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Author Topic: Castles in the Sky: Battle Report- South Pacific Blues  (Read 239 times)

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Castles in the Sky: Battle Report- South Pacific Blues
« on: February 01, 2021, 03:22:54 PM »

The French had long managed a toe hold into the South Pacific island atoll changes in the form of radio stations, refueling depots, and small trading posts.  The British had also been active in the region, arguably to protect their colonies in Australia and New Zealand.  A great deal of shipping from all the Great Powers move through the region by sea and air, making it an important strategic location for all the Great Powers.  Plus, it's remote nature makes it a great posting for an aspiring, up and coming officer. 

The British had ignored the French control of the Bass Islands and established a small coaling station on the island of Rapa Ti.  In response, the French South Pacific Air Squadron under Commodore Valjean declared the island under French Sovereignty and began a blockade of the Coaling station with his airships. 

The British were keen to keep their Coaling Station open and sent in the South Pacific Flying Squadron to maintain the station.  Immediately, Commander Smythe-Butler decided to raise the blockade and try to retrieve the British personnel at the location. 

The two small fleets moved to engage off the coast of the island.


We used the scenario generator to determine the mission, complications, and terrain for this battle report.  Today, we came up with a Blockade Run mission with the British as the attackers.  To improve their chances of success, Commodore Smythe-Butler has decided to approach the island at Night. 


We are using a 48MU x 48MU sized board, with 1 MU being an inch. 

The area of the engagement has a number of small islands, including one with an altitude 3 Mountain in the center, two with altitude 1 hills, and another that is barely above sea level.  They form a small chain concentrate across roughly the center of the board. 

The French fleet deployed

The French are on the north side of the board steaming along in line a stern at mid-altitude and medium speeds.  They are led by the Chasseur destroyer, the Gloire, the Descartes, and the tail ship is the D'iberville.  The British are moving in on the South side, moving at line abreast.  They are coming in fast and at high altitudes.  The Left is the Arethusa, then Bull Finch, then the Duke, with the Minotaur on the right.

The British Flying Squadron.... ummm.... flying?



HMS Ajax- Commodore Smyth-Butler

Minotaur Class Armored Cruiser- Command Ship

- Command: 3- Commander Smythe-Butler

HMS Majesty- Captain Winston

Duke of Edinbourgh Cruiser

- Command: 2

HMS Arrow- Captain Osgood

Arethusa Light Cruiser

- Command: 2

HMS Spirit- Captain Michaels

Bull Finch Destroyer

- Command: 3


Toulouse- Commodore Valjean

Gloire Class Armored Cruiser - Command Ship

- Command: 4- Commodore Valjean

Morrocco- Captain D'strang

D'iberville Class Cruiser

- Command: 2

Pepin- Captain Feyette

Descartes Class Cruiser

- Command: 2

Roland- Captain Bourbon

Chasseur Class Destroyer

- Command: 2

You can read the full battle report on the blog:
Blood and Spectacles Publishing Blog:

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