other company is made up of Chinese Eastern Raiway guards from Redoubt. Despite the name, the CER was a Russian state company that had its own small army of 25,000 men in infantry, cavalry, and 6 battalions of artillery. They wore the same uniform as the Frontier Guards, but with yellow facings instead of green. They are supported by a steam tank for now, though I might have to throw in some walkers later. I've also got some railroad detectives coming.

So I'll keep posting as I get more of my boys done and get the campaign underway.
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Re: Testimonial/Chinese Eastern Railway Adventure
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2018, 03:15:11 PM »
This looks fascinating and I shall look forwards to seeing more about these  :D

If I am ever in Harbin I'll look you up  ;)
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