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The warning that this topic has not been touched by me for the last 120 days is a bit shocking. Clearly I have to work a little harder, if I want to finish my Blood Bowl team in one lifetime.

And while a lot of those 120 days where used to sit lazy on the couch and Netflix, I also used some of them to find cheerleaders, and start finishing the staff/ sideline for the team.

I did not like any of the cheerleaders that are offered by several miniature companies for any range of fantasy football. Most of them are either too sexualized or like too fantasy. So once again I found the solution to my problem with the Harry Potter board game from Knight Models.
Turning the school uniforms into cheerleader uniforms was no problem at all. Just cutting off the ties, and adding some greenstuff pon- pons for the females, and the job was done.

After the team, I now got the whole sideline finished. Meaning that everything I need for a game of Blood Bowl is finally finished.

The bases are made to fit into my Feldherr bag, and everything can be taken off, so there are no problems when it comes to transporting the team.

That is really impressive and looks like a lot of fun. 


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