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Author Topic: Atheling's Byzantines- Early Byzantines on Army on Parade- P. 19- UPDATED 09/05  (Read 14163 times)

Offline nikkobourges

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Excellent paintjob !!!


Offline Atheling

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Thanks guys. All words of encouragement are very much appreciated as it has quite slow progress working through the Byzantine units- trying to get them "just right" so's to speak.

Beautiful painting on some lovely figures.  The banner is awesome.  :-* :-* :-*

The banner is a hand painted image of Magister Militum Belisarius taken from the Justinian Mosaic in church of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy

Belisarius is just to the left of Emperor Justinain in the middle as we view the mosaic; Actually to his right as his "right hand man" as the figures face us:
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Offline Doom Beard 78

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cracking stuff

Offline Atheling

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Thanks George  :)

Offline aphillathehun

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The "secret" of the green is to start with the third darkest green from the Andrea "Green" set. Very rich creamy colours. I think they're often overlooked by us folks in the UK. Their paint is superb.

Their paint is really a step above everything else.  As I need to replace my Vallejo paints I'm building up my Andrea collection.  It really is amazing what they will do.  I don't have their green set yet.

Offline aphillathehun

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Nice cav.  How do you do the cream colored horse?

Offline Atheling

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Nice cav.  How do you do the cream colored horse?

It's my attempt at Palamino. I started with the Foundry Base A, Palamino and just added more and more VMC Off White.

This sort of thing....
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Offline Atheling

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I've had a few requests for pictures of the army on parade so this morning I took the opportunity to take some snaps of my Early Byzantine Army on Parade early this morning. I must apologise about the pictures, I seem to have altered the length of exposure without realising it; perhaps I should have waited until my morning coffee had kicked in before taking these pictures!

Without further ado here are the photos.....

Formed Infantry Units
My plans are to add another unit of Dismounted Bucellarii/Extra Heavy Infantry (who will act as another Dismounted Heavy Cavalry unit), another Armoured Skutatoi and another unit of Unarmored Skutatoi too to fill out the ranks of the infantry.

Dismounted Bucellarii/Extra Heavy Infantry and Armoured Skutatoi

Skutatoi ,Attached Torsion Engine and Command Stand
I'm in the process of painting up an extra three command bases for the three other infantry units, two for the Unarmoured Infantry units and one for the Dismounted Bucellarii/Extra Heavy infantry.

Armoured Skutatoi and command Base

The Elites; Bucellarii and Dismounted Bucellarii/Extra Heavy Infantry
There is a heck of a lot more to come in the way of cavalry. I have two more units of Lancers  on un-barded horses, I will add another two on barded horses too! Then there is the Heavily Armoured Mounted Archers (these will also double as being placed in the back ranks of the army to move it forward in time a little toward the beginnings of the "Heraclian era". Oh, I forgot their Steppe Allies too so expect a few units of Horse Archers and a unit of Steppe Nobles or two!

Dismounted Bucellarii/Extra Heavy Infantry and Armoured Skutatoi and Army General Command Stand
I recently heard from Keith of Aventine Miniatures that Adam is sculpting some Army Generals so I suppose I will have to add another one or two Army general Bases too! It would be rude not to!

Psiloi with Slings
I will be adding the missing base of Slingers as well as two units of bow armed Psiloi. Possibly some Psiloi with javelins too.

I'll take some better photo's later on as the army grows to make up for the over exposure boo-boo this time!
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Online armchairgeneral

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It all looks superb. An amazing looking army  :-* :-* :-*

Offline Yankeepedlar01

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Fine looking body of chaps there!
"There is no point in being stupid unless you show it!"


Offline trev

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Those are looking good.  :o

Offline Hu Rhu

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A beautifully painted army.    :-* :-* :-*   Looking forward to seeing the Steppe allies as well as the other cavalry.

Offline Atheling

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Thanks you for all the goodly words guys  :)

There are units a plenty to some. Primed, basecoated and hot glued to corks we currently have in the queue-

Steppe Archers

Another Armoured Shieldwall

Three command Bases

More Unarmoured Infantry and Heavy Mounted Bow arrived yesterday and are sitting on my quarantine pile at present. I have three units of "Lancers" and more Skirmisher types to do as well.

So, enough to keep me very busy!  :o o_o

Offline HappyChappy439

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Amazing looking army, thanks for sharing!

Offline Tonhel

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Amazing army!  :-*


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