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Author Topic: Torn Liveries Battle Report - Battle of Barnet  (Read 350 times)

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Torn Liveries Battle Report - Battle of Barnet
« on: March 25, 2020, 01:38:32 PM »
Hey all, thought I’d write a report of my first solo game of my Torn Liveries rules system since quarantine came into action in the UK.

The scenario is #10 in the One-Hour Wargames system, called Late Arrivals. I thought this might be the best way to simulate the confused Lancastrian reinforcements that ended up being attacked by their allies. Rather than have friendly fire occur, the delay in reinforcements can at least represent the confusion in the ranks.

Both armies were 600 points as the scenario divides both armies into 6 “Units”, I just used the term Unit to define around 100 points.

The Yorkist force, led by King Edward IV, were as follows:

- King Edward IV and 5 Mtd Men At Arms
- 10 Archers
- 12 Infantry
- 12 Men at Arms
- 4 Men at Arms

The Lancastrian force, led by Warwick, were as follows:

- Warwick and 8 Mtd Men At Arms
- 8 Infantry
- 11 Infantry
- 6 Men At Arms
- 12 Archers

A few of the Units had upgrades such as Standards, Musicians, and Unit Leaders.

The battle starts with Warwick deploying just a small portion (200 points) of his army, so he chooses to put his Unit of archers on the small hill, while utilising the two tall hedges lining the road to create a bottleneck, at the end of which waits his small Unit of Men At Arms. This should negate some of the Yorkist numbers as they make their way down the road.

The Yorkists arrive in full force, Edward choosing to take the fight to the Lancastrian left flank, seeing that the enemy has no Units there to stop him. He uses his influence to get his army moving quickly down the road, taking the larger of his two Units of Men At Arms with him, hoping to dominate the enemies weak spot and sweep them away before having to reorganise in preparation for the enemy reinforcements.

There is a relatively small archer duel before the Lancastrians decide to target the Yorkist infantry, which had left the road hoping to encircle the small Unit of Lancastrian Men At Arms. This shooting was so effective that the Yorkist infantry fled the action, not being much of a threat until much later in the battle.

The Lancastrian Men At Arms managed to hold against Edward’s cavalry charge, taking minor losses and making an ordered retreat into the road, using the hedges to eliminate the Yorkist advantage in numbers. It was looking pretty dire for the Lancastrians, as the smaller Unit of Yorkist Men At Arms came down the road, trapping the bloodied Lancastrians and utterly massacring  them.

Just as the situation seemed beyond hope for the lone Unit of Lancastrian Archers, Warwick arrived with his large Unit of Mounted Men At Arms. He now had to decide whether to charge either the large Unit of Yorkist Men At Arms, the smaller Unit of Men At Arms, or King Edward’s cavalry.

In a moment of remarkable bravery, the Lancastrian Archers charged down the slope into Edward’s cavalry, allowing Warwick to charge into the larger Unit of Yorkist Men At Arms without having to worry about being encircled. Perhaps even more remarkably, the archers cut down not only Edward’s cavalry who without being able to charge were in a much weaker position to fight, but also the smaller Unit of Yorkist Men At Arms. This left the King to fight alongside the one remaining Man At Arms.

Warwick used this chance to continually pummel the larger Unit of Yorkist Men At Arms, driving them back down alongside the road, before turning his attention back to the King, leaving the disorientated Men At Arms in the dust.

The King was slain and the Yorkist hopes were significantly dashed, though there was to be no quarter as the Lancastrians continued their assault upon the weakened Yorkists.

The Yorkist infantry had encircled the Lancastrian Archers but had been pushed back, fleeing from the fight. Spotting this, Warwick decides to recklessly pursue them through the hole in the melee left by the fallen King, toward the soft target of the Yorkist Archers.

The Lancastrian Archers in what was now the centre of the battle were charged by the larger Unit of Yorkist Men At Arms and slain almost to a man, themselves now being the ones to know how it feels to flee from battle. Luckily, Warwick quickly saw to the Yorkist Infantry and Archers. He wheeled his cavalry around to bear down on the remaining Yorkists.

The rest of the Lancastrian reinforcements arrived, spelling the end for the Yorkists who showed incredible bravery in the extremely dire circumstances, especially with the lone Man At Arms running out to face Warwick’s entire cavalry Unit.

The battle ended with only the man bearing Edward’s Battle Standard remaining.

A clear victory to the Lancastrians.

I hope you enjoyed this battle report, hopefully plenty more to come over the next few weeks.

Here is a link to the thread that contains the Torn Liveries rules set that was used to play this battle out:


Pics to follow

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Re: Torn Liveries Battle Report - Battle of Barnet
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2020, 02:14:44 PM »

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Re: Torn Liveries Battle Report - Battle of Barnet
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2020, 04:08:49 PM »
Nice little skirmish game

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Offline KarwickWingmaker

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Re: Torn Liveries Battle Report - Battle of Barnet
« Reply #3 on: March 25, 2020, 05:54:50 PM »
Nice little skirmish game


Thanks Matt,

Yeah the game scales up quite well but I don’t have enough painted minis, this was only 600pts each side, think the max I’ve playtested has been around 1000 - 1500pts so far :)