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Author Topic: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign  (Read 13974 times)

Offline Umra Khan

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #150 on: July 28, 2021, 12:15:56 PM »
Gen Simmons decides to punish the Waziri for all the disturbances caused in the last few days, and on the morning of the 20th July a fast column of Gordon Highlanders and the 2nd Sikhs (right wing) under the command of Maj. Spencer climbs the mountains of Manzai and burns Wazir's viallge of Bangai Tor  without encountering resistance as it  was  abandoned by the tribesmen . the punishment of the Raj will be 'inflexible !
While another column of 2nd Sikhs (left wing )  and 40th Pathans under the command of Capt. O'Sullivan heads in to the other village of Chaisan in the same  Valley.
Simmons wants to see if using the heavy hand the Waziri decide to face his brigade.....otherwise he  will proceed to Wana and destroy all the villages on its way.
Simmons  knows that the fundamental of Small Wars is to bring the native foe to a battle where the greatest number of casualties can be inflicted, the only " frontier arithmetic "  that tribesmen understand !

here the village of Bangai Tor is burned

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #151 on: July 29, 2021, 08:06:26 AM »
Rawalpindi 21st July 1890
HQ of Lt. General Bindon Blood
A meeting with his Staff in progress .

" Sirs, these are the last news that we received from our tropps ,

Gen. Mc Guinness reached Malakand, his Political Officer Lt Reginald Ethan is exploring the land ahead and is establishing meetings with Local Maliks in order to test their intentions;

Gen. Whitsend reached Jalala and is moving towards Dargai;

Gen. Channer has sent various detachments to Jal and Chitabad in order to find a way to Thakot;

To date they are 5 days that Chitral garrison is besieged but we have not any news from them;

Gen. Simmons detached two columns to burn villages in the Manzai valley;

Gen. Davenport sent tropps to burn villages in the Tochi valley;

...someone brought some cognac ? mine is sadly over "

but 4 eyes and 4 ears are listening to speeches

Online giorgio

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #152 on: July 29, 2021, 10:17:24 AM »
July 21st, a crossroads west of Bannu, Col Fullerton speaking to Major Hugo William Stockfish: .
“Well Willie organize the column we go North”.
“But Sir the orders of Gen Davenport are to burn villages in the Tochi Valley”.
“Yes indeed, but he didn't say according which route. That is exactly what we'll do after burning all the villages between Bannu and Spinwam than we come back to Idak.”
“But Sir General Davenport..”.
“Stop it Major. General said to destroy villages in Tochi valley and not the road to follow. That is under my judgement and I feel that a diversion will allow to arrive on Waziris from where we are not expected.”
“But Sir Umra is an alley...”
“Major open your ears and listen good: there are only 2 kinds of Pathans, bad bandits and dead, that is exactly what I will do with Omar's Afridis before and El Quartah's Waziris immediately after. Are you discussing my orders WIllie?”
“No sir, sure not.... Risaldar Maruti Jadhav order the Squadron to advance in direction towards the North”
“Sir yes Sir! Squadroooon march direction NooooRTHH!”
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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #153 on: July 30, 2021, 09:32:28 PM »
Dispatches from Malakand
18 July 1890
FROM: General McGuinness, Commander Chitral Field Force
TO: Lt. General. Sir Bindon Blood, C-in-C Rawalpindi
Dear General Blood. 1st Brigade has reached Malakand unmolested and have set up a cantonment in the vicinity. Thus far our Political Officer Regilad Lowell has done sterling work with the tribes on our route of March as we have remained unscathed. We eagerly await the arrival of our 2nd Brigade which has departed Jalala and are marching to Dargai. We must relieve the garrison of Fort Chitral and Colonel Dano MacGurule!

Our scouts report much activity in the surrounding hills, especially behind us. I fear General Hall may be in for some sticky business. We have sent a messenger towards Jalala to warn General Hall. In addition we have left a picket behind of Guides with a Heliograph to assist his advance. They will catch up with 1st Brigade when relived.

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #154 on: July 30, 2021, 10:43:15 PM »
FROM: Sgt. Oliver Crood, Yorks & Lancs, Acting Commander Chakdara Outpost

TO: Higher Echelons Concerned

RE: Night Attack at Chakdara

DATE: July 18, 1890

I regret to inform you that the Outpost at Chakdara is no longer in our hands.  Last night under cover of darkness a force of Ghazis crossed the bridge and launched a surprise attack on us. 

Despite my orders for the entire garrison (8 of our 10 men, with former Hospital Corps Stretcher Bearer Cpl. Golightly inside the Outpost Bldg. tending to the sick Lt. Fitzroy) to stand to throughout the night, at the time of the attack (owing to a bad die roll) only one man -- Pvt. Wilkes -- was still awake standing his post in the courtyard. Pvt. Hudson was sleeping in the Bldg. and the other 5 men and myself were in our tents (I believe the others were all asleep but I was comparing rule-books for TSATF & TMWWBK... which as things turned out might not have been the best use of my faculties at that time). Of equal misfortune (and owing to yet more bad die rolling) Pvt. Wilkes did not manage to spot the approaching attackers until they were virtually upon the Outpost wall. At that point he opened fire, rousing the rest of us.

The ensuing action was fought by very dim moonlight, which proved a challenge for our musketry.  At first it appeared that with Pvts. Wilkes & Hudson defending the wall and myself and 3 other men enfilading from the enemy's right while Pvts. McGurkin and Lampert moved to reinforce the Outpost, we would keep the enemy at bay. The first round of melee at the wall resulted in the DEATH of the Ghazi Leader, which I hoped might lead his followers to turn tail, despite their fanaticism. Unfortunately their fanaticism won out.  Even at pointblank range our "in the dark" musketry (-1 modifier) continued to prove wanting, and in the next round of melee the half-naked hostiles redoubled their efforts and KILLED Pvts.  Wilkes and Hudson both.

This is when the wheels really came off the penny-farthing as the Ghazis got the jump on us (BLACK CARD FLIP to start new turn), allowing them to swarm over the now undefended wall and into the building. In several ensuing melees we lost one more KIA.

From within the Outpost Building we heard Cpl. Golightly putting up a desperate fight, first with Lt. Fitzroy's pistol and then hand-to-hand.  By the sounds of it he was not successful in either endeavor and it is my considered opinion, despite not seeing the evidence with my own eyes, that the fight inside the building resulted in him being KIA. But in regards to our Subaltern, the infirmed Lt. Fitzroy, I have no hint of any idea what became of him.

At this point I gave orders for the remaining effectives to withdraw to the South, along the road to the Malakand Pass and then Dargai.  Including myself, FIVE of us remain present & accounted for.  We loosed a last volley in hopes of giving the shaggy-bearded b@astards something to remember us by... but sadly our musketry fared no better than before.

Regretfully Yours,


Sgt. O. Crood, Yorks & Lancs, Regt. # 201

PS. By the numbers, I tabulate the results of the action as follows:

BRITISH: 8 engaged + Cpl. Golightly engaged at very end inside the bldg. to defend the out-of-condition Lt. Fitzroy.

KIA: 4

WIA: 0


MIA: 1 (Lt. Hampton Fitzroy)

GHAZIS: 20 engaged

KIA: 3 (including their Leader)

WIA: 3



*Following the battle these Stragglers & Fallbacks rejoined their unit in good order.

* * * * *

By dark of night uninvited guests cross the bridge over the Swat River...

Pvt. Wilkes stands his lonely sentry  post. The entire
unit was supposed to stay awake and on guard
all night but the dice told a different story...

Target visible atop the low sandy hill in the distance...

The uninvited guests approach, sadly for
Pvt. Wilkes, he still has yet to notice them...

Finally, the jig is up! Wilkes espies the guests and instantly knows they ain't there to sell pomegranates! Wilkes OPENS FIRE but misses.

But the shots ROUSE the rest of the garrison, & led by Sgt. Crood they move at once to engage the enemy...

Ghazi leader Mullah Khamsin takes point & ascends the Outpost wall with one of his Faithful followers...

Both are KIA!

Surely he belongs to Allah,
and to Him he shall return...

The fight goes on without him...

Pvts. McGurkin & Lampert climb the South
wall, en route to reinforce the Outpost...

The Garrison keeps pouring on the fire...

But even at their CLASS I TARGETS, in the dark of night it has little effect (consistently bad die-rolling)...

The melee at the gate goes to the Ghazis...

And it's the beginning of the end...

Faithful Ghazi Mirza Hamid charges into the Outpost bldg...

Corporal Golightly uses the indisposed
Lt. Fitzroy's sidearm to defend them both...

But fails...

Back outside, Sgt. Crood weighs his options, gives the order to withdraw...

Sgt. Crood & co. prepare to loose a farewell volley...

Which does not disturb the Ghazi stragglers and fallbacks, nor anyone else...

As the sun rises in the East...

Sgt. Crood turns and leads his four remaining
men South along the road to the Malakand Pass
and then -- if they're lucky -- Dargai...

To the victors go the spoils -- and the rooftop celebration...

When the sun sets tonight there will be no Farangi Ingleesh in Chakdara.
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"We shall see what wisdom lies beneath my madness!"

Offline JBaumal

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #155 on: July 31, 2021, 04:31:23 AM »
Letter From Jahaba Kahn to Umra Khan,  July 17 1890
Oh great and merciful Umru Khan, beholder of the one true and faithful text, purveyor of all before him, defender of women and children, let it be known that we have risen up against the hated English and their lackey allies. Join us as we honor the one true text and defeat the ferenghi. As you read this we are sieging the English fort in Chitral on the banks of the Chitral River.

Mines are being dug and sangers built. We have cut off the infidels from their water supply. We shall take this fort in the name of Umra khan and the one true text. Death to the infidels and death to Mulehead Khan. So it is written, so it shall me done. 

A  fortnight ago a jirga was held in the village of the Amir Ali Razah Kahn. He called for a jihad and many of the Chitrali chiefs attended. All were in agreement that we must join together to oust the ferenghi. However, Ali Razah is an old, weak, and feeble man. Though he is devout, and a true believer of the one true text, he will not be the future leader of my tribe!
Your faithful servant Jahaba Khan

Jahaba Kahn

Ali Razah Kahn



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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #156 on: August 01, 2021, 08:59:04 AM »

Portrait of young Kodak Effendi just prior to embarking on his epic "Impressions of the Faithful" tour in early June 1889, following the end of Ramadan:

Kodak's itinerary took him all the way from Istanbul to Kashgar, but the highlight of his trek was when he secretly crossed the border from Afghanistan to the North-West Frontier of British India to capture these images of Islamic victory...

The first is believed to show Mullah Sadullah -- later dubbed by the British as "The Mad Fakir" -- posing with the remains of the 4 men of the Yorks & Lancs KIA in the July 17th 1890 Ghazi attack on Chakdara Outpost:

The second shows 3 Ghazis with the sole prisoner taken during their attack, the outpost's commander, Lieutenant Hampton Fitzroy:

The third and final photo is a wider shot with a large group of Ghazis, the British dead, the Mullah, and the Sad Lieutenant all together:

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Online giorgio

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #157 on: August 02, 2021, 08:07:05 AM »
Wana July 21st
Sir I respectfully send to you the summary of the letter  that the bandit Mulehead sent to Sikander Khan to Black Mountain.The relevant bandit’s message was obtained by our spy activities, although still hidden in the roof of Mulehead’s  tower; for your due information and necessary actions.
Humble servant   Tanas Singh, Subedar 2 Sikh company of Guides PFF

Sikander, light of my eyes, I charge you of a big responsibility: many armies had marched towards Black Mountain since the days of the great Sikander but always were kicked out. You have the same name of the great conqueror and that is not just a coincidence. Drive your tribesmen and free all your country from Ferenghees swampy poisoned smell and enter in the Swat and bring there the True Word. The head of the foolish heretic Malak Mansur Khan will be used for the next buzkashi game in Wana!

Offline Umra Khan

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #158 on: August 02, 2021, 10:03:54 AM »
Letter from Umra Khan to Jahaba Kahn

Hosoor, light of the North, faithful servant of the true Faith, the time is ripe to drive away all the Ferenghees and crush the head of the heretical infidels of the new creed.
I am leaving with my retinue to come to the north and fight the Ferenghees with you, and with the help of Allah , always be thanked, victory will smile at our  trusty warriors.
On the way to Chitral I will stop by our Great Friend, the Magnificent Malak Mansur Khan, and with his help we would be stronger.
When we would have cleaned our land of Ferenghees we will think about punishing the heretics Mulehead and Sikander .
So it's written, so it's done !

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #159 on: August 02, 2021, 07:15:32 PM »
Brilliant! Inspirational! Thank you so much for this AAR!
Hoc quoque transibit
Sanguinem sistit semper

Online giorgio

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #160 on: August 03, 2021, 06:33:53 AM »
Dear all, this topic has overcome the 8000 views in two months and thank you all for your supporting. As you may want to remember all started with a fight between my Waziris and Umra’s Afridis, under the flags of two Rules, and now involves many new friends who actively contribute and enlarge the campaign and the scenarios.
The best pictures and stories come from the Swat and so a special thanks to Mad Guru for his inspirational pictures and friendly support provided for scenery, flags etc.
Anyway, the gorgeous magnificent of his posts scared a little some friends and they tod me they are a little bit shy to post anything because incomparable with such beauties. Well I say those pictures are an inspirational target to aim but absolutely it doesn’t mean that few soldiers average painted cannot have their room in this topic, because the goal is having fun trying to live the NWF atmosphere; so stories, facts, traitors, bloodlust are much more important.
It is as when you read WI or WSS or other wargame magazines: you get ideas, inspiration, you enjoy looking at wonderful scenarios and miniatures; I know I will never get such levels but that doesn’t mean I stop to paint my Baluchis 😊.
When you admire what our friend are able to build and feel a little bit uneasy just have a look at my posts: if I had the insane bravery to publish such rubbish sometime even without completing bases you just organize your battle , get pictures and post them! 😊
I remember to viewers that if you have 2 armies, or 1 army and a friend with the other, you can participate and provide your support to the True Book. Just PM to Umra or to me to enter in the game.
Furthermore, remember that only the faithful devotees to TMWWBK will play in the Heaven wargaming and, if he will not convert, Malak Mansur Khan ‘s destiny will be the hell of Science Fantasy, due to his not nominable heretic belief, no matter how beautiful  his posts are 😉.
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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #161 on: August 03, 2021, 07:42:55 AM »
Really enjoying this fun and inspirational thread! In particular I must applaud the contributions made by all the participants.... A simple but extremely clever and effective twist on more traditional campaigns!
Now listen to me you benighted muckers. We're going to teach you soldiering. The world's noblest profession. When we're done with you, you'll be able to slaughter your enemies like civilized men.

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #162 on: August 03, 2021, 07:59:08 AM »
Despatches Abbottabad (Forward) 21 July 1890
Tikari Valley
To: General BBlindon
From: Hazara Field Force
COL O'Grady has secured Jal Pass defeating a significant Pathan force defending same and burning the village of Trand and now moving against the villages of Bilankot and  Kopra in order to pacify the Tikari Valley. We will advance to Maidan and reconstitute the brigade with all guns and supplies. We believe we have engaged Sikander Khan's vanguard and count the heathen among the dead. Am forwarding photograph for confirmation and currently transporting body of said same on to Maidan for further transport on to Abbottabad for full confirmation of remains.
Intend to consolidate force at Maidan and send politicals forward to engage tribes given consequence of leaders death.

Of particular mention was Major Geoffrey Marks of the 2nd Fusiliers who engaged personally in melee with the pathan devil and bested him.

BG Channers
"welcome to the world of cascading failure"

Offline JBaumal

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #163 on: August 03, 2021, 09:08:38 PM »
Giorgio, agreed sir 1000%!!!!! Every contribution is awesome!!! I think every post adds to the adventure and the story. Do not be dismayed or intimidated by Mad Guru’s posts. He is the exception, not the rule. He raises the bar that I believe we would all aspire our collections to be. There’s always one that is the most grand, But that does not mean anyone else’s are less in any way. This campaign is his personal passion and he’s been researching, building, collecting, and writing about it for many, many years. I for one find all of the collections, pictures, and stories posted by everyone motivating and extremely enjoyable. ….
8000 posts, HUZZAH!!!! Congrats Umra Kahn and Mulehead Kahn, well done gentlemen.

Now throw those other rules away and let’s roll some dice and drink some Guinness. Cheers!!!!

Offline CPT Shanks

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #164 on: August 04, 2021, 04:22:59 AM »
Despatches Abbottabad (Forward) 21 July 1890
Tikari Valley
To: General BBlindon
From: Hazara Field Force
Being a report of actions in securing Jal Pass and the Tikara Valley.
Number 2 Column approached Jal Pass, the 3rd Sikhs well in advance with orders to assault the village of Trand. The main column followed with 2nd Highlanders prepared to support the Sikhs. The 1st/5th Gurkhas provided flank security for the pack trains including guns and supplies. The 40th Bengal Infantry provided rear security for the pack trains and the 2nd Fusiliers overall rear security. Brigadier Channers VC, was located with the 2nd Fusiliers.
Sikander Khan arranged his pathan clans strategically throughout the valley, hidden in the heights and across the river in an effort to affect an ambuscade against the column after allowing it to cross Jal Pass. It appears he did not anticipate the punitive nature of our column and failed to account for the attack on Trand, thus disrupting his plan and causing him to commit forces piecemeal where they were readily defeated.
The Sikhs crossed the river and were decisively engaged and driven back by the Trand khel pathans.  The highlanders formed close order and laid down murderous fire into the village. The Sikhs followed up with their rifle barrage, then cleared the village with bayonet, setting it alight.
Seeing the village burning the Chirmang khel charged down from their positions in the rocks into the highlanders only to be repelled by fire, cold steel, and nerve. Retreating to the rocks they then came under fire from the 2nd Fusliers. Reduced to a quarter of their initial strength they retired to the East.
Further down the valley the Gurkha came under withering jezzail fire from the pathan sharpshooter. This in turn was met by return volley fire from the highlanders and then from the 2nd Fusiliers. The surviving heathens fell under the kukri of the remaining Gurkhas.
Seeing his plans to lure the column into the valley and destroy it rapidly disintegrate, Sikander ordered his Ghazi to assault the pack train and capture the guns and mules. This they did handily. The 40th Bengal counter-attacked but were cut down by the fanatics and driven back. Before the ruffians could make away with their prize they came under withering fire from the 2nd Fusiliers, which unfortunately also killed a third of the pack mules but drove the devils and their leader back through the millet fields. This was followed by a cold steel charge in which their commander Major Geoffrey Marks personally despatched Sikander Khan in harried personal melee.
Bilandkot khel under Gul Akbar finally committed and fording the river overwhelmed the supply and sapper mules and their drivers, but then came under scathing fire from the highlanders and retreated without the mules to their village. No mules were lost in this action.
The attack thwarted and the villages abandoned, the column continued down the valley without further incident putting to flame the villages of Trand, Bilandkot, Chimrang, and Kopra. We are currently bivouaced vicinity of Kopra awaiting the advance of Number 1 Column and will reconsolidate and await further orders given the death of Sikander Khan. Have despatched the political officer forward to Maidan to arrange shura for capitulation of remaining northern clans.

Worth mention are; Major Geoffrey Marks for ridding us of the foul heathen Sikander Khan, Subedar John Tyler 5th Gurkhas for leading a charge into hail of jezzail fire and breaking the pathan firing line, and MAJ Patrick of the 2nd Highlanders for maintaining a cool head and providing an aegis of rifle fire without which we surely would have suffered.

BG Channers


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