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Author Topic: The Ember Wolves  (Read 1734 times)

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The Ember Wolves
« on: December 08, 2020, 02:33:15 AM »
I like the idea of having a Legio Audax force because they allow for such good narrative scenarios.  With only Warhound titans it is also relatively inexpensive to put a maniple of them on the table.  Although some of the cost savings is offset by the cost of the Ursus Claws if you get them. 

I started work on mine over the weekend but I was on-call so didn't get a lot done but I managed to finish the rest of it today. 

The mottled red-black of the armour was achieved by spraying the armour plates while still on the sprue with a red spray paint.  I touched them up with GW's Khorne Red followed by a highlight of Evil Suns Scarlet.  After that I just put the contrast black over them and let it dry.

The overpass is made from Renedra bases with the sprue parts as the supports.  I then finished the base with Astro Granite and put down some weathering powders. 

I'm looking forward to getting them on the table when I'm finished with the whole maniple.  No danger of that any time real soon as I only have two of the Warhounds right now so I need to buy more of those and then need to get more of the Ursus claws as well.  I'll probably order more of those when I get some of the new Forge World Knights that are going up for pre-order this weekend. 

I got a pack of the Aeronautica Arvus Landers while I was ordering.  I don't play Aeronautica but thought the Lifter would be a cool addition to our Titanicus games as either an objective or just a neat piece of scenery.  It is a pretty complex kit for how big the piece ends up being.  It is about the size of a 28mm Space Marine but has 9 parts.  Still it goes together without much fuss and looks pretty cool. 

There is still the other one to paint, but I might do that as a piece of wreckage.  We'll see. 

Arvus lander

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Re: The Ember Wolves
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2020, 03:00:02 AM »
The red/black paint scheme worked out well.  It is strange that the lander needed so many pieces for a cast that size - perhaps that allowed for better detail?
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Re: The Ember Wolves
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2020, 02:16:06 PM »
Possibly, it is a very detailed model.  The wings are separate from the back part of the engine and I would have thought that could have all been one piece. 

I'm starting on the base for the next Warhound today. 

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Re: The Ember Wolves
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2020, 04:11:28 PM »
Nice work on the Warhound, great base as well.
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Re: The Ember Wolves
« Reply #4 on: December 10, 2020, 05:46:51 PM »
Thank you.  As the Ember Wolves are relatively easy to paint for titans I've decided to go all out on the bases for them.  I have the base for the next one done and have the titans legs done but want to wait to do the torso and arms until I have the ursus claw for that one. 

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Re: The Ember Wolves
« Reply #5 on: December 14, 2020, 04:36:35 PM »
The second titan is finished except for the banner.  I'm missing my lead foil roll at the moment or it would be done too.  I spent about an hour looking for it yesterday with no luck.

This one is striding over a canal.

I have the Ursus claws now to do another 3 Warhounds, I just need to get the Warhounds.  Hopefully the FLGS will have some more in soon or I'll have to buy the starter set they have. 

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Re: The Ember Wolves
« Reply #6 on: December 23, 2020, 08:48:59 PM »
A little break from the Ember Wolves while I wait for more Warhounds to come in.  Here is a Legio Furreans Reaver.  The En Sabah.

This is my second Reaver for my Tiger Eyes.  This one is designed to be much more up-close and personal with a melee weapon and a melta cannon. 

The other Tiger Eyes have city themed bases but not as extensive as this one. 

I also painted up a manufactorum:

Hopefully more Warhounds come into my FLGS soon so I can finish off the Ember Wolves.  I've got three boxes of them on order. 

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Re: The Ember Wolves
« Reply #7 on: December 23, 2020, 09:24:03 PM »
Some good looking titans there, are you going to model one kicking a rhino?
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Re: The Ember Wolves
« Reply #8 on: December 24, 2020, 03:22:57 AM »
I hadn't thought of it.  I have a few plastic rhinos lying about so it wouldn't be tough to do, perhaps punting it into a building. 

That might be one the next Audax guys.  Two of my three boxes of Warhounds came into my FLGS today so I have four more Ember Wolves to work on. 

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Re: The Ember Wolves
« Reply #9 on: December 30, 2020, 02:08:22 AM »
So no rhinos being punted but a bridge is about to be completely demolished on this one.

This is Sicut Fenerator.  He will probably be the leader of the first maniple that I'm building for the Ember Wolves.

Once again this Titan has an Ursus claw.

However I've given him a turbo laser destructor on the other arm instead of the plasma blasters that the other two have.  I'm not sure it is a better weapon in any way.  It has a slightly better ability to knock shields down but it costs heat, which is not something that these guys typically want to risk for only a -1 to the save.

Still it is a weapon that can be used effectively without the draining characteristic and gets a couple of S8 shots which might come in handy.  No worse than the plasma gun at the normal setting in that sense.

I did the banner here and you can see the first Legio Astorum titan I've painted too. 

Here is the whole maniple so far:

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Re: The Ember Wolves
« Reply #10 on: January 05, 2021, 03:40:22 PM »
The last two of the first maniple are done. 

I plan to have a total of 8 of the Titans for this Legio.  There will be one maniple of 3 and one of 5.  The maniple of 5 will all have Ursus claws.  The other maniple will not have any.

Obviously the second guy here goes in the maniple of 3 in the long run, but tonight I'm running him with the other four as one maniple.  I'm thinking they will go as two squadrons of 2 and a single.  The plan is to use the guy with Megabolters to rip away void shields and do a coordinated strike with the claws on the smaller titans in the enemy force. 

Then use the plasma guns to destroy any titans whose void shields are down. 

Probably the threat of the titans will be limited by the fact that I have to run them as squadrons.  That only gives me three maneuver elements of titans so I'll have to supplement that with two units of knights.

With luck they will be able to lurk among the buildings moving in cover for the first turn and taking advantage of their special rule that improves their cover save.  I'm also going to give them the extra armour for some added protections. 

I expect my opponent will be fielding at least one Warlord with twin Volcano cannons.  That is going to be the hardest thing to deal with as the Ursus claws will be useless against that the way I have my forces configured.

I'm just going to have to concentrate on the rest of the force and then deal with the Warlord by being either out of line of sight of it or within range of its carapace weapons so its volcano cannons are mostly hitting void shields. 

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Re: The Ember Wolves
« Reply #11 on: January 06, 2021, 04:33:30 AM »
It had been six weeks before that the tide had turned on Myrlene.  The Ultramarines had been hard pressed by both the forces of the Word Bearers and the World Eaters. In a series of fanatical assaults the capitols of three of the four continents on the planet had fallen.

As the traitor forces had regrouped to launch their final assault on Carthur, the XIIIth Legion Captain Galidus had been in the main council chamber of the capital of Launcel waiting for two of his brother Captains to arrive. 

"The situation is dire.  Intelligence estimates that we have about 2,000 Word Bearers and at least a thousand World Eaters massing for an invasion of Carthur.  We have approximately 440 Astartes left to repel this invasion."

The two Astartes entered the room. 

"There is still time to withdraw our forces but that would leave the civilian population vulnerable," Galius said.
"Theoretical: If we withdraw the enemy will pursue us and leave Carthur alone," he said.

"Practical: . . .," he started.

One of the others cut him off.

"Practical: the enemy forces will move on Carthur and butcher the civilian population as they have done on the three other continents."

"Theoretical: the XII and XVII Legions are not here for military conquest but for the destruction of as many civilian lives as possible."

Galius stood and drew his bolt pistol.

"You're not Creon!"

Both marines raised their hands.

"I'm not.  I did not know a better way to get your attention relatively safely. Creon and Albius are both alive and relatively unharmed. May I take off my helmet?"

"You may not move a single muscle or I empty this bolt pistol into both of you," Galius said, then activated his vox system, "Guards! Get in here."

Soon the room was full of blue armoured marines most of whom had their weapons aimed at two warriors near the entrance to the room.

"You may take your helmet off now."

The man who wore the armour of Captain Creon lowered his hands to his neck and undid the clasp that held his helmet in place, there was a small hiss of air.  He pulled the helmet from his head revealing a shaved head and a serpent tattoo running along the side. 

"I am Chaplain Kairos of the XXth Legion.  I am here to surrender to you."


The relationship between the two men was rocky at first.  As intelligence provided by the Alpha Legion operative proved useful more trust was earned and soon all of the Alpha Legion warriors, 27 in all, that had come with Kairos were allowed limited access to the capitol building outside of their make-shift cells. 

Over the next six weeks the Ultramarines were able to turn the tide of the war launching raids that destroyed columns of supplies forcing the Word Bearers to delay their assault on Carthur.

The World Eaters went anyway, as Kairos had predicted they would.  Without the support they needed their invasion was repulsed relatively easily with great loss. 

Four weeks after the surrender of Chaplain Kairos the Ultramarines took the offensive. 

Both sides sent reinforcements to the relatively unimportant world of Myrlene including massive battle titans.
Eventually the information Kairos had about the Word Bearer and World Eater deployments was exhausted or too out-of-date to be of much use.  Galius determined that he would be sent to Macragge to relay other information he had to the Ultramarine high command.

But that would entail getting him off of the planet first. 

Legio Audax had mobilized several maniples of titans for a renewed offensive on Carthur.  They emerged dripping and plowed their way through the beach defenses onto the main alluvial plain of the massive island continent. 

In their wake followed a concentrated force of Word Bearers and World Eater assault craft.

The loyalist forces were meeting only token resistance on the other continents now and were quickly called back to Carthur to defend against this new threat. 

Soon Launcel was the site of heavy fighting.  Contrary to the previous rampaging attacks the traitor forces had left population centers alone as they headed to the capitol.

Creon looked at Albius as the fighting moved further into the city. 

"Theoretical: They know about Kairos."

Ablius said "Practical: we must move him off planet now."

Soon the Alpha Legion warriors were bundled into the transports they had somehow got into the vicinity of the city.  The 25 Alpha Legion warriors were accompanied by only five Ultramarines to keep the force to a minimum size to escape notice. They did not escape notice.

As the loyalist XXth Legion column moved heavy motion was detected along the rapidly changing front.  Soon five Legio Audax titans burst through the front lines in a concentrated push to cut the column off from the space port. 

One of the few maniples of Astorum titans in Ultramar was the only force available to counter the traitor threat.

The Audax titans and the few Malinax knight that had been able to follow in their wake were not shy about starting the attack. 

Launcel was mostly intact in this area of the city, the fighting having been held back and only a few of the buildings that the traitor forces wound their way through or moved around had been damaged.

The Astorum force consisted of a maniple of three Reavers and a maniple of three warhounds.  A small banner of Vornherr knights ran along side them. 

As the two forces drew closer the column of Astartes slowed their advance. One of the Astorum warhounds moved ahead of the column overconfidently attempting to clear the way.

Soon two Ember Wolves titans were moving rapidly towards it, their Ursus claws discharged and caught into the Warp Runners carapace and the traitor titans quickly and nimbly changed directions.  The Astorum titan skidded sideways, pistons and joints in the legs of the titan were smashed apart as it barely managed to remain standing. 

The remaining Audax titans trained their fire on the approaching loyalist knights.  The noble banner was ripped apart in a hail of bolter shells and plasma but emerged to try to drive back the traitors only to be assaulted by knight armours from House Malinax. 

The latter outnumbering their foe 2:1 and catching them off guard quickly dispatched the loyalist knights and the traitors advanced en masse. 

One Astorum Reaver was trying to get behind the traitor line and fired on a unit of Malinax laners as the drew level with them.    The volcano cannon shot vaporized one of the knights but drew the ire of the other who ran at the engine more than twice its size.

Not able to match the agility of the smaller machined the Warp Runner tried to escape it to seek more viable targets but the machine spirit seized control of the machine driving it directly at the enemy. 

This momentary loss of control was all the furious knight needed and it drove on the rear armour of the Warp Runner.  Driving its lance again and again into the titanic engine, it lance driving deep gouges into the machine severing important power couplings and cables.  The titan crashed to the ground and the knight sped over its broken form to rejoin the main part of the battle.

As the knight moved through the buildings he could see the remains of the lead Warp Runner warhound down amidst some of the few wrecked buildings. 

The two other loyalist warhounds had moved up to guard the convoy while a reaver was backing them up and the last reavers was moving to flank the Ember Wolves if they moved up the main roadway.

The leader Audax titan charged towards the column its megabolters blazing.  With the Warp Runner titan standing so close the shells burst on its void shields and soon the Ember Wolf changed his target.

With his void shields down one of his weapons was ripped away in enfilading fire as he charged into the Warp Runner warhound. 

With a savage kick the Audax engine shattered the knee of his opponent, cause it to suddenly fall forward.  So close were the opponents that the fall cause the Warp Runner warhound to smash into the alread damaged head of the traitor titan causing the structure to give way under the weight of the falling titan.  The crew were instantly crushed and both titans fell away from each other into heaps of ruined metal. 

The Audax titans tried their Ursus claws again, but this time the enemy reacted to their attempt to drag him and pulled them instead.  After the engagement one of the Ember Wolves weapons hung limp and ruined at its side and both had sustained damage to their legs.

The Malinax knights leapt through the wreckage and attacked the Reaver in support of the line.  They drove on it fiercely and it retreated before their nimble attacks, firing down at the knight armours at its feet. 

With the Reaver near distracted and only one warhound left the two Warhounds that had tried to drag the Reaver down now attacked the column of Astartes, the last Astorum Warhound moved to stop them.  With its void shields collapsed the burning rain of promethium that fell on the Ember Wolf damaged vital circuits and then the almost point blank fire of a heavy bolter tore through its structure. 

The Warp Runners attempted defense of the column back fired as the Audax titan's plasma reactor melted down and it exploded.  The sun-hot waves of energy instantly vaporized the even the hull of the land raider and washed over the Astorum titan that had inflicted the killing blow knocking it back and driving it into the asphalt.  It did not rise.

Through the blazing rubble the Malinax lancer now emerged and ran straight for the Reaver deviled by his brother knights. 

With an insane scream echoing from the amplifiers in its armour the Malinax lancer fell on the Reaver.  It leapt at the last moment driving it's lance into the heart of the titan's body.  The momentum of the charge carried the weapon to the core of the engine and it shut down, stumbling forward as it did so.  The questoris knights were not quick enough to quite escape the random motion of the titan and one was crushed as it moved forward the other darting out of the way only to be crushed as the titan fell backward onto it.

The lancer, failing to withdraw its weapon so deep had it been thrust into the titan was carried with the titan and shaken to pieces with momentum of the machine's fall.

Where two of the remaining three Audax titans had been dueling with the last of the Warp Runner Reavers, the third Ember Wolf now joined the fray.  As it's mega bolter stripped the shields from the larger warmachine the energy weaponry of the other two machines carved away weapons and armour alike.

Loyalist reinforcements were drawing near and the Ember Wolves, satisfied with completing their objective and destroying five enemy titans at a cost of only two of their own retreated.  With its shields compromised and two of its three weapons disabled the remaining Warp Runner was content to watch them go.

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Re: The Ember Wolves
« Reply #12 on: January 20, 2021, 05:18:24 AM »
I've completed one more Ember Wolf.  I have two more coming and I've been told that they have arrived at my FLGS so I'll get them either tomorrow or Thursday. 

I have a few other project to work on before I get to those though so this will be my last one for a little bit I think. 

I gave this one double plasma guns.  This one will be my larger titan killer.  He is going to try to get close and into the rear of Warlords and up close anywhere on Reavers to let loose with those guns.  If the others in his pack of three can knock the voidshields down that is great, if not then he will have to move inside of them and get right up close.

With the plasma guns getting S10 on max power and four shots between the two they should be able to do some damage even to a Warlord. 

As with the rest of the titans in this force I've done a lot more work on the base than on previous titans I've done.  The base actually took more time between putting it together and painting it than the actual titan did, I think. It has parts from four different model kits on it plus Renedra bases.  I also have some World Eater Terminators done and I was thinking of putting them on but I think they are going on the next base. 

Here are a couple of pictures of the base before I painted it. 

I put the bigger Renedra bases on the base itself and then cut around the base.  Then I've also used them as floors for the building.  The damage is just done with clippers and an x-acto. 

The rubble is just Renaissance Ink acrylic gel with sand in it. 

Here is the front:

The columns are just bits of sprue clipped from a plastic tank sprue.  After I painted it I weathered it with some white weathering powder which gave the appearance of different sized rubble going from the big chunks I clipped to the acrylic gel to the powder. 

So in a few more weeks I'll hopefully have another titan done and then that will be it for this Legio.  It will come in at around 1800 pts I think and will have 8 Scout titans.  There is a little room to grow with it if they ever release another scout titan variant as Audax are only allowed to use size 6 and smaller titans.  So far that is only Warhounds. 

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Re: The Ember Wolves
« Reply #13 on: January 20, 2021, 03:11:46 PM »
A really nice paint job.  The base may be a lot of work but it really helps the figures to pop. 


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