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Author Topic: Question about Kings of War (1/72 KoW WIPs: orc kitbashes and trolls)  (Read 2973 times)

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Re: Question about Kings of War (1/72 KoW WIPs: orc kitbashes and trolls)
« Reply #60 on: October 18, 2021, 09:55:22 PM »
Whilst base sizes do matter to a fair degree in KoW, Im not sure 5 or 10mm is critical. An Orc horde with its large footprint is more unwieldy to move through / around terrain and friendly units and allows more enemy units to counter attack it.

Yes, I'm sure that's right. My main consideration is that the 'goblins' (actually Dark Alliance orcs) will convert easily with a few individuals, whereas the orcs will be slightly trickier and will have to have their role clarified (Ax or Greatax, etc). Also, I have loads of orcs to use up, and I want, in the end, to have as many big-base units as possible for minimal fiddly movement.

Im not quite getting the T shaped sabot - but I have used sabot bases with a 2 up 1 back arrangement to use 3 Warmaster 40x20mm bases on a 100x50mm sabot for Warband - and those look pretty good.

The T-shape would be quite eccentric - basically, a 5mm spine to sit between two 60 x 30 bases, the spine having one 'flat/sideways' figure (like many 1/72 minis) on it to act as the central figure in the front rank. Then the 125mm x 20mm 'head' of the T would have three figures on it to form a back rank. Or it could just have four figures in the back rank (perhaps with one thrusting a spear along the 5mm spine).

Id not worry too much about filling the sabot with figures, and Id not worry at all about bringing units up to full figure count (other than monster types like Ogres or Trolls). KoW even has a rule to allow lower figure count units - which is around 70% of the max size. But basically as long as its obvious what is a troop, a regiment or a horde - and the base size really tells you this - as long as the figure count has a reasonable density and looks good, then you are good to go. This goes double as you are doing both sides and are unlikely to be fielding your 20mm units against the more typical 28mm KoW units.

Yes, I'll probably field some temporary sabots, at least to begin with. Oddly enough, 16 seems to be the magic number for regiments in 1/72; it's quite hard to make them much denser because of the animated poses in that scale. The one big drawback of 1/72 is that most of the 'regiments' I've experimented with so far look like unruly mobs - fine for orcs, barbarians and armoured foot knights with two-handed weapons, but less good for ordinary soldiers!


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