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Author Topic: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign  (Read 56362 times)

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #675 on: July 30, 2022, 06:22:27 PM »
General Joseph Vladimirovich Gourko is in command of a small brigade of the Tsar’s finest. He is steadily moving southwards along the Indus River valley towards the Black Mountain area. He is aware that there is an Indian Brigade in Gilgit. He has let it be known to the tribes they encounter along the way, that he is willing to pay the Tsar’s gold to anyone that can provide him intel regarding the disposition of any British troops in the areas he is approaching. A local sheepherder has brought him news that some of his compatriots have captured two men of the Indian Army. From what Gourko can make out, the captives are from an Indian regiment and are still alive. The sheepherder could be lying just to get the gold. Gourko decides to send out a small patrol to verify that this is true before any gold changes hands.

Gourko Brigade

General Joseph Vladimirovich Gourko
West Siberian Rifles Regt
Egersky Guards Regt
Volgograd Line
Rostov Line


Unfortunately, by the time the patrol reached the captives, they had already been killed. However, the poor blighters had already yielded a lot of information to their captors as a result of significant torture resulting in their eventual death. The patrol, consisting of men from the West Siberian Rifles, finds out from the Afghans that these men were deserters from an Indian Brigade that had marched out of Gilgit about a week ago. According to the deserters they didn’t like they way they were treated and had become lost trying to make their way home. Their Brigade was following the Gilgit River valley on the way to Chitral via Mastuj. The patrol returned to Gourko and reported their findings. The sheepherder was paid.

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #676 on: August 05, 2022, 12:05:32 PM »
Rhingyll, very exciting events indeed sir! Beautiful visuals. I must finish painting your Russian commanders and my Russian troops ASAP.

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #677 on: August 06, 2022, 01:17:04 PM »
Battle of Spinwam
For prologue, maps, units details see following link: https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=131610.645

The 2 armies advance ignoring the exact presence of the enemy.
The Afridis divide according their subtribes, the Kuki Khel on the west of the road under Abdul Haq Khan, on the east Wali and his Qambar and even more East, in the valley, Wardak cavalry under Javad Khan.
And these cavalrymen are scouted by Fullerton’s guides, which detect also Naag Khan advancing behind them.

Fullerton’s plan is easy: he will charge the cavalry while Best will attack on the flank the following pathans, while the other unit will take firm control of the road towards Spinwam.
Fullerton fire is ineffective but obliges the Pathans to charge and be soundly defeated. In the same time Best’s fire pins Naag Khan and Dawes hardly hit Saddam’s advance.

Kaalindi Khan’s Ghazis charge the Yorkshires in a carneficine where they emerge victorious and Walis’s irregulars fire long range to Fullerton’s guided taking another hit.

Abdul Haq’s unit refuses to charge the guides and Best fire seems can gain the day!
Fullerton’s charges kill Naag Khan and his men retreating, while Best hit 3 Abdul Haq’s warriors and pins the unit.

But at this point the tide changes. Wali’s fire takes Fullerton’s unit in the flank while pursuing Naag’s survivors and kill all of them included our hero! Lucky Dawes rerolled the dice but new ones were even worse.
While Dawes rallies his men, shirker Hall doesn’t fire and retreats!
Meantime Best fires on Kaalindi and stop his advance pinning the unit, while Saddam rallies.
At this point Abdul Haq routs instead of rallying and this is an heavy spot on his reputation.
Wali fire is continuous and pins the guides while Saddam hesitates and Kaalindi’s ghazis charge and complete the heroic unit destruction.

Dawes and another private join Hall battery and togheter return to the safe Mir Ali Mirali while Wali do not pursuit them. He wants to return North to join his father’s battle against Capt Allison’s column advancing after joining with the winning units of the poor Vousden (see the battle of Gumatti at following link https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=131610.645 ).
But now Afridi Kuki Khel are divided between following Abdul Haq, the hero of many battles, but performing very poorly at Spinwam, and Kaalindi whose ghazis were the winner of last battle and no one now accepts to follow Wali Khan because all warriors must remain and fight for their Khan.

Without Kuki khel support and with Naag khan killed in the battle, Wazi cannot close the pincer on Allison and the trap cannot spring. He must return and offer his rifles to his father to fight with his brother against the Anglez.

The fight will establish the new Qambar Khel heir of Sher Khan, their kismet, destiny, or a stray bullet during a battle, possibly straight in the loser brother back.
To our beloved hero, the winner of hundreds charges,  our bard of the frontier, R.Winkle, wrote one of his most touching poem, in his “ballads from Peshawar barracks” and that was inspirational for many other following poems in all Empire and abroad:

He died a hero
Tell that to his soldiers
The fear was zero
While bandits aim his shoulders
So, where’s his victory
Where indeed is the end?
Death is the only reality
For the soldiers we send
He died a hero, his body unburied
We recall his name with sad tears
He charged in glory while Afridis flurried
And only a bullet killed him, without fears.

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #678 on: August 06, 2022, 03:03:24 PM »
Poor Fullerton! Death or glory charge. Great post Giorgio. That sounds like a fun game.

Offline CPT Shanks

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #679 on: August 10, 2022, 04:43:55 AM »
The latest news that's fit to read
"welcome to the world of cascading failure"

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #680 on: August 10, 2022, 08:52:33 AM »
Indelible, immutable, incredible posts are flying right, left, and center!

Hats, foreign service helmets, & turbans off to the evil triumvirate of CAPT SHANKS, (Evil) Giorgio, and Rhingyll (even tho' he is a friend to the Muscovites!)

From this plethora of brilliant gems, one nugget casts a spell in my eyes & upon my very soul:

"...and all funeral expenses if required."

Talk about ace recruiting -- please to sign me up for the Guides, Colonel Sahib!

So, I must eat the White Queen's meat, and all her foes are mine,
And I must harry my father's hold for the peace of the Border-line,
And I must make a trooper tough and hack my way to power--
Belike they will raise me to Ressaldar when my father is hanged in Peshawur.

                                                            --Kamal, Jr.

Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,
Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat;
But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth,
When two strong men stand face to face, tho' they come from the ends of the earth!

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"We shall see what wisdom lies beneath my madness!"

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #681 on: August 10, 2022, 12:29:34 PM »
Winkle on attack
Viceregal Lodge in Simla...

Future Nobel laureate Reginald Winkie himself had made it a point to personally deliver the news to none other than the Commander-in-Chief, India, Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Roberts , an old friend of his.

“You know, Bobs, I am the most peaceful men in RAJ but I cannot stand if I smell betrayal. Yes Bobs, I said betrayal!”
General Roberts stiffed his upper lip at these rush words

“It is unbelievable the arrogance, the absolute contempt of our heroic soldiers, that is proudly ostended by a filthy paper who titled himself Peshwar Lancer. A bunch of traitors payed by guns sellers and probably by Waziris too.”
At these Roberts stare him with more attention
“They are so sure to be unpunished that dare to offend your strategy, in many years I never made a such impudent attack to our glorious generals”

For a vivid image of this you may want to read a previous meeting at following link by Mad Guru: https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=131610.570#lastPost from where above pictures were “borrowed”.
“Gen Davenport is an inept arrogant who mismanaged the situation and is the root cause of poor Fullerton death. But this Peshwar Lancer is edited by men who have sold their soul for money and pure hate of all our holiest values. Their fool campaign against our true alley Umra Khan, who by the way is a trustful generous sponsor of Pesh Trib, could bring to disaster. Bobs you must stop them now. NOW”
“Reginald do not exaggerate, I don’t mind if they push for more energic actions against Umra and above all against Russians. Perhaps your concern is more related to their last advertisement about new typesetter for your paper, isn’t it?”
Winkle became red purple violet and then tried in vain to reply while breathing was chocked and suffocated by his rage.
Mmmmh Roberts mumbled, no I m not concerned at all. And soon I’m waiting to receive good news from Capt Allison’s column retaking Thal from Afridis and leaving me free to concentrate on Russian shadows…

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #682 on: August 10, 2022, 09:17:49 PM »
Lt Lowell has returned to the camp of the 1st Brigade of the Chitral Field Force. He along with Naik Gurung #4864 have briefed the commanding officer of the brigade, General McGuinness, on the information gathered. One of the village Elders encountered, gave them information about a secret pass that would save them significant time on their march to relieve Chitral. Naik Gurung #4864 did not entirely trust the information that was given to them regarding the pass and wasn’t sure that it existed at all. General McGuinness is well aware of the fact that nobody can be trusted on the Northwest Frontier. A decision was made to further investigate the possibility of this pass and a larger reconnaissance force under the command of Captain Aylmer Cameron (72nd Highlanders) would be sent out. This force would include a heliograph team that would be able to signal back information to the main force as it continued to slog its way northward, to and through, Lowari Pass. After traversing the Lowari Pass, which wasn’t an easy task by any means, the patrol sets up camp.

Captain Aylmer Cameron

1 unit of Pashtun guides (platoon sized)
1 squadron of the 77th Lancers (Lt Howell)
1 company of the 2nd Gurkhas (Naik Gurung #4864)
1 platoon of the 23rd Sikh Pioneers
1 platoon of 72nd Highlanders (Capt Aylmer Cameron)
1 signal corps heliograph team
Baggage train

Meanwhile, A Russian Brigade commanded by General Vasily Perovsky has successfully crossed the Dora Pass into the Chitral. Progress is slow and Perovsky has sent out a re-con patrol to see if there is any easier and faster path towards Chitral. The patrol, commanded by Major Petrov Stepanovich, has lost its bearings, ventured off course, and is now heading south of Chitral towards the northwestern side Lowari Pass.

Major Petrov Stepanovich

1 company of the Kuban Cossack Regiment
1 company of the Smolenski Line Regiment
1 company of the Kharkiv Line Regiment
1 squadron of Pavlogradski Hussars
Baggage Train

Upon spotting the British encampment, Major Stepanovich has been lost for several days now, and his baggage train has slowly been reduced to literally nothing. He has lost most of his animals and supplies to thieving Chitralis who make off with the animals during the cover of darkness. His men are now hungry and growing restless and he fears he may soon have a mutiny on his hands. But their hunger and desperation could serve to boost their fighting spirit. For Stepanovich, his only option for attack was a full-on frontal attack. He positioned himself and the Kuban Cossacks in the middle, flanked by the Smolenksi Line on the left and the Kharkiv Line to his right. The Hussars were directly behind his infantry in the center.

As the Russians advanced, the Pashtun Guides bolted for the hills, but the Martinis and Sniders of the 72nd Highlanders and 23 Sikh Pioneers opened up a deadly fire from their positions behind the carts of the baggage train. The Kuban Cossacks took the brunt of the fire on their center position. Their advance was halted but the Hussars skirted out from behind them and made a headlong charge towards the 77th Lancers. The two cavalry units made contact and engaged in a rolling melee. The advantage was with the 77th Lancers initially as their lances created a mismatch. It looked as though all for lost for the Pavlogradski Hussars, then fate stepped in. A lot of dust was kicked up during the melee, and the 72nd Highlanders for some reason fired into the melee, causing heavy casualties among the Lancers. The Lancers became demoralized and as the Hussars pressed the attack, the Indian lancers routed and disappeared back into the Lowari Pass.

Meanwhile the Kuban Cossacks were decimated by the continued fire from behind the British baggage train wagons and Major Stepanovich was nowhere in sight. The best chance of success for the Russians at this point was for the Smolenski Line to keep the 2nd Gurkhas busy by engaging them in a long-range firefight while the remnants of the Hussars along with the still at full strength Kharkiv Line Regiment tried to flank the 72nd Highlanders and 23rd Sikhs behind the baggage train carts.
Naik Gurung #4864 was severely wounded during the exchange of fire between the Gurkhas and the Smolenski line.  A sense of panic spread amongst the usually steadfast and brave Gurkhas as their casualties grew. They eventually broke ranks, and like the 77th Lancers, headed back through the Lowari pass, deserting the wounded Naik Gurung #4864. Seeing the Gurkhas flee emboldened the Smolenskis and they pressed on toward the British encampment on the opposite flank of the Hussars and Kharkiv regiment.
The remnants of the Pavlogradski Hussars charged the 72nd Highlanders but were easily repulsed due to their lack of numbers and the bravery of the Highlanders. However, the cavalry charge diverted the attention of the Highlanders and the Kharkiv unit was able to advance within shortrange of the 72nd.

On the other flank, the steady fire of the Snider rifles of the 23rd Pioneers drove back the Smolenski line and they eventually gave up and left the field of battle.
Captain Aylmer Cameron of the Highlanders raised a flag of truce and met with the commander of the last remaining Russians; the Kharkiv Regiment. Cameron had in tow, Major Petrov Stepanovich, who had been captured during the action. Both agreed that further conflict would just result in more lives lost for both sides. Cameron agreed to give the Russians one cart load of food and Stepanovich in exchange for them leaving and ceasing the attack. The Russians were all to happy to hear this and gladly accepted the offer.

The British now broke camp and headed back towards the pass to eventually link up with General McGuinness’ column once again. The Russians, who were lost already, wandered off into the hills with their much needed food. And what became of the severely wounded Naik Gurung #4864?
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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #683 on: August 11, 2022, 01:39:15 AM »
Very interesting dispatch, I do say.  What, pray tell, did become of Naik Guring #4864?
"Remember - Incoming Fire Has the Right-of-Way"

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #684 on: August 11, 2022, 12:42:10 PM »
Excellent report Bob, this sounds like it was great fun!

What did happen to Billy Fish???

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #685 on: August 11, 2022, 02:05:39 PM »
Excellent report Bob, this sounds like it was great fun!

What did happen to Billy Fish???

Bugger!  I knew that name and number sounded familiar...Now we know the expedition from which he was the sole survivor perhaps? 

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #686 on: August 11, 2022, 08:42:59 PM »
Coming soon: Peachy Carnahan & Daniel Dravot meet Billy Fish.

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #687 on: August 13, 2022, 09:46:03 AM »
Shewa battle prologue

In Gumatti, Rastum Bajadur Khan had rallied many tribesmen to gain time and give Sher Khan the opportunity to come back and reinforcing Thal either supporting Bajadur , or perhaps try an enveloping manoeuvre encircling Allison’s column and cutting its logistic path. See following link: https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=131610.630

Vousden instructed Capt Allison “You see Logan this fork in the road, here our paths divide, you take your Gords and go to those houses to clear any possible flanking menace, and bring with you Poona squadron, and a unit of 26th Baluchi and Bombay Grenadiers. Afterwards come back and be my rear-guard to prevent any surprise if Sher Khan will send reinforcements to his son. ”
 “Sir, we’ll reach you after pursuing any ruffians in those huts, please leave some glory also for our boys. Sergeant let’s clear those shacks and show these ruffians who the Gay Gordons are!”
 “Sir yes Sir, with great pleasure, the boys are already ready to fight” and shouted with a voice that probably was heard in Bannu too “Gordon on march!”

With his remaining units Vousden marches towards Gumatti while Allison’s Gordons take the deviation under the sound of their bagpipe and drum. Sure, “Cock o’ the North” is resounding in the valleys, what else? And hear, they come crying the Gordon motto “Bydand!”!

In the following pictures Allison’s Gords celebrate the last tribute to the hero, after rejoing the two columns (for more details on Gumatti battle see following link: https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=131610.645):

At the end of Gumatti battle the Afridis were in rout under Bajadur and Gurjas, leaving Gumatti to the British which now had lost their leader.
Now Hunters followed his original plan to rejoin with Allison’s column, but this delay allowed Sher Khan to anticipate their move returning to Thal and rallying Bajadur’s army survivors.
The frictions between Kuki Khel and Qambar Khel jeopardized the victory over Fullerton and Wali could not close the pincer in Shewa and retreated with his irregulars to Sher Khan to consolidate positions around Thal , leaving to his hated brother Bajadur the responsibility to keep control over the important Shewa road junction .
See link for the Spinwam battle aftermath: https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=131610.675

But Allison too has to deal with resources problems. Hunters forces are depleted after Gumatti battle and he orders Hunters to stop there with Rowes’s Gurkha unit and fortify the camp to assure the control of the area, and be a safe point if he has to retreat.

The forces under Allison, a jolly good chap, marching Northwards are his Gordon supported by a Poona squadron under Lt Desmoyne, a sporting umpire, and a unit of 26th Baluchi under the inexperienced Howls and Bombay Grenadiers commanded by Lt Porter, a terrible planner.

The forces rushly assembled by Bajadur includes his irregulars, Gurjas Khan survived veterans, all musketry buffs, one old piece of artillery managed by the steady Aalem Khan and a unit of fanatic veterans provided by his father Sher Khan, under Kabir Khan.

After storming Shewa, Cpt Allison will be able to keep separated Sher Khan and Wali Khan from Kuki Khel Afridis and march or on Spinwam against the latter or to Thal against the former. But in Shewa Bajadur wants to show his value and his rights to be the heir of Sher Khan to command over all Qambar warriors. He wants to show to be Rastum Bajadur Khan, and his victory will bring honors to him by Umra Khan himself.
To be continued...
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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #688 on: August 15, 2022, 12:14:59 AM »
I like Cpt Allison odds in this one. Hopefully he will mot meet the same fate as Vousdan and Fullerton. The Queen needs live heros right now.

Offline JBaumal

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #689 on: August 15, 2022, 12:40:49 AM »
Agreed Capt Shanks! The fortunes of war will be decided by dice and tactics….


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