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I like American Football, and I like Blood Bowl. So here we go.

Background and Planing

Somewhere through the third season (2019) of the league I am playing in, I decided that I wanted something different, something more real. If you want to call it that.
The first miniatures I bought from Franchise D.R.A.F.T., but while they are of a pretty good quality, they are not what I was looking for at all. And the only other option I found at the time was a American Football board game on Kickstarter that was no longer available.

With a little luck I then came across the world of Electrical Football, which offered exactly what I was looking for, or at least some. Because it is pretty different from tabletop games, there are next to no details on most of the miniatures. But Electric Gridiron (and some others) make miniatures that are of pretty decent quality and offer the right level of details.

Getting the show on the road

With the Covid-19 pandemic slowing everything down there was no real reason to start painting, the league being stuck in the play- offs, and only recently starting up again.
So the miniatures did rest for almost two years, but now with the end of the 2019 season coming closer, and the new season starting with a new set of rules, there is really no more excuses to not start with a whole new team!

With the name Irregulars being set for all this time, I now took 15 bucks and did wander of into the internet, to get me some log for my team.
Hopefully Konami will not sue me.

With the colors and a light hearted logo set for something like a High school or maybe College Football team I finished the first miniatures yesterday. Testing out the colors and the scheme I wanted to go with.

For the first test I used a couple of Linemen and a Thrower.
Going with square bases, as using round ones with my barrel shaped dwarves caused them to roll around when they have been down on the ground.

As for marking the players, I decided to use the olden days color bases for Blood Bowl, as well as writing their position onto the base.
The numbers on the front and back, as well as the shoulders use the NFL system and kind of indicate their role as well.
And last but not least, I decided to give every position a different sort of white line on their base. For the Lineman one in the front of the base, and the Thrower gets a line at the back of the base.

I also had to pull some light fun and made myself into the headcoach, using the body of some miniature from the Harry Potter game, the head of a Franchise D.R.A.F.T. Coach, and some greenstuff to add some hair.
At least it is supposed to be me and not Donald Trump, but either way will Make American Football Great Again.

I finished the miniature already some weeks ago, but did not really got around to post it here.

But thats it for the belayed start of this project. I will try to finish all the Linemen next.

Easy E:
I am surprised no one has really done this before.  They may have, but yours is turning out great!

Thanks for the comment!
I am pretty sure that out there will be the one or another football team, as it goes pretty well with Blood Bowl, even though you kind of encounter a lot of problems. Like finding suitable miniatures.

I was able to finish the first batch of players. As I already had started using the Lineman for figuring out the colors, and what to add to the jersey it was pretty easy to finish them.

When it comes to decals, and emblems and everything I decided to add an I on the right side of the helmet, while keeping the bird head decal on the left side.
As the miniatures had been a bit bland, I added hair, towels and hand warmers made of greenstuff.


I finished the two Big Guys and three Throwers over the weekend.
With a two colored line on the base I tried to set the Big Guy a bit more apart from the other players, as there was no real option to get them that much bigger, without getting any ridiculous looking sizes.

As with the Linemen I try to get some extra players for every position, as they all got unique names on their jersey, and I want to kind of switch them through during a season. In case one gets wounded or needs to be replaced.


Following the Big Guy this week are the (new) 'halflings' for the team. I minted them special team, and tried to sort out the players that kind of crouched lowest.
But of course you only can go this far without coming up with maybe a bit of a more crazy idea (which I did not wanted for this team).

Second class I did have been the catchers which are my absolute favorites so far.

So far it is 31 players, and I have to say I am quite satisfied with how the roster fills up for the upcoming season!

I also started to work on some parts of a stadium. I am not sure how far I want to go with it, but at least I wanted to build a scoreboard and maybe some clutter for the side.
As with the other teams I did I am working on a new dugout, but thats more of an idea and not really a project so far.


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