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Author Topic: 15mm ACW using Principle of War rules  (Read 189 times)

Offline Phil Portway

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15mm ACW using Principle of War rules
« on: January 12, 2019, 10:10:43 PM »
Another Foray into PoW. This time was Early War (1861 - 62) ACW

Hidden movement as usual. Union, Bottom of Picture.

Turn 2 - I decided to place place some of my Brigades, due to having a Poor General I would have to roll a D4 for each movement base, and two of my Commanders were Average, so would roll a D6 "off the base".

I spotted three of the Reb bases, so they had to be placed.

Turn 4 - The Union getting into firing lines. The Confederates had terrible initiative dice.

The two Cavalry Brigades clash

One Union cavalry regt won, and so did one of the Reb Cavalry units.

the Union push a Brigade up in columns to force the day!

Turn 5 - The Confederates had lost a lot of casualties, due to concentrated Union Firing. The Brigade in the center was getting close to losing regiments. The Union center had suffered, but not as bad.

The Union were getting the better of the Rebels. The Confederate commander decided to pull back and leave the field to the Union forces. Another fun game using PoW. These rules are great for any period from Waterloo to Mons.
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