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What Do We Say To The God Of Death?

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Back in October of 2018 I had something of a medical catastrophe, which I like to refer to as "The Event" (Remain Indoors! Do Not Think About The Event!) The particular brand of Event that I had you don't generally walk away from, but luckily I was sent to the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, UK, renowned for the life-saving brain surgery performed on that plucky Pakistani schoolgirl who had a bullet put in her head by the Taliban. Well, I tried a bit of their brain surgery and they saved my life too! Even better, it never cost me a penny. So thanks for that, Clem Attlee!  :)

NorthStar Nick and the moderator team at LAF sent me a smashing card, it was a lovely surprise to get it:

(You have to remember this was 2018, and Star Wars was still relatively popular, Lucasfilm had only managed to alienate about half of the fanbase at that point, seems they have now finished the job ;))

So thanks to all the gang, it kept me going to know I had LAF to come back to, and you guys had my back. Speaking of which, it has been quite the struggle to try and become a proper LAFer again. For a long time it was just too difficult for me to paint or do any modelling. But earlier this summer I picked up the brushes once more, and I'm slowly working my way back towards being my old self. Progress is terribly slow, as I can't do it for very long at a time, but I am loving it, in fact I don't remember a time when I was so inspired about the hobby. I used to be one of those people who has long periods when I'm just not into it. Those days seem to be gone, thankfully. Currently I am not working on any projects, just painting things I feel like painting.

So that brings me to this thread. As I am happily saying "Not Today" to the God of Death every day, I want to celebrate the fact by documenting the painting of my return to LAF. A kind of one-man painting club, displaying all the figures as I paint them. As it is just me on my own I think I shall limit it to 50 instead of the usual painting club hundred. There are no rules except for this: If I paint 50 figures before I cark it, I win. If I don't, I lose, and the God of Death wins.  :)

Okay, enough bloody preamble (he does go on a bit, doesnt he?), let's get this thing moving...

No.1: Dead of Dunharrow

(Games Workshop)

No.2: That slightly potty posh lady off Game of Thrones and Star Wars

(Wargames Illustrated Giants in Miniature)

These two were done for the painting club currently running on the Fantasy board. I have a couple more in the pipeline for that club that I hope to finish soon.

No.3: The Legend Himself

(Lead Adventure Miniatures)

It's cool having a figure based on yourself. At least, I think it is. Alex sent me a bunch of these when they first came out, and it has taken me till now to paint any of them. Don't know why I avoided painting them, maybe I wasn't convinced it was a good likeness. Though that I think, may just be vanity on my part. I certainly recommend getting your own mini-you.

As I have a few of these, I thought I'd do a conversion, too:

No.4: Another Plynkes

(Lead Adventure Miniatures/Artizan Designs conversion)

Here we see Plynkes dressed in the official ceremonial uniform and regalia of the Colonial Adventures moderator.
As for the likeness, judge for yourself - do you think he looks like me?

No.5:  Mossi warrior in French service, Togoland 1914

(Perry Miniatures conversion)

No.6: Alan Watermain

(Perry Miniatures very slightly converted)

Actually an 1850s Quatermain, inspired by the novel "Child of Storm."

No.7: The Fresh Prince of Ndondakusuka

(Warlord Games)

Prince Cetshwayo kaMpande, 1856.

That's it for now, more soon, I hope!!

Blimey, you've been through something. Good to see you're swinging back with it.
That's a pretty good start for your personal painting club.

--- Quote from: Plynkes on September 27, 2020, 07:07:16 PM ---
No.6: Alan Watermain

--- End quote ---

Would Alek Y Watermain work as an alternative name?

Edit: Alex E Watermain is probably better.

carlos marighela:
Good to see you back and on the mend. Didnít realise you had ascended to the papacy though. I do think the shield and knobkerrie wotsit are great additions to the pontifical togs.

Iíd like to think my own words to the God of Death would be Ďfuck off, Iím busyí but Iím sure that first time around that was not uppermost in my mind.

Whatever I say is probably going to a sound trite...Cracking work and an optimistic post  :)
Thank you for making my day :D


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