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Author Topic: Drive to the Agruss. Adeptus Titanicus AAR  (Read 334 times)

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Drive to the Agruss. Adeptus Titanicus AAR
« on: August 02, 2020, 02:58:18 AM »
We were spread out along the whole line when they hit us. The Tiger Eyes came on fast and it was all we could do to start to redeploy before they broke through.

As our Warbringer moved at flank speed towards where the dirty yellow titans were coming towards our line I was waiting for the flashes of light that would precede the booming sounds that would echo over the battlefield. I clung onto the top rail as we moved and saw the strangest sight that I've ever encountered during enginewar. One of the enemy Warhounds, picked up speed as it was heading towards our line, but then it staggered, its weapon arms crossed over the torso armour. The titan took three steps to its left before losing balance and careening backwards.

I saw not one shot fired to that point, even the ranging fire had not happened yet. After the battle it was confirmed that the engine had just given out, there was no damage that would indicate that the titan had been hit.

Even down one machine Furreans hit us hard. I could see our elements in that part of the line contract under the impact. One of the Warhounds was lost almost right away to a charge from a unit of their knights, the other fell, bathed in plasma after its shields were stripped away by bolter fire.

The Ne Plus Ultra took a pounding from the Reaver after Warhounds took its shields down. The knights assigned to that section disappeared in a fusillade from the Warlord.

The Ne Plus Ultra fell back still fighting as the Tiger Eyes swarmed over the first line of defenses. We could hear the tech priests manning the magna-poppers canting about scrapcode as the enemy knights moved over the line. After we removed the mines as a whole and lifted them off planet to be left to float into the system's star. They were unrecoverable and the scrapcode they had been infected with was so malignant that we were afraid it would infect anything else it was brought into contact with.

They were still advancing as our forces managed to get in between them and the defensive towers.

This is where we held them. Although they battered the reinforcements severely and we lost another Reaver and our Warlord was left effectively crippled, we held them.

They were never able to get to any of the defense towers and spew their cancer into the cogitators.

The lead elements were wiped out just as they were making the attempt. Our knights charged up towards the enemy. With just their two heavier titans left the battlefield became more of a shooting gallery and weight of numbers told as more forces arrived to the battlefield.

The remaining two Tiger Eyes were brought down in a hail of volcano cannon fire.

Had they over run the towers an aerial assault may have been possible on the stabilizers and then the whole of the Agruss would have been rendered useless at best. It was a valiant attempt and though I hate the traitors for their betrayal I can't help but admire the courage and audacity of this maniple of Tiger Eyes.

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Re: Drive to the Agruss. Adeptus Titanicus AAR
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2020, 08:00:50 AM »
I'm not normally a fan of GW stuff but I have to say I enjoyed your report and the table looks awesome too.

My dislike of GW stuff is normally the garish colours and the fact that most armies I see look too clean and bright. Your armies both look slightly dirty and used as they should after slogging across the galaxy, but still have a real depth of colour.

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Re: Drive to the Agruss. Adeptus Titanicus AAR
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2020, 12:18:18 PM »
Thanks.  Titanicus is a pretty great game and the models are so neat that it has inspired a lot of people at our local store to take the plunge. 

We used a modified 40K scenario from the Psychic Awakening book Pariah for this scenario but there are tons of great scenarios in the various titanicus books.  I really think it is the best GW game being produced currently. 

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Re: Drive to the Agruss. Adeptus Titanicus AAR
« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2020, 02:11:42 AM »
Fantastic looking game! Your titan schemes are lovely, and I particularly like your take on the Legio Fureans engines :D

That table looks a bit bare however! There's a couple of bigger buildings hiding at the back; I find it helps to have a mix of terrain across the table. Especially when it comes to keeping knights alive ;)

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Re: Drive to the Agruss. Adeptus Titanicus AAR
« Reply #4 on: August 06, 2020, 05:48:50 AM »
One good way to keep knights alive in open terrain is to make your opponent choose between shooting at them and at a more dangerous looking titan.  You keep advancing with the knights near or behind the titans and keep up the scare with the Warhounds.  Use them as your shock infantry and keep the knights in reserve like cavalry, only throwing them forward when you are able to get some charges in. 

In some scenarios, like this one, you will be facing an open battlefield.  It depends on the historical situation that you are playing.  We've had some good games with densely packed tables but we've had some great games with very open tables like this one too.  It just changes how you deploy and move your forces. 


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