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Author Topic: Space 1889 Venus Return to the island of Dread need some ideas  (Read 856 times)

Offline ichwillauch

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Space 1889 Venus Return to the island of Dread need some ideas
« on: December 29, 2020, 10:24:07 AM »
Finally I have decided to start a new project in 2021. The idea is to combine two old rulesets, space 1889 and the d&d expert module the island of dread. This island is now located on venus with a lot of dinos, ghost archipelago tribal warriors, snakemen and spiders. 

But now your help is needed to plan size and motivation for the expeditions:

1.   If you had to decide: which four specialists would you take on an expedition to the island of dread? A specialist can choose two careers, either two different or the same twice.
2.   Would you like to be part of a small, a medium-sized, or a very large expedition?
   Small expedition: A ship passage to the island and a total of no more than 20 men.
   Medium-sized expedition: Your own merchant ship and up to 40 men.
   Very large expedition: A warship, a merchant ship, a small fleet of boats. The possibility of using your own merchant ship to bring goods home and supplies back to the island. A total of up to 100 men.
3.   How would you refinance your expedition?
4.   Do you want government support?
4.1 If you have chosen government support. Which official demand would you choose to get goverment protection and support? (Choose one)
   Set up trading post
   Destroy pirate nest
   Trade agreement with the locals
   establish permanent settlement
   Build a fort
   Or any other ideas not mentioned above
5.   How do you want to travel to the island?
   By ship (steamer)
   By ship (sailing ship)
   By airship
   By submarine
   Or any other ideas not mentioned above
6.   Which new technical developments would you definitely like to have on your expedition?
7.   What kind of special equipment or supply do you want to have?

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Re: Space 1889 Venus Return to the island of Dread need some ideas
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2020, 10:58:29 AM »
1. My list might include such luminaries as - Big Game Hunter, Botanist, Zoologist, Cartographer and then with guest expeditioners Military Observer and Geologist (government provided).

2. Small, definitely. More vulnerable, so more fun,.

3. Re-finance, don't really know what this means. But financial backing could come from government, private investment (maybe from one of the adventurers) in return for various exploitation rights, Christian societies (providing spiritual guidance to the poor savages) or other charitable organisations.

4. Government representatives are very interested in military or mineral exploitation and want to accompany your expedition with a minimal complement of personnel, so as not to 'officially' be invading ... yet!

5. Airship to get close, then some sort of meteorological vagaries or rocks offshore or something makes things difficult and the players then have to downgrade to smaller sea vessels (maybe even sailing). This will help to make them feel cut off from 'civilisation'.

6. Nothing that works properly! An over-confidence in the reliability of a new wonder-device will add to the tension when the magnetic field (or something) of the island prevents it working properly!

7. Dino-proof stuff.
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Re: Space 1889 Venus Return to the island of Dread need some ideas
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2020, 11:18:17 AM »
Sounds interesting  :)

Id go for a small, independently financed expedition on the search for riches but aware of the potential dangers that might ensue.

Not massively burdened with new tech. I think VSF works best with a secure grounding in the period with exotic flairs here and there. As Cubs said, the games need to be fun  :)

Offline ichwillauch

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Re: Space 1889 Venus Return to the island of Dread need some ideas
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2020, 10:13:06 AM »
Thank you very much for the ideas and the input! I like the ideas very much especially "providing spiritual guidance to the poor savages". The idea of re-finance is that you can found a chartered company. This company will lend you money in hope of been repaid twice the sum. To keep the financiers happy you can offer a business plan like gold mining, organized dino hunting holidays, pearl diving or planting bananas...

I also like the idea to use an airship to get to the island, so I started to build one. here a first very wip picture:

And in order to be able to carry out a military occupation of the island in the future, first layout for a transport ship and an ironclad.


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