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The Irregulars; American Football for Blood Bowl

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I managed to finish the scoreboard this week. It took hours upon hours of printing, and then glue it all together as I was not able to print it in one go.

The "time" on the board cannot be changed, and shows the year I started with the team, or more like getting the first miniatures.
Everything else can be taken out and be replaced to show the score of both teams, the turn (QTR), rerolls (DWN), bribes (BRB) and fame (FME) of my team.

I also added some flagpoles, for the feeling!

Everything came out way bigger then intended, but I do not mind at all.

Splendid showing!

I'd love to do something like this one day, it seems the printing side of things is really bringing dreams closer to reality.

Go the whole hog and print a stadium, I dare ya! you only live once after all.

Thanks for sharing


I would not mind printing/ building a whole stadium.

I guess I just have to level up my engineering skills.

After the recent 3D printing adventure I had to go back to paint miniatures. With the new season at my club starting at the 11th of November I have to get the boys in shape.

Last missing class have been the Blitzers. Again going with two more players then I can take to have some for circulation in cause of injuries, or other replacements.
They do look similar to the Catchers, but do not have a ball with them.

As they are one of the more star like players in the game I did go heavy on them with greenstuff, adding hair, towels and hand warmers.

Then as a little exta I did finish the actual Starplayers.

From left to right I got my Morg'n'Torg, or like a model that can stand in for any Big Guy, as it is a pretty bulky guy, and more or less close to the pose of the Lineman and Big Guys I already have. I added a face shield (as I did with the Big Guys) so there are more similarities.

Then I got some more sleek guys that are kind of close to Blitzer and Catcher.

The team captain himself.

Then a female player! Using a miniature from Franchise D.R.A.F.T. with a head swap and some detail work. Like getting rid of spikes, adding a bit of more jersey and so on.

And last but not least someone who can stand in for players with illegal weapons, like Helmut Wulf.
I tried to give him chainsaw tattoos on both arms, and a yellow flag on the base.

And thats it for the 43 players of the team!

Great work.  I got the 2001 Hurricanes home and away for 14 bucks online.


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