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Author Topic: Waging War in the World of AK47.Republic  (Read 475 times)

Offline julian bonny

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Waging War in the World of AK47.Republic
« on: January 06, 2022, 10:36:29 PM »
The Army Flavours & Special Notes

A brief summary of the Special Notes and flavours of the armies in AK47 which considers the wider view of each army; allowances, limits, troop class ratios, assets and the event outcomes of the "15 Days to War" pre-game. Attack pts are the total tally of the attack pts in the 15d2w event outcomes. Asset pts is the tally of the 8 asset classes every army has.

AFRICA (Central/South America)

I split the 15 armies into three classifications. These don't mean anything to the game, it is just for reference purposes. They are :
a) "Militia"(Rel.Mvmt / PPF / PRevolt / Warlord Uprising / Cult leader )
b) "Backed" (SPBC / Dictatorship / HBD / EODG / Exiled )
c) "Superpower" (Col.Settlers / West.Intervention / Communist Intervention / White Colonialist / Mercenary Cored )

1. Religious Movement

a) 4 morale deduction with the General present
b) Militia units never exhausted ( never have to add 2 morale dice for being 5 or less bases on the table). Can have between 3 and 4 units of militia in their army.

Attack Pts 67 Asset Pts 37

Both Morale Focused + 8 (good amount) morale boost asset points + 5 Morale boost markers available from two different 15D2W event outcomes. Morale Tests aren't as much a problem for the Religious Fanatics.

2. People's Popular Front

a) If General with unit, it can Re-Roll NOBS.

Attack pts 63 (or 50+4d6) Asset Pts 36

Not the best of special notes and the asset points arent worth writing home about but this army is more than compensated with a) a very healthy set of event outcomes which includes three events which have ill effect upon the enemy and b) the best access for a "militia" army to kit;helicopters, carriers, AFVs, Technicals and Towed Guns. Move this General around so he can give his help.

3.Colonial Settlers

a) Any landmine result can be re-rolled
b) 1 pro unit gets +1 on 2d6 when assaulting.

Attack Pts. 58 + 1d6  Asset Pts 34

Probably get one or two Double "ones/twos" in a game.

4.People's Revolt.   (STILL AVAILABLE FOR AK47 '21)

a)All militia units can Re-Roll Movement dice.
b) Army gets an extra 50 pts to spend.

Attack Pts. 66  Asset Pts 50

This army can have between 3 and 5 militia units. It might be an army limited on carriers and AFVs but it can move across that table.

5.Western Intervention.   

a) Liability unit
b) loses 30 pts from Army total

Attack Pts   55  Asset Pts. 50

Like the communists, only has to buy 4 units , but with 30 less points and likely to be defending If you like Professionals (upto 3) and kit, this is your army of choice.

6.Communist Intervention.   

a) Liability unit

Attack pts. 56   Asset Pts 41

500 points and only 4 units to buy. Helicopters, AFVs, carrier allowances and upto 2 professional units. If you like kit, this army suits but likely to be defending.

7. Superpower Backed Client.   

a) Air strike & Artillery effect improved +2 to number of hits = D6+2+2

Attack pts. 58  Asset Pts. 41

Assets are air strike (5) and artillery (6) plus a potential addition of 2D6 to artillery in a 15D2W event outcome.


a) Militia can not have vehicles or towed guns
b) Professional unit gets +1 to shooting dice when assaulting

Attack pts.65   Asset Pts 39

Upto 4 regular units allowed alongside the mandatory 2 units of foot militia (there is a typo in the rules there ?). Upto 6 AFVs ( the most) and an event outcome will upgrade all the guns in a single unit but no cheap fillers with the ban on purchasing militia AFVs. One of the more mobile armies with upto 4 carrier allowances.

9. Warlord Uprising.

a) Militia and Regular units earn an extra 5 Victory Points for each enemy unit they rout or other reason cause to leave the battle.

Attack pts. 61  Asset Pts 48

10. Hereditary Benign Dictatorship

a) 6 Aggressive Shot markers at the start instead of 3.

Attack Pts. 61  Asset Pts 53

10 asset points (very good)  for Agg Shots + 3 more available in 15D2W outcomes + usual ways of getting agg shot markers. I find Agg shots most useful for counter-balancing the effects of old-gun or pinned marker re-rolls of shooting.  Agg shots turn cheap old guns into standard guns.

11.White Colonialist

a) Pro units can change destroyed result from landmines into pinned result.
b) Militia can not have heavy weapons

Attack pts 66   Asset Pts. 33
12.Cult Leader

a) Army restricted to 6 heavy weapons
b) militia get +2 to number of bases to shoot
c) regular units retreat when they have only 3 bases ( 1 vehicle) at end of turn

Attack Pts. 79. Asset Pts. 51

This army is low on tech; few AFVS, no helicopters, only one carrier allowance and its even limited in how many heavy weapons it can have. They use their feet and they get AK47s and RPGs. With only their small arms, they have learnt to make a lot of noise to compensate.Most likely to be the attacker.

13. End of Days Government

a) militia can not have heavy weapons or AFVs
b) Pro unit can Re-Roll NOBs
c) Three pinned markers to start game
d) Army allowed extra 30 pts
e) Army gets +6 Victory pts if attacker

Attack Pts. 69   Asset Pts. 45

This army has everything a superpower army would get with regards to kit and mobility but at least two of the EODG  units will have to be foot militia with AKs and RPGs only. Zero asset points for Morale Boosts, and starts with three pinned markers. The morale of this army is an issue and they can only access morale boosts via three event outcomes.The 15D2W can have a considerable effect upon how this army operates/performs. The EODG's attack point tally is 69, it is one of the armies most likely to be attacker.

14. Mercenary cored

a) Pro units retreat at 3 bases
b) Regular units Re-Roll NOBS
c) Each pro unit gets a morale boost marker at start

Attack Pts 66   Asset Pts 40

Any Pro unit (upto 2 of them allowed) is advised to be bigger than the standard pro unit of 4SA+2RPG. Reach having only three bases (1 vehicle) and its goodbye Professionals. Upto 4 helicopters allowed if that's your thing.

15. Exiled

a) Regular Units get a morale boost marker at start.
b) Army gets +7 victory points if attacker

Attack Pts. 67   Asset Pts 42

One of the more attacking armies with an attack points tally of 67 so the 7 pt victory points bonus clicks in more often than not.



16. Western Backed Arab

a) Regular units get +1 NOBS
b) Units can dig-in/out at only 6", not 8".
c) Foot Miissile runs out of missiles on 5,6 not 4.5,6.

Attack Points : 74 Assets Pts 41

17. Soviet Backed Arab

a) Regular and Professional units add +1 to NOBS

Attack Pts 63 Assets 45

18. Syrian

a) Militia can be asked to Re-Roll Movement dice
b) Professional unit can add +1 to NOBS

Attack Pts 62  Assets Pts 43

19. Lebanese Militia

a) Militia Units get +1 to NOBS
b) must have three building templates
c) Destroyed Technicals are recycled via Reserves Box.

Attack Pts 59 Assets Pts 44

20. Israeli

a) All units get +1 to NOBS
b) Opposition gets 8 victory pts as israelis so good
c) Army only has 470 pts.

Attack Pts 71. Assets Pts  43

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Offline julian bonny

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Re: Waging War in the World of AK47.Republic
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2022, 10:41:14 PM »

Are they any good in ak47 ?
What can they do ?
How do you shoot one out of the sky ?

A light attack helicopter (LAH) costs 11pts and it shoots with an HMG as a regular. A regular technical costs 20 pts.

Yes , there is a better range with the Technical's HMG (18" to the 9" of the LAH) but the LAH is a lot more difficult to destroy and can travel upto 60" in one turn and is not affected by any movement restrictions like the land based are. Therefore on value alone, i like to buy LAHs when they are available to an army.

A good General Hunter.
As it can position itself inside the boundary of any unit, it can go right on top of the enemy general.

Can shoot at targets which are inside a template which provides a good way of hitting units which have drawn back from the edge of a template to avoid being shot at.

The helicopters go at the start of the turn, before any of the units. It provides an opportunity to target a unit to support your unit(s) in their action for that turn. Assaults on templates are better the more dimensions there are to it. Butter up the enemy just before a unit assaults ? Any kills or pinned markers inflicted on the enemy will cause aftermath rolls and weaken the defending unit's shooting capabilities.

The enemy units will have to take morale tests if required to do so, before they can then move etc. The helicopters provide an opportunity at the start of the turn to target a unit you want to inflict more morale throws upon.

Heavy Attack Helicopters (HAH) are also great value. They shoot as a regular standard gun and treated like a tank for defensive modifier for 28 pts. A regular tank w/ standard gun costs 52 pts. Upto 60" movement range per turn and 13" shooting range. Its definitely an option.

Black Hawk Down

RPGs at short range are the best of the  land based options for shooting a helicopter down, followed by the AA gun (Towed and softskin mounted). The HAH is the best anti-helicopter weapon.

Only foot HMGs can shoot at helicopters. Technicals and other vehicle mounted HMGs can not shoot at helicopters.

Offline julian bonny

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Re: Waging War in the World of AK47.Republic
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2022, 10:43:55 PM »
How do i number up my units ?

In the 4 types of attack, Unit A and Unit B are always on the table if you are to be the defender. Unit A never loses further units once its determined who is the defender and what type of attack the defender will receive. Therefore, unit A and unit b i nearly always make my militia foot units ( which usually might have heavy weapons or towed guns as their fire support).

They will already 83% chance have had 3 to 4 bases removed in the Reserves Box stage earlier in the pre-game. Unit A will not lose anymore bases unless there was a 15d2w event outcome which dictated further unit(s) sent to the Reserves box.

Unit B will only lose more bases once attacker decided if its a determined attack or a full blown assault.

If i become the defender, im now hoping that my militia foot have started on table with some of their long ranged weaponry, deployed and ready to shoot from the get go. I dont want these militia units with heavy weapons to be starting off table and then once they on the table, i still got to wait turns for movement/deployment of the heavy weapons/towed guns. If this is the case i found that there a very good chance these weapons play no part. A Waste of army points.

Professional units and vehicular units get bonuses for arrival as reinforcements and therefore are easier to get on the table than foot units / non-professional units. Therefore it makes logical sense that these type of units would be better off as units C, D, E , which as a defender means they will probably being starting of table and are getting more bases removed to reserve box at this Attacker/type of attack stage of the pre-game. Professional units ( and regular units) are going to be generally smaller than the militia units because the items cost more. If i  have a professional unit of say 4 SA + 2 RPG, that unit is only 1 base off from the minimum of 5 bases. Therefore after the reserves box stage , this 6 base professional unit (now 5 bases) isn't going to lose anymore bases at the attacker/type of attack stage. Same type of principle applies if the unit has vehicles in it.

My militia / foot units listed as A or B are highly likely going be static ones, they are going to be defending objectives. they are not my mobile strike force or mobile fire support units, which can take better advantage of arriving on any of the four table edges and have the ability to travel to a target or where they are needed to deliver support.

Sometimes i will also consider a vehicle with a heavy weapon that can not fire and shoot in the same move to be very similar to the foot unit with these types of weapons/or towed guns. eg. unit of 4 AA Softskins, if they on the table from the start, they can fire across the table from the start. They in the action from the get-go. This unit coming on as a reinforcement might have to move its first turn on the table in order to get into position. you could well find that this unit coming on as reinforcement never gets to shoot at anything as its like turn 4, turn 5, turn 6 before it gets the chance to.


some example armies to demonstrate

colonial settlers
mil 3x AA softskins
reg 2SA + 2 HMG + 1 morter + 1 SAM + 1 towed gun (std) + 2 RPG
reg 3 x A/C (old gun)
pro 4 SA + 2 RPG
pro 4 SA + 2 RPG
+ 1 light attack helicopter
+ 1 x softskin carrier allowance (1 w/hmg)

mil 5 Sa + 4 RPG + 1 towed AA
mil 5 SA + 4 rpg + 2 hmg + 1 RCL
mil 3 x AA softskins + 3 technicals
reg 3 x a/c (std)
pro 4 SA + 2 rpg
+1 light attack helicopter
+1 softskin carrier allowance (w/ 2 x HMGs)

Offline julian bonny

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Re: Waging War in the World of AK47.Republic
« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2022, 10:48:00 PM »
Building An Army

Mixing Vehicles with foot bases in one unit together ? Pros & Cons

Note : I am not talking about carriers

Let's start with the Cons.
1) If you are going to dig in a unit which includes vehicles and towed guns, these bases have to also deploy within the template. Vehicles dont like being in these templates because of movement penalties and vulnerability to assaults and RPGs. If you know a particular unit is either starting dug in or will aim to do so , it is probably good advice not mix vehicles with foot bases.

2) Vehicles get movement bonuses for open terrain and roads, foot bases do not. You might live to regret slowing those vehicles down.

And now for the Pros
1)  Your foot bases have instant hmg/gun fire support without having to wait for a foot base heavy weapon to deploy. Tanks, A/Cs and technicals all fire and move.

2) Your AFVs and technicals etc can have a shield of foot bases protecting them from enemy assaults and their RPGs.

Note : Now im talking about carriers
3) If you want to mix foot and vehicles, put the foot into carriers. This is a unit which is likely to come on as a reinforcement or go a distance before launching an assault.Get over then unload the foot to secure the objective. doesnt have to be a carrier allowance for 4+ foot bases etc. You might just want 3 foot bases and you purchase a single carrier, even a single armoured carrier. That gives you a vehicle based unit a mobile foot element to secure an objective. Only foot can secure objectives.

Mixing vehicles with foot bases doesnt suit a unit which is earmarked for defensive duties, i.e. it isnt meant to move around.
Mixing can work if you negate the drawback of slowing down the vehicles, for a unit that is expected to travel and potentially secure an objective.

Offline julian bonny

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Re: Waging War in the World of AK47.Republic
« Reply #4 on: January 08, 2022, 10:13:57 AM »
Here is an example army for each of the fifteen armies in AK47 Republic.

Western Intervention Army                                                                           
regular   108   4 a/c (old)                                                                     
pro   81   3 sa + 2rpg                                                                     
liability   0   UN Convoy of 3 trucks                                                                     
pro   81   3 sa + 2rpg                                                                     
pro   81   3 sa + 2rpg                                                                     
additions   22   2 x light attack helicopter                                                                     
   96   2 x ap/carrier   3 w/ hmg                                                                 
total   469                                                                       
People's Popular Front                                                                          
militia   64   10 SA + 2 RPG                                                                     
militia   68   8 SA + 4RPG                                                                     
regular   156   3 Tanks (std)                                                                     
regular   98   5 SA + 4 RPG                                                                     
militia   72   6 Technicals                                                                     
additions   11   1 x light attack helicopter                                                                     
   30   1 x armoured carrier allowance                                                                     
total   499                                                                       
Communist Intervention                                                                           
militia   90   5SA 3RPG + 1 TG (old)   1 HMG 1 MRTR 1 RCL                                                                 
militia   74   7 SA 4 RPG   1 hmg                                                                 
liability   0   3 trucks                                                                     
regular   131   3 Tanks (old)   1 Technical                                                                 
professional   99   3 SA 3 RPG                                                                     
additions   11   1 X light attack helicopter                                                                     
   28   1 X heavy attack helicopter                                                                     
   66   1 x armoured carrier allowance w/2xGuns(old)                                                                     
total   499                                                                       
Religious Movement                                                                           
militia   68   8 SA 4 RPG                                                                     
militia   68   8 SA 4 RPG                                                                     
militia   68   8 SA 4 RPG                                                                     
militia    79    5 x Technicals   1 x AA Softskin                                                                 
regular   185   5 x Tanks (old)                                                                     
additions   30   1 x Armoured Carrier Allowance                                                                     
White Colonialist                                                                           
Militia   63   7 SA 4 RPG                                                                     
Regular   108   3 X A/C (std)                                                                     
Pro   96   4 SA 2 RPG                                                                     
Pro   96   4 SA 2 RPG                                                                     
Pro   96   4 SA 2 RPG                                                                     
Additions   11   1 X light attack helicopter                                                                     
   30   2 x carrier allowance                                                                     
Total   500                                                                       
regular   116   2 SA 4 RPG 1 Towed AA   2 HMG                                                                 
militia   60   6 SA 3 RPG   1 MORTAR                                                                 
militia   60   6 SA 3 RPG   1 MORTAR                                                                 
regular   85   3 Technicals   1 Softskin Mortar                                                                 
regular   135   5 A/Cs (old)                                                                     
additions   28   1 x heavy attack helicopter                                                                     
   15   1 x carrier allowance                                                                     
TOTAL   499                                                                       
Mercenary Cored                                                                           
militia   75   7 SA 2 RPG 1 Towed Gun (std)   1 HMG                                                                 
militia   60   7 SA 2 RPG   1 HMG                                                                 
militia   60   5 Technicals                                                                     
regular   112   3 SA w/APC w/HMG   1 A/C (old) 1 A/C (mg)                                                                 
pro   144   6 SA 3 RPG                                                                     
additions   33   3 x Light attack helicopters                                                                     
   15   1 x carrier allowance                                                                     
Superpowr Backed Client                                                                          
militia   80   6 SA 4 RPG   2 HMG                                                                 
militia   58   6 SA 4 RPG                                                                     
militia   84   4 X T-55 (old)                                                                     
regular   76   4 SA 3 RPG                                                                     
pro   96   4 SA 2 RPG                                                                     
additions   11   1 x light attack helicopter                                                                     
   28   1 x heavy attack helicopter                                                                     
   66   1 armoured carrier allowance w/2xgun(old)                                                                     
Hereditary Benign Dictatorship                                                                           
Regular   110   4 SA 2RPG    2 HMG 1 MORTAR                                                                 
militia   56   7 SA 3RPG                                                                     
Regular   98   5 SA 4 RPG                                                                     
Regular   98   5 SA 4 RPG                                                                     
militia   96   4 x Tanks (old)   1 Techncial                                                                 
additions   11   1 x light attack helicopter                                                                     
   30   1 x armoured carrier allowance                                                                     
TOTAL   499                                                                       
People's Revolt                                                                           
militia   105   10 SA 4 RPG   2 HMG                                                                 
militia   88   10 SA 4 RPG                                                                     
militia   68   9 SA 4 RPG                                                                     
militia   68   10 SA 4 RPG                                                                     
militia   123   6 Technicals 1 S/S RCL   1 S/S Mortar 1 S/S AA                                                                 
additions   96   1 x Armoured Carrier Allowance   3 x old gun + 1 x hmg                                                                 
TOTAL   548                                                                       
END OF DAYS GOVT.                                                                           
militia   58   6 SA 4 RPG                                                                     
pro   133   4 SA 1 RCL 1 HMG   1 Towed Gun (old)                                                                 
regular   98   5 SA 4 RPG                                                                     
regular   111   3 x Tanks (old)                                                                     
militia   81   3 x S/S AA   2 TECHNICALS                                                                 
   22   2 x light attack helicopter                                                                     
   27   1 carrier allowance (1 x hmg)                                                                     
TOTAL   530                                                                       
WARLORD UPRISING                                                                           
militia   71   6 SA 4 RPG   1 RCL                                                                 
regular   96   6 SA 3 RPG                                                                     
regular   96   6 SA 3 RPG                                                                     
pro   96   4 SA 2 RPG                                                                     
militia   128   7 x Technicals   2 x A/C (std)                                                                 
additions   11   1 x light attack helicopter                                                                     
regular   90    2 SA 2 RPG   2 HMG 1 Mortar                                                                 
militia   84   3 S/S AA    1 technical 1 S/S Mortar                                                                 
regular   108   4 x A/C (old)                                                                     
pro   96   4 SA 2 RPG                                                                     
pro   96   4 SA 2 RPG                                                                     
additions   11   1 x light attack helicopter                                                                     
   15   1 x softskins                                                                     
militia   65   5 SA 4 RPG   1 Towed AA                                                                 
militia   88   5 SA 4 RPG   2 HMG 1 RCL                                                                 
militia   93   3 x S/S AA 3 X Technical                                                                     
regular   108   3 X A/C (std)                                                                     
pro   96   4 SA 2 RPG                                                                     
additions   11   1 x light attach helicopter                                                                     
   39   1 x carrier allowance w/ 2 HMG                                                                     
TOTAL   500                                                                       
militia   67   6 SA 4 RPG   1 Mortar                                                                 
militia   63   7 SA 4 RPG                                                                     
militia   68   8 SA 4 RPG                                                                     
militia   68   8 SA 4 RPG                                                                     
regular   204   3 RPG w/APC   2 x A/C (std) 4 x Technicals                                                                 
additions   30   1 X Armoured Carrier Allowance                                                                     

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