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Author Topic: Galactic Heroes Batrep - Rebels cheat to win!  (Read 495 times)

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Galactic Heroes Batrep - Rebels cheat to win!
« on: April 30, 2021, 06:52:27 PM »
This past weekend my kids and I decided to play a round of Galactic Heroes using my Star Wars figs.  My son took the rebels and my daughter and I took the Imperials, and played a pretty straight-up slugfest.  I thought I'd share, as the force was CLEARLY with someone most of the game.

The Imperials started out in one corner, in a clearing, and were attempting to sneak up on a rebel base and eliminate the scum before they could gain a foothold on the planet.  Lord Vader would lead the assault personally, as a disturbance in the Force told him his son was near.  When a perimeter alarm went off, the rebels quickly mounted defensive positions along the roofs and prepared to command the approach while the Empire made it's way through shipping crates.

Initial shots were traded at extreme range, doing little more than rattle the erstwhile targets on both sides.  Still it had the intended effect of drawing Rebel attention towards the clearing and way from the flanking maneuver by Lord Vader.

Boba Fett soon realized the wisdom of this plan, and shifted positions to join Vader and a lone Death Trooper in moving up behind some cover.  Sensing danger Luke and Han moved towards the far hill, confident in their team's ability to command the high ground.

At this point rebel fire began to pick up in intensity, and actually showed uncharacteristic accuracy (my son rolling four 10s in a row).  'Use the force, trust your instincts'.  Curse you Ben Kenobi!  Take your Force ghost self and go back to the great beyond!  The first Death Trooper was cut down quickly followed by a second (hey, this crate is made out of paper!  dang cheapskate merchants!)

Meanwhile Vader leapt up onto the hill and called out his son.  Luke rose to the challenge force leaping up the rocks as well.  In a total reversal of Empire he quickly brought the Dark Lord low (my son rolled an 11 to hit, and then a 12 to wound with a dang lightsaber.  @#$@$#Kenobi@#$@#$)

Fett meanwhile touched off his flamer but the wicked tongue of flame merely smoldered on Solo's jacket (just a shock marker), who coolly drew and planted one right between Fett's eyes (rolled a 10 to hit, and a 12 to wound after using the re-roll from the card).  Well, that's one bounty not collected today ;)

Here the battle looked like it might finally turn, panicked ... err ... motivated fire from the Death Trooper brought Solo to the ground (my turn to roll a 8 and 9+1 for the blaster), but then Luke jumped across and swiftly decapitated the hapless trooper with aplomb (again my son rolled 12 and 12....I swear the light side cheats....)

At this point all seems lost, but Lord Vader just can't be outshone by that miserable Force Ghost of Kenobi, and promptly returned to aid the lone remaining Death Trooper.  Two Rebels quickly misfired and had to clear their blasters, and the plucky Death Trooper promptly dropped them both and put a wound on the Heavy Weapon Team.  Clearly firepower too accurate for Sandpeople (10, 10, 10, 10, 9, 7). 

Luke leapt over the forest before he also was beaten back (managed to get two shock and a wound on him in one turn of shooting and a round of cc).  Oh yes, victory was going to mine after all!  Take that you Rebel scum!  Then NO!  The horror!  The cheaply made blaster pack clicked dry giving the infernal son of Skywalker time to clear his senses, recover from his wounds (dang Queen of Hearts!  Seriously, how does he do that...) and then lunge forward for another rapid decapitation (again with the 12 12 roll).

That was devastating, I thought it was all over a little over half way in, when everything swung and my son was saying I was going to win before he came from behind!  Seriously, while my son did manage to go OOA 2-3 times, I've never seen so many 10-12s rolled.  Sad to see Vader and Fett go out so easily, but fun that it went right to the end with the lone Death Trooper Specialist suddenly finding his pace and unloading on the rebels with the heavy blaster.

We did forget the 3 actions for a Leader when using the appropriate color.  I am going to have to remember that, as it could have helped.  Fett vs Solo may have ended differently if Fett had gotten another shot off.  In the end though it was kind of fun watching him roll so amazingly well for most of the game.
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Re: Galactic Heroes Batrep - Rebels cheat to win!
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2021, 07:09:05 PM »
Cool write up, we’ve not got round to using FFoL / GH for Sci Fi yet, but sounds like it should give a great game!


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