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Author Topic: FFoL First Game - Grab the Beer Barrels  (Read 785 times)

Offline fred

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FFoL First Game - Grab the Beer Barrels
« on: August 31, 2020, 07:14:42 PM »
We played our first game of Fistful of Lead (FFoL) the other day - a remote video game - and much fun was had by all!

The rules worked really well, we all got the hang of them in a few turns, and the game went along a good pace. We are hoping these rules will become a go to skirmish set for us, for those times we want something smaller and lighter than our normal big battle fare.

The Setup
We had 3 gangs playing (where expecting 4, but the 4th player was waylaid), all trying to grab the barrels of beer that had fallen off the crashed beer wagon. The beer barrels are the grey ones on the photos (it was only as I came to setup the game that I realised that the single barrels I had were unpainted, and all the painted ones were glued onto stacks on bases).

The table was fairly simple - as we have found this helps with remote gaming, the normal interesting visual bits can end up being a bit confusing for the players at the far end of a video link - as they can’t tell what is what, and end up asking a lot of questions to the host, so its quicker all round to keep things fairly clean on the table. A small price to pay for being able to game, when meeting up in person feels rather too risky.

The gangs were
The Black Dragon Tong, lead by the Mastermind, this gang was big on numbers with 2 groups of 3 Grunts armed with melee weapons. The second group provided by the Mastermind taking the cowardly Trait. This set of traits really allowed this gang to take the horde with the  leader at the back favoured by this player.

The 7th Cavalry, an all mounted gang (even if a couple of models appear to have lost their horses, we chose painted foot figures over unpainted mounted - another challenge of remote gaming is that one person (me) has to provide all the figures and scenery, which can stretch what seem like reasonable amounts of figures quite quickly

The Black Hat Cowboys a fairly standard gang of Cowboys, good at shooting

The starting positions

The Tong surged forward at the start of the game, making use of their Infiltrate trait to get 6” of free movement at the start. Then the blue grunts used their sprint to get forward an extra 3”, which on top of their normal movement allowed them to grab a couple of barrels. The red grunts where also quick and went towards the far side of the wagon.

The cowboys moved in and around the cantina, looking for shots.

The 7th Cavalry moved up to contest the barrels.

Next came what must be some of the worst shooting ever. Between the Cavalry and the Cowboys at least 6 figures fired, all missed, and 3 or 4 where out of ammo. My Leader (Lucky Harold) rolled a 1 on a d12 for his first shot, that’s OK I thought he is Lucky so gets a re-roll - that was a 1 too. My Specialist (Two-gun Annie) also rolling a d12, likewise got a 1. 3 1s from 3d12 rolls.  >:(

The Tong grunts charged the Cavalry trooper who had got ahead of the rest - but he valiantly fended off each attack - just putting 1 shock on each attacker, and pushing them back, which stopped them from out-numbering him and getting an advantage. 

The 7th Cavalry’s Captain fared lest well, loosing his combat, and being spun around in the melee, so he was closer to the Tong’s elite swordsman, who was lining up to charge him!
The other Tong grunts were busy carting off barrels - though this was slow progress due to their weight.

The next turn the Cowboys get a 6 and an Ace (which they used as a 6) allowing two of their gang to clear the jams on their weapons and get back in the fight. The Cavalry still had two troopers with jammed/ unloaded weapons, so backed off, using the speed of their mounts.
The Tong elite swordsman engaged the Cavalry Captain and stuck him dead!
The other two cavalry troopers went after barrels, putting themselves under the barrels of the cowboy’s guns!
One of the Tong riflemen had two shocks inflicted by long range shooting (we missed the rule that he could have fallen back when shocked, which would probably have put him in cover), while the rest scuttled off with barrels.

Getting to the end - the Cowboys start to come out of the Cantina, to try to stop the Tong escaping with 3 of the barrels. They manage to shoot one grunt down. The Tong Leader grabs that barrel, and is in turn shot, an Out of Action roll - but he uses his ‘9 Lives’ to escape that.
The cavalry trooper who was wounded and down, uses a Queen of Hearts to get back up, but is promptly shot again...
The other mounted trooper rides to a barrel, but Big Hat Jack steps out and blasts him with his shotgun at short range, rolling a 10 to wound, with +2, is very much Out of Action.

The Tong managed to get two barrels off the table. Preacher Ted had been moving around the rocky outcrop, when he was engaged by the Tong Elite Swordsman - much to everyone’s surprise Ted won, killing the swordsman with one blow of his bible!

At the end the Tong had got 2 barrels off the table, all the Cavalry where out of action, leaving the Cowboys in position of the field, and the remaining 4 barrels.

All in all a great game, lots of fun, and cinematic moments.

I’m not sure the scratch scenario quite worked, I think there should have been some time limit to make the cowboys have to actually work to get barrels, rather than being able to pick them up after everyone else had fallen. But that’s a small detail.

One thing we weren’t quite sure about, when rolling to wound do you use the same type of dice as when you roll to hit? So a grunt rolls a d8 to wound? The Ranged Fighter trait is specific about this, but its not clear on all. We choose to use the same dice to hit and to wound, but would like to check that.
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Offline Harry Faversham

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Re: FFoL First Game - Grab the Beer Barrels
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2020, 07:56:21 PM »
Mister, ffen you put up a couple of them there barrels of beer as a reeward...
The good Baron himself will ride into town an clear up yer figurin' with them there dices!

"Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

"I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"

Offline BaronVonJ

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Re: FFoL First Game - Grab the Beer Barrels
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2020, 08:25:01 PM »
Yes. You use same die for wounds and any other tests. The default die is always d10. A Ranged fighter would rol d12 to hit and wound ant range. He would use a d8 for Close Combat and Close Combat damage. But he would use a d10 to make task rolls. That's why Veteran says "all dice rolls are d12s" while Green troops say "all rolls are d8". Glad you had fun!

Offline fred

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Re: FFoL First Game - Grab the Beer Barrels
« Reply #3 on: August 31, 2020, 09:24:16 PM »
Thanks Baron, glad we read it right. Good fun set of rules you have!


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