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Author Topic: FV4101 Charioteer (Post-WW2 games of) WaT - Stats/rules ideas + 15mm modelling  (Read 341 times)

Offline Roy Williamson

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Is there anybody else with suggestions on how to rate the 1950s British tank FV4101 Charioteer in games of What A Tanker?

I'm looking for opposing tanks for Israeli Shermans and am considering Royal Jordanian Army Charioteers as a likely choice. This model tank also seeing use with the British TA, and the military forces of Austria and Finland and Lebanon (though actual combat-use, probably, only Lebanon?). 

Here's my initial ideas:

FV4101 Charioteer
Armour Value: 5
AP Strike: 10
. Tank Destroyer
. Co-axial MG only (turret MG)
. Smoke Dischargers

* hull armour is the same as the Cromwell VII, for the sake of simplicity, but the turret has weak armour - hence the armour value reduction to 5.
   Turret Front: 30mm
   Turret Side-front: 26mm
   Turret Side-rear: 20mm
   Turret Rear: 30mm
* Ordnance QF 20-pdr gun firing Armour-Piercing Discarding Sabot (APDS) and High-Explosive (HE) projectiles. I based my score of strike 10 on the basis that it was an improvement of the Ordnance QF 17-pdr gun and that it was a 83.8-mm rifled gun.
* the British decided that the best use of the FV4101 was in the tank destroyer role.
* the hull MG was deleted and the crew space used for storage of the remaining, 3-man crew's kit.

Some consideration could be made for the poor operation efficiency of the 3-man crew, and the issue of the main gun's muzzle flash obscuring the gunner's view after each shot was fired - hence the addition of a fourth crew member, in some cases, to observe the effect of shot - but issues such as these, that other tanks suffered in WW2, are ignored in the What A Tanker rules, for sake of simplicity no doubt, so should, probably, be ignored in the Charioteer.

# Rules for HE rounds and Brassing Up (MG use) can be found in Lard Magazine 2019.
# Rules for Smoke Dischargers can be home-brewed.
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Offline Ultravanillasmurf

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    • Ultravanillasmurf
I have mislaid my copy of WAT! so I may be thinking of some other rules.

Maybe you need two dice to load, and need to reacquire the target after firing?

Offline Roy Williamson

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Re: FV4101 Charioteer British 1950s tank - 15mm WIP, Post One
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2021, 03:25:23 PM »
Thanks for the reply Ultravanillasmurf. Yep, WaT has reload and acquisition rules so what you suggested works. Definitely considering the acquisition idea, should the tank be of the three-man-crew variety opposed the four.  :)


Been doing some work on a Quick Reaction Force 15mm Charioteer model. Adding bits and pieces to the turret, adding headlights and the (rear) first aid box / infantry telephone, plus sorting the exhausts to the fishtail type. All still WIP but can't go much further until the greenstuff cures, allowing work to recommence on the smoke dischargers and the to-fill-up parts of the turret stowage, plus modelling the co-axial MG. Haven't decided if I'm going to alter the gun barrel or not, yet.

Pictures show a as-new QRF 15mm 1950s-1970s British Charioteer model along side one I've been converting.
I'm aiming for a miniature representation, not a too-scale precision model, so artistic license has been used in my modelling.


Offline Roy Williamson

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QRF 15mm Israeli Sherman & British (Jordanian) Charioteer WIP

Hull and Turret - M51 Sherman (QRF, Arab-Israeli Wars range)
Tracks - M4A3E8 Sherman (QRF, USA 1950s - 1970s range)
Gun Barrel - M4/FL10 Sherman (Battlefront, Arab-Israeli Wars range)
Rear Stowage Shelf (& Stowage) - late war Sherman model (Peter Pig, USA WW2 range)
Plastic bits - M4A1 or VC Sherman sprues (Battlefront, Flames of War range)

The finished Sherman will be classed as a M50, armed with the high velocity 75mm gun. As seen, and in the finest Israeli tradition when it comes to Shermans, the model is a real bitsa (bits of this and bits of that!)

FV4101 Charioteer (QRF, British 1950s - 1970s range)
Plastic bits - M4A1 or VC Sherman sprues (Battlefront, Flames of War range)

Both still WIP. Both converted using artistic license  :D

Offline Roy Williamson

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Alterations. Swapped the (attempt at) sculpted smoke dischargers for a pair from a QRF Centurion 3 model. When needs must.

This is now ready for paint. A second Charioteer model is still WIP.


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