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Author Topic: The Scourging of Riath - AT AAR  (Read 219 times)

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The Scourging of Riath - AT AAR
« on: December 10, 2019, 04:57:01 PM »
Here are some pics of our latest Titanicus game. 

The loyalists were attacking a refinery but the traitors had a trap planned for them.

As the loyalists got closer to the refinery hub they were causing untold damage on the facility.  The traitors fell back and let them come. 

The Death's Head forces were quickly out maneuvered and several titans were put out of commission before the trap could be sprung. 

Eventually the trap was sprung and a blinding light was emitted from the refinery.  With no warning the loyalist titans' senses were overwhelmed while the Legio Mortis titans were prepared.  But there were too few titans left to follow up on their advantage and most of the loyalist titans were able to escape. 

Some even managed to destroy one of the traitor Warlords on their way out.  Overall it was a massive victory for the loyalists.  They steamrolled the traitors 41 VP to 19.  Only one traitor titan survived the battle while all of the traitor knights were destroyed.  It was a Warlord that survived so that was a big portion of the force. 

The loyalists had two reavers, a warlord and 3 knights left at the end.