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Author Topic: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign  (Read 39688 times)

Offline giorgio

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #465 on: December 30, 2021, 09:56:55 PM »
Thanks Mad, the goat is the fruit of a raid, it belonged to some heretic fake fakir in Swat... now it is MY picture by  the adverse possession,,, just the first piece of Swat fallen into my hands...

Offline marianas_gamer

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #466 on: December 30, 2021, 10:14:43 PM »
Mad Guru,
I wondered the same about the Tajiks and pushtunwali.
An Interested Obsever
Got to kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight.

Offline giorgio

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #467 on: December 30, 2021, 11:19:34 PM »
Kismet Khan is defending its village and his secrets against many enemies and he speaks as a jackal with jackals and as a snake with snakes. He pretends to be friend and behaves as a wazir to get guests confidence and obtain information about his enemies next moves. He suspects that Muletail and friends are spies but he does not know so he wants they feel safe among friends to obtain information and clues. Or  he sincerely follows pashtunwali because...or perhaps...all clues will become clear in next episodes..  ???

Offline Mad Guru

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #468 on: December 30, 2021, 11:21:26 PM »
@marianas gamer: Great minds think alike!

@Giorgio (AKA: heretical worshipper of aforementioned goat idol): First, last and only!*

(*Piece of Swat fallen into your hands.)

P.S. Re: Giorgio's latest comment above... truly none can compare to you when it comes to speaking as a jackal or a snake!
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"We shall see what wisdom lies beneath my madness!"

Offline JBaumal

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #469 on: December 31, 2021, 03:30:24 AM »
Giorgio, very intriguing indeed sir. Tajiks and Pashtunwali!?!?!
Very cool map.

Offline Umra Khan

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #470 on: January 04, 2022, 10:34:28 AM »
If I know the Evil King well, the story about the Tajiks and pushtunwali  is just a trick... will I be wrong ?
But being a grim heretic from him you can expect anything... lol lol

Offline giorgio

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #471 on: January 05, 2022, 07:19:38 AM »
“Chahar chez est tohfay Mir Zakah, Gard-o- Garma, Gada-o- Goristan”.
Four things are the gifts of Mir Zakah: Dusty winds, hot seasons, beggars and graveyards.
Strange that tagijks are speaking in Urdu instead of Persian...
All the clues will find an answer in next Muletail episode: "Pashtunwali".
And what is the secret of the tower?
Heretics are right in one thing: no one can better speaking as a snake than the snake king!

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Offline giorgio

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #472 on: January 06, 2022, 10:15:22 AM »

“Do not worry brothers, I have discovered Rashtun is my 4th grade cousin, a friend of an uncle of his fought under my father command against the anglez and I obtained to be invited by Rashtun to his home for some dinner, of course only to have the possibility to get some intelligence…”said Mustafa and then loudly, speaking to Rashtun:
“So my brother, show me your home and may the Ruler provide to your family ten times the food you will share! Muletail and Yamad, you can wait for me in the house next to that camel, where food and straw to sleep are already prepared”
Which plan is designing Kismet Khan for our friends? Will he be their kismet, “destiny”? And which information will Mustafa steel during the dinner? And which is the tremendous secret that the Tajiks are defending so strenuously against the raid of Mullah Powanda’s bandits/patriots…?
Only the future (and dice) will tell us
The dinner in Rashtan’s house was more than abundant and even Mustafŕ, with a brain new red turban, gift by Rashtan, felt not so hungry at the end of the fourth dish. Chairman was Rashtan’s old father and in front of Mustafa and Rashtan other two Tajiks sit without opening their mouth. Two wifes of the old father were serving the important guests.

“Now you have eaten our salt and we are friends”said Rashtan with his tongue in the cheek  smile “ and now let me introduce two best friends of my Uncle, very eager to help you. But now tell us why u arrive here pretending to be a Bunerwal? We were waiting for you and your khan, the famous Muletail”

 “How do you know about him? “ Mustafa thought “I should have hold my tongue” but it was too late.

Rashtan was quick to reply “Some merchants anticipated his arrival; we are all good waziris’friend” smiling as a snake staring a rabbit.

“Well, all we need is to have a rest, food and a guide to accelerate our march towards Paiwar Pass, and possibly helping in negotiating our pass with local tribesmen. And you should take care to delay bandits which were behind us in Kajeray. And killing any Afridis or Zadran killers on our traces.”
“oh you can be sure, no Zadran dares go so far norhwards, and about Afridis… well we know very well how to manage them” Rashtan said, and then speaking to other”We know very well, don’t we?” “oh yes” they replied “Very very well” with a grim lauhghing.

Mustafa felt a twist in his skeleton, but was soon distracted by a tamarind cake brought by the younger wife and happiness returned in the house, flourished by lamb perfumes filling the air.

In the meantime, Muletail and Yamad rested out of the house where they were accommodated, and from there they were looking at the tower still visible even if night darkness was advancing covering all the shadows with an uniform layer of deep black.

“Let’s go to the roof” said Yamad “We’ll enjoy a better landscape” But arrived on the roof they found a couple of Tajiks smoking in the shadows, spending time playing with a drum and ready to grab their weapons at our hero’s arrival.
“Any problems?” they asked suspiciously
“No thanks”Yamad replied “We wanted just get a better view”

“Better view? Here? We say “Chahar chez est tohfay Mir Zakah, Gard-o- Garma, Gada-o- Goristan”.that in urdu means “Four things are the gift of Mir Zakah: Dusty winds, hot seasons, beggars and graveyards.” Said the Tajiks laughing and going to leave the roof looking for a new place to smoke and control the waziris.
“What they say about the gifts?” asked Muletail
“Nothing, it is an old Punjab proverb related originally to Multan, we Bunerwals were used to kid those Pashtuns with this rhyme Multan Goristan. These idiots just adapted it but losing the rhyme…well strange they make fun of themselves, no pride these Tajiks”

“Yes very odd” said Muletail and then speaking to the leaving Tajiks:”Here Divâr moosh dâreh, moosh ham goosh dâreh” Walls have mice, and mice have ears, in persian.
The Tajiks smiled embarrassed, “good night to you too” and quickly left.
“It is like I suspected” whispered Muletail to Yamad “They speak Urdu and don’t understand Persian, they are not Tajiks, this is a trap, go to call for Mustafa and be ready to run away quicker than a snake bite.”
Yamad run to Rashtun’s house and yelled “Mustafŕ Mustafŕ come out, Hussein must speak with you now!” Rashtun appeared on the door “what happens? Why crying so loudly?”

“Nothing, just Hussain wants to speak now with Mustafa for certain important reasons”
“Oh and when Muletail calls all waziris must run” At these words Yamad looked the white face of Mustafŕ
“Do not panic my friend, we Tajiks are good friends of Waziris, we escort you three tomorrow and we will teach you a short cut passing close the tower. But tomorrow, now it is too dark. My friends will ensure you have a long rest, cause tomorrow it will be a long day, a long march is waiting for us before you arrive in a safer area. Whatever the urgency of Muletail, Mustafa will remain here, he is eating our salt and leaving my father party now should be a great offence.

“Tomorrow I assure you will have a special badragga to protect you”
“Mmmh urdu again” Yamad thought “These are Tajiks as I am an heretic TSATF follower” spitting aside to remove the blasphemy.”Ok Mustafa reach us when you have done and rest before the new journey”.
Mustafŕ was tempted to reach his friend but the chicken with peas was calling him and he thought that was very inconvenient to offend the Tajiks, so returned in the house and the owner’s wifes astonished provided other food to be swallowed by the man with a stomach larger than a camel, as they called him.

Next day our 3 friends, Mustafa with his old turban as he did not want to use again the gifted turban after hearing Muletail’s doubts, with their badragga, composed by Rashtan and five other tribesmen started to walk towards the tower well before dawn.

“Be ready to react for any tricks they may want to implement” said Muletail, but everything seemed quiet and peaceful.
Kismet and 5 other Tajiks escorted them up to village borders.
“Have a nice journey, Rashtan will manage everything and may the Ruler protect your path”

“Thanks Kismet, I will not forget you, be sure” Muletail answered and then asked to Rashtan “Why so few inhabitants in this village?”

“Many warriors joined Powanda and his jihad, news is speaking about a great victory in Tochi valley, and together with Afridis victories in Spinwam district it means that soon we will be free of our Anglez guests. Other joined the bandits on the hills, other works…” Rashtan answered elusively.

He stopped speaking as they arrived close to the tower and other warriors were waiting for them fully equipped with tulwars and jezails;  their grim malik did not seem very friendly, more similar to an horse theft than to a khan…

In the morning dusk Muletail could glimpse the shadows of other 5 warriors outside and on the roof of the tower
“Sag-e zard barâdare shoghâleh” said Muletail, but no one answered
“what did u say?” asked Mustafŕ in a whisper

“The yellow dog is the brother of the jackal,in Persian,  that means One is as bad as the other. Also these are no more Tajiks than you and I”
“Well well well, what a nice present for the old Gul Zaraq, Rashtun what are you bringing us today? Cave needs always new volunteers to work in his dungeons…”

Suddenly the escorted became prisoners and Muletail said “You son of… you smell like camel stank; I knew you are not real Tajiks”
“Stop crying, nobody can hear you. No Gul, this pigeon is too important to be used in your caves, he will be escorted back carefully, and Umra will be more than happy to pay real gold for him. You can enjoy with the others; they will learn that the Afridis dinners must be payed and are very costly…” and giggled high pitched.
“What does it mean, who are you?” Yamad asked astonished

“Ask to the mighty Muletail, he has already understood, don’t you, filthy heretic dog? We are Afridis, a band sent by the Mighty Umra to look for Sikander’s treasure; legends reported to his stronghold speak about a big treasure hidden here around and you will spend the rest of your miserable life working looking for it”
“And the village Tajiks warriors?” “They will be your colleagues and you will divide the tower jails with them. Now they are working under the strict control of many Kismet’s warriors. But do not worry, nobody is strong enough to resist more than few weeks and Gul Zar is always in search of good workers” Rashtan answered laughing loudly.”And in few days we must depart before warriors returning from Tochi valley.”
“We were informed by our allies Zandar that some precious gifts were arriving, and we sent some friends to welcome you in Kajeray but I don’t know how you escaped them. Well now it is….”

Suddenly many cracks fires broke from the surroundings rocks and in the dark lights of the dawn Muletail could see four Afridis killed and 3 other hit but not incapacitate, with an outstanding score.
With a scaring yell a dozen of shadows erupted from the rocks and attacked the Afridis who tried to reach their safe into the tower.

What is happening? Who are these warriors, Tajiks bandits or…? What about the Afridis in the tower? Which secret is inside? And Kismet? But most important…will the destiny dice stop tossing only “1” and “2”???
To be continued
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Offline Umra Khan

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #473 on: January 06, 2022, 11:24:20 AM »
Very intriguing...many mysteries and many surprises in this story.
The cadeau of the red turban was unusual, very strange thoughts in the brain of this heretical minstrel... lol
Compliments my friend nice post, and great photos...

Offline CPT Shanks

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #474 on: January 07, 2022, 05:31:04 AM »
Due to a rash of telegraph lines being cut faster than they could be repaired it was determined to make the alternate signals plan the the primary, to whit heliograph stations will be established along the route of advance to provide clear communications from HQ to the field force. On orders from Punjabi Field Force HQ in Abbottabad,  Maj Angus "Wheezy" McGhee leads a detachment of Seaforth Highlanders,  5th Ghurkas, and 4th Sikhs to secure Knoll 2367 near Parbal Gali so a signal team can establish an heliograph repeater station.

 The plan is for the 4th Sikhs, with their solid marksmanship, to cross at the ford and establish a supporting fire position along the northern ridgeline. The ghurkas are tasked with following on and securing the knoll on the western edge. The highlanders mission is to cross the bridge and secure the village of Parbal Gali, establishing a field HQ from which to support the heliograph station. Once the location is secured the Signals Corps and pioneers will build a signal tower and establish a semipermanent post. This village and hilltop lies on the India side of the border, is considered pacified and no resistance is expected this far south.

Unbeknownst to our intrepid force, the valley was rife with resistance. Two clans of fanatics, a well armed clan of Chagarzai, and one prized field gun were waiting in the nullahs and below the crest of Knoll 2367. The pathans, having watched the Raj forces moving ponderously up the valley, were ready to bushwhack the infidels.
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"welcome to the world of cascading failure"

Offline CPT Shanks

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #475 on: January 07, 2022, 07:14:06 AM »
The Sikhs begin fording the river with the Ghurkas moving into a following position. The highlanders under Maj "Wheezey" McGhee begin crossing the bridge leading into Parbal Gali.

Before they can cross the water the Sikhs come under fire from a field gun well camouflaged in a sangar, losing two sepoys. To the north they look on helpless as a band of tribal warriors suddenly appear from a hidden nullah.

The Ghazi fanatics, their leader Shamzullah having lost his faith, overcome his timidity and attack the Sikhs as they emerge from the river. As the melee ensues seven sepoys are cut down, taking only four of the fanatics with them, and fall back into the river, pinned.

The Seaforths occupy the village, finding it abandoned and eerily quiet.

The Ghurkas, having cleared the river, move through the fallen Sikhs to exact revenge on the fanatics. Matched man for man, the fierce warriors trade cold steel. Kukri and tulwar ring out in the mountain air, slicing through flesh and bone. Shamzullah falls dead, a kukri cleaving his neck. His martyrdom invigorates the fanatics and in the end it is the Nepalese warriors that are driven back to the river.

The field gun shifts fire onto the village killing a Highlander. The Chagarzai riflemen, led by Hasheed, emerge from their hiding place in the nullah and fire wildly into the village. The sheer volume of inaccurate fire takes another private down, proving yet again that quantity has a quality all its own.

The Sikhs fire into the remaining Ghazis killing one more of them, followed up with a close assault by the ghurkas who kill one more, routing the remaining fanatic.

To the chagrin of Maj "Wheezey" McGhee a second band of fanatics, led by Shakezula, emerges alongside the Chagarzai riflemen.

Under cover of the field gun the fanatics charge into the village trading tulwar with bayonet, Shakezula falls, cold steel in his black heart. The fanatics are driven back with three dead having only killed two highlanders. The Chagarzai pour another fusilade into the village killing another private and pinning the highlanders.

Discretion being the better part of valor, Major Wheezey, unable to rally his highlanders decides to conduct a retrograde operation and begins to retire from the village.

The field gun shifts fire again to the only available target killing the remaining Sikhs. The Chagarzai find new targets as well and manage to shoot down the two remains Ghurkas.
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Offline Umra Khan

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #476 on: January 07, 2022, 08:28:30 AM »
Great posts CPT Shanks, bloody little battle.
A well planned move for the Raj...what went  wrong ?

Offline giorgio

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #477 on: January 07, 2022, 08:53:15 AM »
Great post! Great news!!!  Now Pashtuns morale is boosted and upping, perhaps the time of freedom is coming! Powanda waziris in Tochi Valley, Sher's afridis in Spinwam district, now here. Jihad my brothers jihad but not only against Anglez, soon it will be time to epurate the heretics followers of the blasphemy rule as well!!! And I'm waiting information and news about ferenghees of North, our mighty allies coming to kick off the unwanted guests!
ANd Mulehead will become Azir of all believers, avenger of martyrs, harbinger of True Faith!

Offline Mad Guru

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #478 on: January 07, 2022, 10:13:43 AM »
More like a HARBINGER OF SORROWS for you, oh Evil One and devoutly heretical (NO contradiction there) servant of the False Rules!

Capt. Shanks: Kudos for an action-packed and gripping report!  I must concur with my Brother from another Mother, the munificently just and righteously pious Umra Khan, regarding the frightfully high casualty list resulting from your recent action.  Was no attempt whatsoever made by Her Majesty's Forces to reconnoiter the ground or acquire current intelligence on possible enemy movement in the area?  One assumes a much stronger force will be sent to accomplish the intended mission (construction of the heliograph tower and installation of the signal relay station) while taking punitive measures on any remaining enemy forces, or at the very least making use of the adorable pile of firewood to reduce Parbal Gali to ashes.
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Offline Umra Khan

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #479 on: January 07, 2022, 11:04:36 AM »
Oh Great Mad Guru, my true brother and light of all Believers, the firewood of Parbal Gali will be our reward.
With this wood we will make a pyre and burn all the unbelievers starting with the infidels of Black Mountain, the Russkys of the North, the Fullertons and ending with the Mule family!
The high casualties of the battle are the result of the use of the bones of the evil  and this always happens when the disbelievers play!


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