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Author Topic: To Kill a King - A Dust 1947 Battle Report  (Read 1069 times)

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To Kill a King - A Dust 1947 Battle Report
« on: May 13, 2020, 09:15:42 AM »
"Sergeant Keibauer had taken out the short straw, and the same had happened to Bix, Küspert and Krushinski, so the rest of the Zug left in the direction of Raseiniai, who said it was a very quiet place, so they had seen forced to stay with their broken Königsluther until the Parente Mechanik und Reparatur Brigade girls could come and fix their "beast".

It is also true that the only thing that did not work was the propulsion since, otherwise, they had enough ammunition, batteries and food to continue inside the vehicle for several days. But Keibauer did not feel completely calm, that forest in front of him could hide many things ... "

And so, as if his darkest nightmares had come true, he sighted through the periscope two sinister figures that had materialized on the edge of the forest: Two "снайпер" of the SSU!

Keibauer released the mike immediately and leaned towards Bix, located a meter below in the magazine position, - Let's go with High Explosive first, and ready to switch to Anti-Armor at my command!

The small Bix immediately pulsed its controls and as if it were a growl, the Königs motorized feeders inserted two GR Patr 64 HL / B KWK128 into the chambers of the twin 128mm cannons.

Next to them was a squad of grenadiers with escort funtion, although in the sergeant's mind he had the feeling that they were rather escorting them. In any case he immediately put them on notice - "Ida, here Konrad, we have russkiss coming out of the forest. Be forewarned!"

A movement suddenly caught his attention. A green mass that with unusual speed ran down his left ... did he run? Yes, of course, one of those damn walkers they called Grand'Ma. “Bix: anti-armor! Schnell !!!, Schnell !!! - Keibauer yelled, still looking at the green monster through the turret's periscopes.

“Feuer!!!” - Keibauer shouted and instinctively the thumbs of Corporal Küspert, seated in front of him, pressed the triggers of the twin cannons.

The shot narrowly missed, the forest made vision difficult but he had no intention of missing the second and suddenly: B L A M M M !!!, the leather protector of Keibauer's forehead recessed against his head as if he had been hit with a giant mace and the entire structure of the Konigs trembled - "Was sur Hölle!”

What happened?!!! - bellow Keibauer. From the bowels of the machine Küspert's trembling voice informed him – “They have reached us. Krushinski is wounded, lost of hydraulic, and gyro of the Anton piece out of action, those of the Bruno have resisted. There's something else out there!”
Stunned and still under the effects of the impact the sergeant turned the periscope towards his forehead, and there, in the distance, stood the figure of a powerful KV152.

- Range 600, twelve o'clock - Feuer! Again the twin cannons fired a pair of shells at the newcomer ...

... hitting one of them on the SSU walker but without penetrating his armor.

The loudspeaker crackled beside him, "Konrad, here Ida, a little walker is coming toward you”. Keibauer manipulated the lever that changed the magnification of the prism to a broader and more panoramic view. A swift Nina from the SSU was committing suicide in his direction.

“And what are you waiting for scatterbrains? FINISH HIM!!!”
As if out of a spell from their comfort area, the soldiers got ready to wield their weapons against the fast machine. But both the Panzerfaust and the Panzerchreck did not reach their goal.

The two snipers hidden in the forest decided to seize the opportunity, opening fire and hitting the Königs but causing only minor damage.

Again the KV152's guns opened fire.

But the shots ricocheted off the thick armor of the Königs.
"Küpster! Let's go for the heavy one first".
Once again the 128mm pieces vomited projectiles in the direction of the distant vehicle.

And this time they both caught up to KV152 which turned into a fireball.

- And now for the little ones! - Keibauer shouted - Ida, here Konrad, can you tell me what you are doing stupid ?!
Spurred on by Keibauer's anger, the small squad resumed the attack but had no more Panzerfaust, so only the Panzerschreck opened fire, ... failing once more.

The actions of the German infantry had not gone unnoticed by the Grand Ma pilot...

... "Thump, thump, thump" the rhythmic rumble of his automatic grenade launcher joined the prevailing cacophony...

...sealing the fate of the soldiers under a hail of high explosive grenades.

In turn the flamethrower roared loudly...

...engulfing the Königs legs in flames but only scorching the paint.

Inside the Grand’Ma, its pilot immediately realized that he was in trouble. The Koenings cannons spoke again...

...destroying the Grand’Ma.

And a few moments later Nina received the same fate as her comrade.

"The servo motors supplying the feeders were switched off and the interior of the Köening was suddenly silent. Küspert was struggling to knock Krushinski to the ground, who seemed to recover from unconsciousness after the impact caused by the KV152. The snipers had retreated and everything seemed to regain the calm before the storm they had suffered.

Keibauer turned the bolts and opened the hatch, the cold outside immediately invigorated his lungs, and the fresh air released the pungent smell of cordite from inside the vehicle. Suddenly Küspert called him on the intercom: "Sergeant; General staff call, they want to know how long we will be ready to move on. It seems that something has gone wrong in Raseiniai and the rest of our Zug has been destroyed ... something very strange…, they say they've all been crushed by a single SSU tank. What do I tell them? ... "

Note: This Dust 1947 game has faced 28 Axis points against 39 SSU points and I have played the scenario three times. In the first I did not include the infantry squad and the Köening was destroyed by the firing of the KV152 which had a brutal hitting streak alongside a terrible streak by the Axis. In the second I included the infantry to compensate a little and the result was a victory for the axis that ended all its adversaries although the Köening was 1 impact away from being destroyed. The last game is the one I show here although with some photos taken afterwards to complement the battle report. The Koenings suffer this time 5 hits.

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Re: To Kill a King - A Dust 1947 Battle Report
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2020, 12:45:37 PM »

You are a true artisan!

These reports are high entertainment.

Offline eladio fernandez

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Re: To Kill a King - A Dust 1947 Battle Report
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2020, 02:10:29 PM »
Thank you so much !!! Indeed it's the best solution to these difficult times, play with little soldiers !

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Re: To Kill a King - A Dust 1947 Battle Report
« Reply #3 on: May 13, 2020, 06:30:22 PM »
Nice report.