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Jack Hooligan:
Like Warhammer Underworlds, Blitz Bowl has captured my hobby attention. Both titles play in under an hour, are set in cool settings that I enjoy, and have deep game-play.

As a Blood Bowl player of 30+ years, I do have to say I appreciate the brevity of a Blitz Bowl game at this point in my life. In my 20s I was able to run long, successful BB leagues. I'm not sure I'll be able to pull those off anytime soon, and I don't want my fantasy sports gaming to live in the shadow of those glory years, so Blitz is a breath of fresh air allowing me engage in this setting a new.

Before I start running games (bought three sets) I want to get the pitches ready. Here's my first bit of work. Celebrating the stars of the Blood Bowl the "Hall of Fame" arena.

von Lucky:
Looking good - will follow with interest.

Great stuff; the statues are inspired and the shields really bring them home. 8)

3 sets of Blitz Bowl eh? I take it you're located in the US? because I searched high and low for that game here in the EU to no avail...

Jack Hooligan:
Finally coming back to this. I have an early summer Blitz Bowl event to prep for. I'm not sure if it's still going to happen or not, but prep I shall.

Goblins for a special match where each team gets two goblins. This scenario came from me having a copy of the four goblin plastic BB booster box.  Not enough to field a full team, I decided to split into into two groups of two. I went with drab, neutral colors so they donít clash too much with whatever team theyíre playing for. Two have light brown shirts and dark brown pants, the other two the opposite scheme.

I had an extra rot spawn model about and donít ever expect this creature to appear in Blitz Bowl officially, so seemed safe. Iíve added a chain around its neck and town the back to appear chained to the central trapdoor. I have simple rules where at the beginning of each team turn a d8 is rolled and it slithers over to the spot represented on the ball bounce chart and throws a block at a random player if possible. It only stays in the 8 spots adjacent to the trapdoor. In the image below it is on the '8'

gamer Mac:
Never been a blood bowl player what is blitz bowl?


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