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June 21, 2021, 08:16:20 PM

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Author Topic: 15mm Samnites Army  (Read 736 times)

Offline Bloggard

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Re: 15mm Samnites Army
« Reply #15 on: May 18, 2021, 09:21:18 AM »
hand-painted shields ...  :o :-*
love the video too.

Offline Battle Brush Sigur

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Re: 15mm Samnites Army
« Reply #16 on: May 25, 2021, 09:22:47 PM »
@OSHIROmodels: Cheers! :)

@frank xerox: By all means, go for it. They're all starting to get a bit ruddy and I need an excuse to buy new ones.

@has.been: Yeah, it's a good combination, isn't it. :D Cheers!

@Jjonas: Thank you! I find painting anything below 28mm to be really relaxing. I mean 15mm's got almost the level of detail of 28mm, but it's less work with blending and shading and all that annoying stuff. :)

@MGH: Thanks! That's a small sentence, but it's incredibly nice and reaffirming to read.

@Hu Rhu: Cheers! I got some samples to work off of, found some more on the internet and then just went with variations of these ~25 designs.

@rumacara: No, YOU are lovely! :P thanks!

@Cyrus1: Thanks muchly!

@RedRowan: Cheers! Yeah, I painted these over a really long timespan too, so at points I properly lost the overview of that project. On the plus side I'm weirdly proud of the fact that over the course of I think two years I didn't lose a single shield! And that's an achievement, considering the number of different boxes I kept them, the amount of times I knocked them over and Samnites and shields spilled all over the floor... :D

@Totleben: That may be, but these should be pretty close, right? Please, tell me they are.. :D

@Irregular Wars Nic: Much appreciated! Yeah, finishing a proper big army and seeing it all set up on a table is always special. But of course with these guys, all with their individual shield designs and individual cloth patterns... it's a bit extra special. And of course Ancient armies just always look cool all lined up.

@mellis1644: Thank you! :)

@duivelindoosje: Cheers! Well, there's some more 15mm Ancients lined up already. :) A few years ago I also painted a pretty big army for By Fire and Sword (the picture showing about 50% of the army)...

..and even longer ago a large Russian Flames of War army. Otherwise 15mm projects have always been more like multiple smaller batches. Oh, I painted a lot of 18mm Napoleonics as well of course, but wasn't allowed to base them, so they don't look as impressive.  But yeah, love painting 15mm. So if you or your friends got a 15mm army to paint ... :D 15mm is also a really sensible size of figures to pretty much any tactical level. Me, I mostly use it for skirmish games though to be honest. My WW2 collection is mostly 15mm (for platoon-level games). For Thirty Years War battles I use 10mm, and for Napoleonic battles 6mm.

@DintheDin: Thanks, buddy! :)

@Bloggard: Ha, thanks very much! I'd love to do more videos in the future and there sure is plenty of room for improvement. :D


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