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Author Topic: Bungwalliland A Misguided African Expedition  (Read 1842 times)

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Re: Bungwalliland A Misguided African Expedition
« Reply #15 on: October 26, 2022, 01:20:05 PM »
if 'Pirates of Penzance' was a recent hit, then that (gorgeous) truck they've got is from 50 years or so in the future

Yes, I thought about this when I made the post. I realize the truck is from the wrong period, but it was in the pic I needed of the figures. So, I went with it. Thanks for letting me get by with it. It has also garnered a lot of attention at this point, so I think it adds to the post rather than takes away.

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Re: Bungwalliland A Misguided African Expedition
« Reply #16 on: October 26, 2022, 02:31:55 PM »
Fantastic! I love this and hope to see more!
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Re: Bungwalliland A Misguided African Expedition
« Reply #17 on: November 02, 2022, 03:35:40 PM »
Second Bottomly Expedition Travels Down River

Bungwalli River, Bungwalli Province – It was a glorious day as Dame Bottomly, member of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and credited with identifying the striking Tlaloc Masdevallia Orchid from Mount Tlaloc in Mexico which she found while travelling with her brother, today, boarded the riverboat SS Princess Queen. Accompanied by her batman, maid, cook and senior members of the expedition including Major Royce Adelbert Connaught, of the Munster Connaught’s, the Governor, Major General Percival Pinwheel Flunderton, and Sir Walter Brand (Captain). They are to travel down river by boat to Bungwalli Station, there to be joined by the expedition, next week, when it can traverse the distance by the land route.

It is here at Bungwalli Station that the true search for the missing elder Bottomly will truly begin. After a few days to rest and resupply the expedition will strike off through the Plains of the He-He Poona, and into the wilds of the Bungwalli Province. It was there that Lord Sir Harry Bottomly disappeared when his large yellow balloon succumbed to disaster over a year ago. Many believe that Sir Harry is truly gone at this point, however, rumours and sightings have persisted in the previous months. 

Captain William Noestone, of the Princess Queen and former US Navy commander, welcomed the expedition leaders aboard. “There is not much freight moving up and down this river at this point, except for the slavers, with whom I do not consort. So a lucrative contract like this one will surely make my year. The old Queen needs a new paddlewheel and this fare along with any money I can win at the poker table over the next few days will serve her well.”

It seems that the economic impact of this Second Bottomly Expedition cannot be over emphasized. 

Relations with the He-He Poona have worsened since the disappearance of Lord Sir Harry over the past year. It seems that the local tribesmen believe that incursions by treasure seekers, hunting for Lord Sir Harry, and the upgrading of patrols by local militia and even British Army soldiers have turned their lands into “a stream of rushing water of unwanted interlopers”. 

In an obtrusively political maneuver, the Governor has taken the event of the Second Bottomly Expedition to send an ultimatum to the He-He tribe chief. It appears the Governor has sent Reverend Beaton and his lovely daughter Pauline, who as recently as last year was betrothed to Lord Sir Harry himself. Our readers will recall, it was also these two who caused a stir with Chief Ubbo-Ubbu on their last visit to the He-He tribe. In that case, the Chief assumed, erroneously, that Miss Pauline Beaton, fiancé of ardent adventurer and pioneer of women’s suffrage; Lord Sir Harry Bottomly, was part of the gift of trinkets and beads being given as a sign of friendship by circus mogul P.T. Barnum. The situation was not helped by Reverend Beaton’s loud and exuberant descriptions of the damnation awaiting heathens and pagans everywhere. It was, however, the slap delivered to the Chief’s face by an incensed Miss Beaton which caused the situation to deteriorate and precipitated a hasty retreat back to civilization. It is a wonder these two were once again chosen as emissaries by the Governor based on their last interactions with the tribe.

For their current errand, it appears that the Governor has tasked these two with approaching the chief and telling Ubba-Ubba, "...to disband his warriors and keep to their kraals." The Chief was to be told that acceptance of this order would curry peace with the local government, or at least keep them from interfering while the latest expedition moves through the region. Tensions are running high, and Dame Bottomly may be sailing down a river of despair into rapids of contention.

Stock Photo Courtesy Felicity Fitzpatrick

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Re: Bungwalliland A Misguided African Expedition
« Reply #18 on: November 03, 2022, 07:00:41 AM »
"The old Queen needs a new paddlewheel"?  Well, here we go again - in the delightful world of silliness in our miniatures games.  The Princess Queen (can there be such a thing) in need of a paddlewheel when by all appearances she is a screw driven craft?  I look forward to seeing the craft - if it survives the expedition - outfitted with a paddlewheel!

Now, me being me, I fully expect to see a veritable panoply of African wildlife encountered a long the way (and, given some of the anachronisms already, some non-African wildlife even).

[As a measure of my madness for critters, I finished on the last day in October painting 194 wildebeest, in 15 mm naturally - but still in need of bases being textured so no photos just yet.]

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Re: Bungwalliland A Misguided African Expedition
« Reply #19 on: November 03, 2022, 09:51:54 AM »
Excellent update. Keep them coming. Love the boat.   :-*

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Re: Bungwalliland A Misguided African Expedition
« Reply #20 on: November 04, 2022, 03:36:41 PM »
Bungwalli Station has Visitors

Bungwalli Station, Bungwalli Province – Today the main force of the Second Bottomly Expedition finally marched into Bungwalli Station. They were met by the Bungwalli Station Postal Rifles who were lined up at parade rest in the yard surrounding the Post Station. The truth of the matter is that it is through the mail that the Empire flows. This was not the case today as the soldiers of the 83rd Royal Irish Rifles advised our own Major Ripperton that they had lost the Post bag on the trip up river. After It was forgotten to be stowed on the SS Princess Queen with its passengers the 83rd Royal Irish Rifles had taken responsibility for the mailbag and had put it with their baggage. However, it seems fodder was required to start the cooking fires on the third day out and the Postal bag was mistakenly used.

Sergeant Smothers, the camp cook reported, “I noticed the fires started well that morning but also that the first test cricket was occurring against Australia. I didn’t realize the handwritten note wasn’t for me but rather one William John McClleland. We of course figured that out later.”

Dame Esmeralda appeared on the scene and the troops were arrayed in parade to be inspected by the officers before digging out their tents and setting up camp. The Post Office now looks like a circus ground with gaily painted tents circling the small building.  The expedition settled down for a chance to recover after their weeklong march down from the capitol. 

It was at this point that Tattushakii of the Wallo-Wallo Poona tribe made his appearance. He strode into town from out of the veldt land. He cut a striking appearance, his hair arrayed with ostrich feathers, scars streaked his left cheek and he clutched a weathered spear in his right hand. Across his shoulders the pelt of a large lion kept the dust from his skin. At the edge of camp he was met by sentries who ushered him in to meet with Dame Bottomly and the officers. I have attached a photograph of the expedition leaders on the occasion of this auspicious meeting.

Within the week the expedition will head out across the veldt to see the location of the wreckage of Sir Harry's balloon. This will be the first chance for Dame Esmerelda to truly pick up the trail.

Dame Bottomly has been camped in town for the past week.
Stock Photo by Felicity Fitzpatrick

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Re: Bungwalliland A Misguided African Expedition
« Reply #21 on: November 06, 2022, 11:07:27 AM »
A proper lady does want her bath.  But pity the poor beasts, two or four legged, that had to deal with getting a cast iron stove with ceramic lining to camp - replete with a shower head - and what appears to be a rather skimpy shower curtain that just might be opaque.  I do hope the Rifles are at drill during bath time - for the ladies' honor.  (Assuming they have it, of course.   lol)

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Re: Bungwalliland A Misguided African Expedition
« Reply #22 on: November 08, 2022, 08:18:28 PM »
On the Trail of Sir Harry

Bungwalli Province, Bungwalli Land – Today the Second Bottomly Expedition marched out from Bungwalli Station. The camp was alive with movement early in the day. The cooking fires had been alight for an hour and as the sun rose mess was served to the men. Fish and gruel were on the menu for the day.

The SS Princess Queen had stayed moored at the Station dock since its arrival three days earlier. Candles and lanterns burned well into the night as the officers engaged in their final night of card playing and revelry. Late in the evening and after much ribald discussion Dame Bottomly, who filed the paperwork for Thomas Edison to get his patent for the Mimeograph. Edison remarked, “without Esmeralda my work would lack passion and focus.” On this night the Dame was convinced to sing “Oh dem Golden Slippers” the recent minstrel tune penned by James A Bland. At one point she worked into the lyrics, ‘When we ride out on the veldt in the mourn, there’s old Ripper Ripperton and gov'ner Flunderton, they will beat us a path to find my brother poor.’ These jibs were met with a gusty applause by the officer's mess.

The soldiers were roused and formed into the march column. The 83rd Royal Irish Rifles came first, resplendent in their red coats with white belts and green cuffs. Following closely, 2nd Platoon of Company C of the Bungwalli Poastal Rifles marched out too much applause by the local colonists supporting their men. Dame Esmeralda Bottomly wore a wide brimmed hat designed to keep the sun off her golden main.  Her dappled mare, Nostromo, carried her as gracefully as a princess into the wild plains of upper Bungwalli Land province. Today she had her Martini Henry strapped across the saddle for easy access if needed. She was accompanied closely by her batman along with Major Ripperton, Major Royce Adelbert Connaught, of the Munster Connaught’s, and the Governor, Major General Percival Pinwheel Flunderton each mounted on their own fine-looking horse. Following them was a Naval Landing Party with a 3-pound mountain gun, pulled by a team of mules. The local militia continued the parade with our very own Sir Walter Brand (Captain) leading 1st Platoon, Company A the Bungwalli Militia. Porters and carts full of supplies brought up the rear of the expedition. 

Reverend Beaton and his lovely daughter Pauline, who you will remember won the Miss Bungwalli Pie Eating Contest in 79, turned up at this point. They were charging into town on the Reverend’s donkey drawn cart. The Reverend stopped and spoke with Dame Bottomly, who defeated Nelly Saunders as one of the first female boxers in the sport. He was warning the Dame of his recent interview with Chief Ubbo-Ubbu. “I saw them you know. All his warriors, mind. They were not getting together to feed the livestock neither. They only have one thing on their minds. At least that was until he married all his eligible bachelors to brides. You know what they have on their minds at that point, and then he will march them off to war. Repent sinners for the end is upon us!” With this the Reverend and his daughter continued on their way to their mission at Point Bagend Station, where the mail stops. No, literally it stops there. It’s the furthest point the mail travels within the Empire.

Dame Bottomly, who it will be remembered took part in the first winter ascent of Aneto, highest mountain in the Pyrenees in March of 1878, would not accept this news as a reason to hinder her from finding her brother. She turned to her officers and ordered, “Mr. Ripperton send the outriders.” She then turned and continued her march out of the Station. The expedition is on its way.
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Re: Bungwalliland A Misguided African Expedition
« Reply #23 on: November 20, 2022, 05:58:32 PM »
Sorry for the delay folks, we been busy shipping our 1066 figures. On with the story!

Second Bottomly Expedition Reaches the Crossroads

The Second Bottomly Expedition has made it to the crossroads deep within the He-He Poona territory. From here they can turn toward the mountains or continue deeper into the He-He lands. Of course the crossroads also lead to the the German port of KaiserBismarkburgenschloss but Dame Bottomly, who was inducted as Dame Commander into the order of the Bath by Queen Victoria, is not expected to go in that direction. 

It was here that the Expedition collided with Tibbo Tub. Many of you will know this man, who trades in human lives as a profession. He was coming along the road from the mountains where you will know the fastness of the Mad Muhla is located. Tethered behind his cart was no fewer than fourteen brave Poona tribesmen from the Walla-Walla tribe. This was a situation that Dame Bottomly, who traveled with Gordon in Egypt, when he was Governor-general of the Sudan attempting to initiate his reforms and abolish the slave trade, could not stand toward.

“You are no more than a mumbling cove. I dealt with you in the Sudan with Pasha Gordon and I will deal with you in the same manner this afternoon.” The Dame looked around to me where I clutched my writing utensils and paper. “Major Ripperton, release these men from their bondage and send this one,” she raised a droll hand and pointed at the Arabic slaver, ”send him away back the way he has come.”

Major Ripperton flew into action, taking a squad of men and forcing the erstwhile slave trader and his guards to turn about and be gone back down the road they had entered upon. 

At this point Tattushakii of the Wallo-Wallo Poona tribe came striding back into camp. He had been out surveying the area around the crossroads. "Men of the He-He Poona tribe come. There is many. Prepare your men for battle." We could not see any of the wild warriors, but they are known to strike with stealth and in fury. The officers bark out orders and the men are hustling to create a defensive perimeter about the small nest of buildings at the crossroads. I fear combat is imminent.

Men of the Postal Rifles ready for battle beside the men of the 83rd Irish Rifles.

Up Next: The Battle at the Crossroads AAR


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