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Author Topic: SIís Dorking 1875: UD 5/12 A third attempt at getting the artillery right  (Read 38994 times)

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Many thanksÖ.. though Iíve since discovered another omission - the epaulettes - which serves me right for rushing to make them for a game!  :o
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Superb work on this thread. Inspired by this topic I thought I would convert some Perry Zulu War figures to represent a battalion of skirmishing cyclist. Various arms and heads were used and the bicycles were 1/64 scale in laser cut cardboard that I found on e-Bay. They were then sent off to Spain and Rafa did. wonderful job.

 /Users/jonathanmarcus/Desktop/british cyclist unit 001.JPG

Offline Curassier

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Apologies folks, let's have another go with the photos:
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Wow, even toy soldiers holiday in Spain and come back with a bit of colour these days . How did they like Marbella? At least they would have had plenty of leg room on the flight over. :D

Lovely work by the way. Cardboard bicycles sounds intriguing, they certainly look the part whatever the medium.
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Very nice Cuirassier! Must admit I havenít got any cyclists on my to do listÖ. Iím now thinking I should rectify that.  8)

Edit: As an aside, Iíd often wondered how effective bicycle troops might be (especially given historic cycle technology). Then I happened to watch a Danish WW2 film called 9th April, about a bicycle unit and the role that it played. It was quite an eye opener.

During the night of 9 April 1940, the Danish army is alerted that the German army has crossed the border, and Denmark is now at war with Europe's strongest army. In South Jutland, a Danish bicycle infantry company and motorcycle platoon is ordered to hold off the German advance until reinforcements can arrive but are quickly overwhelmed by superior German forces.
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I would have never guessed those were cardboard.  They look great!
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Those cyclists are great. What a super idea.  :-*
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They look brilliant Jonathan  8)



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Thanks chaps - its really just to give a bit of atmosphere and I really wanted the "horse-holder" bases with the bicycles of the deployed unit.
I actually got the bikes here:
And for reference:[img][img]

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Thanks. I did do some cursory research this evening and was surprised to learn that what we know as a bicycle didnít start to appear until around 1885. Unfortunately a bit too late for my project (even though Iíve played a bit fast and loose with the date of the British helmets) Ö.. ah well.  :(

Offline Curassier

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Re: SIís Dorking 1875: UD 10/11 AAR = The Slaughterhouse 3 ; part 2 & EPILOGUE
« Reply #401 on: November 21, 2023, 11:29:54 PM »
Yes you are quite correct regarding timeframe but I am kind of pursuing a slightly different path with lots of mildly futuristic things
based on the writings of the French military futurist Captain Danrit set out in his three-volume "La Guerre de Demain".

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Re: SIís Dorking 1875: UD 21/11 Bavarian Limber Wip
« Reply #402 on: November 22, 2023, 12:03:09 AM »

Meantime, back at the workbench Iíve spent more than enough time assembling the myriad of parts that comprise the Perry metal Nappy limber. Itís coming together though I need to add the horses and traces.

The arm and backrest bar seems high to me so Iíll probably drop it a bit

I did swap out the Nappy wheels for a larger pair and with it sitting higher it does have some limited elements of similarity with the plastic version Iíd previously cobbled together.
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Offline MaleGriffin

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Re: SIís Dorking 1875: UD 21/11 Bavarian Limber Wip
« Reply #403 on: November 22, 2023, 09:23:50 PM »
Exquisite work as usual!
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Re: SIís Dorking 1875: UD 23/12 Bavarian Engineers WIP
« Reply #404 on: November 23, 2023, 03:52:42 PM »

A little bit of progress with some Field Engineer conversions.

By the by, the Eagles of Empires Bavarian infantry come in packs of  16 (an officer, drummer, flag bearer, NCO and 12 rifles) but in using a derivative of Rebels and Patriots, each of the regiments that Iím portraying comprises 2 units of 12, so in total the 4 characters in brackets plus 20 rifles). As Iím fielding 4 regiments of infantry, Iíve needed to buy multiple packs resulting in a few spares, mostly of officers, drummers, flag bearers and sergeants. In the main, itís these spares that have provided the conversion fodder for my 6-man units, the command and the artillery crew, though these engineers are mostly made from surplus riflemen .

After raiding the spares box for suitable tools, I have:

Hammer and crowbar
Two-handed axe
Consulting a map or schematic
Barrel (perhaps of gunpowder)

Obvs a bit of GS work to do, but theyíll hopefully soon be in play as a proposed scenario involves the railway line from Worthing to Horsham and a blown bridge.


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