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An Update of the Bazaar rules, and a note on the use of PayPal


Westfalia Chris:
Hi all,

we have updated the Bazaar rules and changed the paragraph formerly titled "Problems with Trades" to the following:

--- Quote ---Conducting Transactions and Conflicts

All members utilising the Bazaar boards, be it as seller, buyer or when trading goods in kind, are individually responsible for conducting their transactions in good faith and in observance of all applicable laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, payments, customs and tariffs which may be applicable in case of international shipments.

LAF cannot take any responsibility for any transactions, and cannot be held liable for them or their effects, as we do not have the ability to track transactions.

If you have an issue with a seller or a buyer, please try to resolve the issue first using common sense.

We therefore cannot act as arbitrators, but we will try to help resolving the issue if possible. In that case, if nothing else helps, please contact the moderators via PM.

--- End quote ---

Related to this, and in response to an increase of such requests, please be advised of the following:

Repeatedly, members request payment using PayPal's "Friends and Family" option. Except under very specific circumstances, which are highly unlikely to be met here, this is in direct violation of PayPal's terms and conditions and may impact the buyer's and/or seller's PayPal accounts (e.g. closure of accounts, freezing of funds). Please do not request "Friends and Family" for Goods or Services transactions arranged here and conducted via PayPal. We reserve the right to remove said requests and/or topics if in repeated violation of our rule regarding applicable laws and regulation. If you feel the need to compensate for PayPal's fees, consider it when calculating your prices.

In addition to the PayPal T&C violation, using "Friends and Family" disables the buyer's "Buyer Protection". Any transactions on LAF are taken at your own risk, but in such a case, you are increasing it. We are not accusing or blanket-suspecting our members of fraudulent intent, but it is another aspect that members should duly consider when entering a transaction inb the Bazaar.


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