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Author Topic: Necromunda Ash Wastes campaign, with rules  (Read 1281 times)

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Necromunda Ash Wastes campaign, with rules
« on: October 20, 2021, 06:04:38 AM »
Normally I post Necromunda stuff under sci-fi but I thought I'd post here as this campaign we are running is a little different to the normal ones we run.

For the first four weeks of the campaign the players were in the Underhive as usual but they were gathering Vehicle Parts to construct into various types of transports to get them across the Ash Wastes to a rumored treasure that exists well out beyond the view of civilization. 

Tonight was the 5th week and we finally took those trucks and bikes into the Ash Wastes and fought with the rules that we came up with to do so.

Before I get into that, here are some of the cool vehicles that people made for their gangs.

The one player has an avian themed Cawdor gang using a mix of Cawdor parts and figures and bit from the Warcry Corvus Cabal set. 

He 3D printed a giant vulture creature to use as a bike. 

Then he used the floating pulpit from the SoB range to make an aircar.

The Corpse Grinders took a Genestealer Cult Rockgrinder for their ride.

Being the gang with the most vehicle points at the end of the first phase they really kitted this thing out.

In addition to the pintel mounted heavy stubber and ram, the thing has boosters, a crane to drop frenzied madmen onto enemy vehicles, a wrecker that is an attached laser cutter and probably plenty of other stuff we didn't see in the first game.

The first game went pretty well between the Goliaths and the Cawdor.  They were racing towards a settlement to plunder it as they had both not brought enough snacks to keep them going on the long voyage.

The Goliaths tried to ram the Cawdor car but missed both of their Drive rolls and ended up doing damage to themselves.

The Cawdor biker managed to take out a Goliath biker on that flank, but the main fighting was between the Cawdor car and the two Goliath trucks.  At one point all three crew on the one Goliath truck were on fire. 

After 5 turns with no terrain some vegetation showed up at the outskirts of the settlement.  The gangs managed to navigate through that without a problem.

In the end the two gangs both made it to the settlement and managed to plunder it, although the Goliaths got there in more force so they were able to plunder it a little better.

The other game saw the Escher, Corpse Grinder and Enforcer gangs trying a short cut to the next pass. 

The Escher decided to put themselves in-between the other two gangs and were eliminated on the first turn. 

The Corpse Grinders boosted ahead of the Enforcers and shot the hell out of the driver of the enforcer truck so the enforcers decided to cut their losses and let the CGC win the race.

We had a good time.  I ran the event and the Cawdor/ Goliath game was especially entertaining to watch. 

If anyone is interested in looking at the rules we used I'll be happy to post them. 

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Re: Necromunda Ash Wastes campaign, with rules
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2021, 12:48:49 PM »
Brilliant stuff Pictors. Please post about the rules - Iíve always liked the fan made necromunda rulesets that added vehicles (sometimes just gorkamorka tacked on) and itís one of those game ideas that continually ambles about my mind poking things and making a nuisance of itself. Thank you for posting,

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Re: Necromunda Ash Wastes campaign, with rules
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2021, 02:07:22 PM »
Here you go:

General ideas:  Vehicles are going to be in the game to be moving platforms for gangs to fight from.  They are not exactly going to be the focus of the game itself so while there will be rules for damaging them, most of the fighting is still hopefully going to focus on gangers shooting each other. 

When playing games with vehicles, as I think I've explained, vehicles will remain basically stationary, they may move up to 6" in any direction a turn (8" in the case of bikes) while the terrain moves past them 12".  In effect this means the vehicles are always moving 12" forward a turn unless they hit brakes or gas and speed up a little or slow down. 

I will be making maps of some battlefields and others there will be random terrain creation rules so the players can generate new pieces of terrain and where it will go.  That will be scenario dependent. 


Vehicle: Any machine that transports your Gangers across the dangerous plains of the Ash Wastes.   The vehicles will be able to hold gangers and move.  There will be special equipment that can be added to vehicles to make them fight or move better.  That will be detailed below.

Driver: the Ganger responsible for the operation of the vehicle.  The Driver is the person behind the wheel but doesn't have to be the same person from turn to turn. The Ganger who is the driver must be targeted as though they are a further away model if there are any other gangers on the vehicle.  If they are hit, they are at -1 Action in their next turn instead of being pinned.  Drivers on bikes take a drive test if they are hit by weapon fire. 

Passenger: the Gangers in the vehicle who are not the driver.  They can switch positions with the Driver and then they become the Driver and the Driver becomes a passenger. 


Building vehicles:  Each vehicle costs a certain number of vehicle parts.  For each vehicle part you spend on building a vehicle you get a vehicle that will hold 2 Gangers.  So for one vehicle you basically get a bike or ATV, it can hold two gangers: a Driver and a Passenger.  A 3-vehicle-part vehicle would be able to hold 6 gangers, a Driver and 5 Passengers.

Players will get vehicle parts by participating in scenarios as the rewards are stated in the scenario.  Gangs will also get 1 vehicle part for each point of Reputation they have at the end of the 4th week of the game. 

There are no real restrictions on what you can use as what in the game, although it would be best to try to be reasonable about it.  As long as your opponent knows what is what and you define what the vehicle is and what extra equipment it has that should be good.  I do encourage you to have fun kit-bashing your vehicles into things that resemble what they should be on the table top. 

That being said, if you have vehicles that are in-game different sizes it would be best if you could represent them on the table top with different sized models as much as possible.  So if you have a Sentinel Warwalker, a Leman Russ battle tank and a baneblade as proxies for your vehicles don't make the baneblade a 1 vehicle part vehicle and the Leman Russ a 4-vehicle-part vehicle. 

Special equipment exists to allow vehicles to hover or fly.  If you want to model a vehicle that does this but don't have the parts to pay for the upgrade go ahead and do it.  In that case the vehicle will only be able to hover near the ground and will still suffer the terrain effects of being a ground-based vehicle no matter what it looks like.

Of note when something talks about the VPs of a vehicle it is speaking specifically about the size not the cost.  There may be a better term to use but I'm going with this for now.  So when an entry mentions that it costs more for a vehicle of a certain VP that only counts the size of the vehicle not any additions.  If you have a Car, 2 VP, and you add a ram for 2 VP and Improved Headlumens for 1 VP and then you want to put Boosters, the car is 2 VP for purposes of Boosters not 5 VP.

Vehicles can be anything you want, from single person helicopters, to an old-fashioned stage coach pulled by sump crocs. 

If you have any questions or want any help with your vehicle design let me know.  After Monday I'm off all week, although I go out of town on Friday. 

For purposes of holding gangers if you don't want to actually make vehicles big enough to hold your gangers I'd recommend bringing templates of your vehicles for you to put the actual models on off the table.  That will make it easier to keep track of who is where for both players.  The easiest way to do that would be just to trace the outline of your vehicle onto a piece of cardstock.

New Actions:

Drive (Simple Action)  Anyone driving a vehicle can perform the Drive action.  In the case of 1 VP vehicles this allows the Driver to move the vehicle 4" in any direction.  For larger vehicles it allows the driver to move the vehicle 3" in any direction.  As it is a simple action it can be performed with any other simple or basic action, for example the Driver could Drive - Shoot, or Shoot -Drive, or Drive - Drive.   If a driver does not perform a drive action this turn the vehicle stays where it is.  If a driver performs a single drive action the driver can only fire weapons with the sidearm trait.  If a driver attempts to fire any other type of weapon, they must take a Drive Test.  Any close combat the driver attempts to engage in after performing a drive action automatically counts as though he has two opponents, so he is both interfered with and his opponent is assisted in close combat.  If the Driver is in close combat he must take a Drive Test each time there is fighting.  So if he is charged and fights second, Drive Test.  If it then becomes his turn and he fights back, Drive Test. 

Change Driver (Double Action)  This allows either the Driver to swap position with one of the Passengers or a Passenger to swap positions with the driver.  Either model can take the action.  Note that a vehicle can only move two Drive actions in a turn, so you can't swap out a driver who has already used the Drive action twice and do any more Drive actions no matter what skills you have.  Change Driver cannot be performed in vehicles that have less than 2 VPs.


Overall movement in the game is from East to West. 

As stated above Vehicles will have limited movement as most of the movement in the game will be forward and the vehicles will be standing still relative to the observer while the terrain whips past them.  However the vehicles will be able to change their positions on the table to a limited degree to get them closer to each other or further away from each other, or to avoid terrain.

There are a few situation where driving will be difficult and a Drive check is required.  Some of the upgrades will require them and Drivers with the Drive skill may be able to make Drive checks when their vehicle is shot at.  However it is not only Boosting and enemy activity that will cause drive checks.

Moving through difficult terrain will require a drive check to keep the vehicle under control.  If the vehicle collides with another vehicle the Driver must make a Drive test.  Other types of terrain will also force Drive tests.  Those tests and their outcomes will be described under the terrain rules. 

Some situations where a drive test is required:

Driver is in melee.

Driver is hit by weapons fire.

Driver suffers a serious injury. - Bikes automatically fail.

If a turn begins and there is no one driving a vehicle.

The Driver wants to fire a weapon that does not have the Sidearm trait. 

Other situations that arise as agreed by bother players or determined by the Arbitrator. 

To make a Drive test the Driver needs to test roll against their Cl.  If they pass they retain control of the vehicle and nothing happens.  If they fail they have to roll on a chart to see what happens.


1.    The bike crashes and is destroyed together with its rider. The flaming wreck travels straight forward 8", and then explodes with a small blast marker placed over the vehicle causing an S4 hit on any target within the area. If the bike hits something before its move is complete, work out a collision before the bike explodes.
2.     No weapons may be fired this turn, including from the rider(s).
3-4.  Rider may not fire any weapons, including bike weapons, this turn. Passengers or sidecar crewmen may shoot as normal. 5+.   Move as normal.

Cars and Trucks:

1 The Vehicle loses complete control.  Make an Initiative check for the Driver, if this is failed the vehicle crashes.  If the vehicle crashes all gangers on the vehicle at the time make a Serious Injury roll.  The models are then placed within 2" of the crashed vehicle.  The vehicle suffers 2 damage points.  If time allows the vehicle may be righted by a number of models equal to its size passing a Strength check. 
If the initiative check is passed the vehicles spins out of control as below.
2 Spins out.  The driver loses control of the vehicle and the vehicle moves d6" in a random direction.  This will continue to happen every turn until the driver passes a Drive test.  Models on the vehicle may not shoot or carry out any other actions.  Models in close combat may attempt to continue to fight but need to pass an Initiative check at -2 or roll a Serious Injury dice.
3-4 A near thing, that.  The Driver maintains control of the vehicle but things are not smooth.  All Gangers on the vehicle lose one activation that turn.
5+ move as normal. 

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Re: Necromunda Ash Wastes campaign, with rules
« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2021, 02:08:06 PM »

The terrain will be coming down the table towards the vehicles.  Terrain will either be predetermined by a map or randomly determined by the players from a chart.  Terrain will be of three general types: Rough ground of some description, vegetation and buildings. 

At the beginning of each turn you determine how much and what type of terrain you will be putting down.  To see where the terrain is placed roll a percentile dice and divide by 2.  That is the number of inches from the North side of the board that you will put the Nothern most tip of the terrain piece.  Any that would be off the board start with their Southern most tip on the South side of the map.

First roll to see how much terrain is coming on.

1-2 - 0 pieces
3-4 - 1 piece
5 - 2 pieces
6 - 3 pieces

Then roll for each piece to see what type it is. 

1-3 - Rough ground
4 - Vegetation
5 - Carnivorous plant
6 - Building

Rough ground for our purposes will cover rocky patches of earth, ditches, small hills, artificial obstacles like barbed wire lines and so on.

2 - Fused glass - Some incredible amount of heat fused this area of earth to a glasslike substance long ago.  It has since cracked and is now shards of sharp stone.  Any vehicle that moves over this area must take 2 S7 hits. 
3-4 - Rocky ground or artificial obstacle - take Drive Test, if failed car moves 2d6 inches in a random direction all aboard lose all actions this turn and vehicle takes 1 S7 hit, if passed Driver loses two actions this turn and passengers lose one.
5-6 - Hard ground - take Drive Test if failed all passengers lose one action this turn, if passed only the driver loses one action.
7 - Small hill - Driver must use one action to take a Drive test, if passed vehicle may move a bonus d6" straight forward.  If he fails he loses both actions.
8-9 - Loose Sand - Take Drive test - if passed Driver loses one action, if failed all shooting from the vehicle is at a -1 penalty.
10-11 - Steep hill - vehicle moves 6" backward at the end of the turn.  Take Drive test, if failed no shooting is allowed from the vehicle and passengers lose 1 action.  If passed shooting is at -1.
12 - Tar pit - take drive test, if passed vehicles is moved to the closes edge of the tar pit and drives Loses Control, if failed vehicle is stuck in the Tar Pit for the rest of the game. 

Vegetation will come in two types, one will be areas of plants, others will be carnivorous plants.

Carnivorous plants are rolled for type when created, other vegetation will be rolled when vehicles come into contact with them. 

Vegetation will cover plants that may cause vehicles to crash.  Not as solid in most cases as buildings, they may be solid in others.  While buildings will have much more consistency in their construction the toughness of an area of vegetation will vary from an area of crops that may only be as difficult to move through as Rough Ground, to the tough trunks of the Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing Rock Shrubbery which would stop a tank its tracks.

When a vehicle makes contact with Vegetation the controlling player rolls 2d6. 

2 - Tangling vegetation - the vehicle comes to a sudden halt, all passengers have to roll a Serious Injury die.  The vehicle itself only suffers 1 damage point but it will take longer than anyone has to cut it free and is out of the game for now.
3-4 - Oh, Shit!  This vegetation automatically causes the driver to roll on the chart as if they had failed a Drive check
5-6 - Slick - the vegetation is slimy or full of water, as the vehicle contacts it the vehicle is forced to make a Drive check or lose control.
7 - Plow through.  This vegetation either was dead and easily driven through or was low and driven over.  No test needed
8-9 Thicker than I thought!   - The plant is tougher than it looked.  The Driver needs to make a Drive test or lose 1 damage point as he plows through. 
10-11 - Even thicker than that - as 8-9 only the Driver also has to make a Drive check. 
12 - Heart of Oak - This plant is as tough as they come, the vehicle takes 3 damage points and all passengers must pass an Initiative check or roll a Serious Injury die.  The vehicle cannot be extricated from the situation in the time the game lasts and is out of action for this game. 

Carnivorous Plants

2 - Corrosive Pin-vines - This hard-wood plant has spines that drip a corrosive serum. Vehicles that crash into this take 2 S7 hits automatically.  In addition if the driver fails a Drive Test, the vehicle does not break through the thick trunks and is stuck.
3-4 - Frond-flicker - The trunks of this plant are difficult to plow through but what is more dangerous are the tangling projectiles it spews from its flowers.  The Driver takes a Drive Test, if passed the vehicle breaks through and suffers a S7 hit.  If failed the vehicle is moves backwards 6" at the end of the turn and takes 2 S7 hits.
5-6 - Brittle bore   The hard but fragile plant has a crystal structure that when struck is unlikely to do damage to the vehicle, however passengers may take damage from the splinters.  The Driver takes a drive test, if it fails the vehicle takes a single S7 hit and all gangers on board take d3 S2 hits.  If passed the gangers on board each take a single S2 hit.
7 -  Tangle-vines.  Drive Test - passed - no effect, fail - vehicle moves 6" backwards at the end of the turn.
8-9 - Gas orber - this soft wood plant has big gaseous balls on it that emit spores.  When struck gangers on the vehicles are affected as though hit by a weapon with the Gas trait.
10-11 -  Schwanzstucker - The sticky fronds of this plant make it difficult to move through - Driver takes a Drive test, if failed the vehicle is stuck, if passed the vehicle moves back 6" and all passengers lose an action
12 - Spook - while most spook plants are harvested by desperate Ash Wasters not all of them are found - the Driver takes a Drive Test, if failed the vehicle moves back 6" at the end of the turn and all passengers lose one action, also all passengers are exposed to Spook as described in the scenario.  If passed all passengers are exposed to Spook as described in the scenario.

Buildings.  You guys know what buildings are.  There will be various sizes but generally if you crash your vehicle into one you will be out for that game.

Buildings come in a variety of sizes but when you roll for the terrain to come on the table or when you consult the map, it will tell you what size and type of building to use.  Generally buildings are either 1 story or more than 1 story.  The difference being that Hovering vehicles can move over 1 story buildings. 

When you collide with a building you roll a d6.  On a 6 you miraculously manage to either hit a building that was pretty shoddily build or pass through a part of the building that was not structural.  On any other result the vehicle takes 3 damage points and all passengers must pass an Initiative check or roll a Serious Injury die.  The vehicle cannot be extricated from the situation in the time the game lasts and is out of action for this game.   

For vehicles with the Hover add on they automatically avoid Rough Ground and may avoid vegetation or 1 story buildings on a Drive check by the Driver.   Carnivorous plants cannot be dodged as easily and will require a Drive Test at -2. Two-story buildings cannot be dodged at all.


2 - Abandoned Industrial site.  This is a group of 3-4 buildings taking up a space at least 12" across on the table.  If a vehicle collides with this there is a chance that old fuel or volatile chemicals left behind may explode.  Roll a d6 1-2 - not explosion;  3-4 - small explosion - everything within 4" of the buildings is subject to an attack by a weapon with the gas trait;  5-6 - Holy Dresden, Batman!  This massive explosion can be seen for miles - all models within 12" of the buildings take d3 S5 hits, vehicles all suffer 1 damage point and all drivers must take Drive Tests.  This counts as a two-story building for Hover purposes.
3-4 - Old ruin - A ruined two-story building section looms.  This can be any of the various corner building pieces we have.  Should be about 6"
5-6 - Shanty town - a collection of 2-3 makeshift Ash Waste homes.  These buildings may be passed through on a 5 or a 6.  A drive test is then required with standard results. 
7 -  Campground - a few tents or small structures.  Vehicles pass through without having to roll but need a Drive Test as clothing and tents obstruct the view and the inhabitants throw things at the vehicle.  Once driven through a campground is removed. 
8-9 - Rusted remains - there is barely anything left of this ancient structure and what is there is rusted to a flimsy hull.  Still hitting it at speed is not just safe.  These buildings may be passed through on a 4+ but when they are they are replaced by two smoke markers in an East-West direction.
10-11 - Old Pump station - This non-functional site is still solid enough.  A one-story ruin that should be about 6" wide.
12 - Old mine - This represents a few one-story buildings taking up about a 6" wide area.  Any vehicles that move within 6" of any of the buildings may fall through the undermined ground.  Make a Drive Test at -1, if it fails it counts as a normal collision.  The buildings themselves count like normal structures. 

When moving into difficult terrain a Driver with the Drive skill may make an Evasive Maneuver immediately, see below.   This happens before any rolls are made to see what would happen with the terrain. 

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Re: Necromunda Ash Wastes campaign, with rules
« Reply #4 on: October 20, 2021, 02:08:27 PM »

Shooting from Vehicles: Firing from a moving vehicle is difficult at the best of times, shooting at another moving vehicle over an unpaved surface is difficult in the extreme.  Gangers, however, are more adept at taking shots on the move so they are used to not being marksmen and using their intuition to hit more than actual skill.  To make it so that gangers ever hit each other we are not giving penalties for shooting as such, however all shooting over 6" will count as long range for whatever weapon you have. 

Shooting at vehicles:  For the most part you can't shoot at the vehicles themselves.  In the case of bikes the rider is going to be the bigger target and in the case of anything larger small arms fire won't do significant damage to the vehicle to cause it harm in the length of time a game lasts. 

There are some exceptions.  Weapons with S value of 7 or more can damage vehicles.  These are weapon designed to destroy armoured fighting vehicles and are not likely to bounce off the body of a cobbled together dragster from the underhive.  However, because they are so powerful they may just pass relatively harmlessly through the light skin of a vehicle doing minimal or no damage.  The armour piercing portion of a krak missile, for example, may not meet enough resistance to trigger the explosive warhead inside in time for it to damage the vehicle.

When shooting these weapons at vehicles you roll to hit as normal.  If you hit you damage the vehicle on a 5+ and that number improves by one for each S over 7.  So a S7 weapon damages on a 5+, a S8 weapon damages on a 4+, a S9 weapon damages on a 3+ and so on.  Of note any weapon that has the word "krak" in its name counts as one higher strength when shot at vehicles. 

Vehicles can take as many hits as they have VP.  If a vehicle is reduced to 0 VPs then the vehicle crashes.  All on board a crashed vehicle instantly make serious injury rolls.  A ganger out of a vehicle in this way may attempt to jump onto another vehicle in their activation by making an Initiative check for any vehicle within their M characterisitic at the beginning of their turn.  This is a double action. 

Shooting at Passengers and Drivers:  Passengers and Drivers of vehicles get some protection from the vehicle they are in.  This is not true for 1 VP vehicles, but for 2 VP vehicles Drivers and Passengers receive partial cover and for 3 VP + vehicles Drivers and Passengers receive full cover.  Cover bonuses only apply from shooting that is more than 6" away.  Any shooting from less than 6" negates all cover bonuses. 

When bike Drivers are hit by weapons fire they need a drive test. If the weapon has the knockback trait and they are knocked back the test is at -2. 

To shoot at a Driver of any non-bike vehicle you must take a CL check if they are not the only active ganger on board. 

Prone gangers get full cover regardless of distance when being fired upon. 


Drive - The Drive skill is an Agility skill and is available to all gangers than have access to that set of skills.  Drive allows the Driver to automatically pass Drive Tests for difficult terrain and to make a special Evasive Maneuver action.

Evasive Maneuver (Double Action) - the driver can jink his vehicle so that shooting at the vehicle or its passengers suffers a -1 to hit penalty for the rest of that turn.  The drive is also able to use this to move directly backward 9".  Passengers in a vehicle that want to perform any actions must first pass an Initiative test to do so, if they fail they take no actions and lose their Ready marker.

Mechanic - The Mechanic skill a Savant skill and is available to all gangers that have access to that set of skills.  Mechanic is used in two ways. 

During a game a Ganger with the Mechanic skill can attempt to make a repair on a vehicle that has suffered VP damage.  They make an intelligence check and if it is passed they can remove 1 VP of damage to their vehicle.

Between games Gangers that were not taken out of action during the game may make an extra repair roll for a single vehicle that crashed during the game. 

Upgrades:  Vehicles can be upgraded with a number of weapons and devices that will make them more effective in the game.
These upgrades cost a certain number of vehicle parts.  This is not necessarily a complete list. 

Ablative armour - 1 VP This allows an automatic save against an attack that would damage a vehicle once per game.  Can be added to vehicles multiple times for 1 VP each.  Move vehicle back 1" at the end of the turn for each one past the first so for 2, move back 1", for 4 move back 3" etc.

Back-up Controls  - 1 VP - allows a second driver to take over the vehicle for only 1 Action. 

Boarding Ramp - 2 VP - this includes any of a number of devices that are designed to hold the enemy vehicle in place while the attacking vehicle sends gangers over to try to wrest control of it from their opponent.  A ramp can effectively reach a vehicle within 6 inches. Gangers can then move between the two vehicles as if there was a 2" wide piece of terrain between the centers of the two vehicles.  Because of the nature of some of these devices, like a corvus, it does not matter where the target vehicle is.

To remove a Boarding Ramp a ganger on the attached vehicle must take a Strength test with a -1 penalty for each model on the boarding ramp. 

Since the two vehicles are attached if either driver wants to move in any direction they must pass a Drive Test to move for each move action.  This can be used to move an enemy vehicle into the path of terrain, of course. 

If either vehicle crashes then the boarding plank is destroyed, there is no damage to the non-crashed vehicle but any models on the boarding plank take an Initiative test or roll a Serious Injury die.  If the I test is passed they have jumped onto the surviving vehicle. 

Boosters - 1 VP - This represents various fuel mixtures which, when added to the main fuel line, add some punch to the vehicles motive force, often activated by a button in some more advanced vehicles they may respond to a voice command like "Peel." When activated by the Driver a vehicle may move directly forward 12" once per game per booster.  Vehicles over 3 VPs will need 2 Boosters to achieve the same effect. Vehicles over 5 VPs will need 3 Boosters to achieve the same effect and so on. A Booster can either be a single action or a double action for a Driver.  If a Driver uses a single action to activate the Booster they will need to make a Drive check immediately after.  For the double action it is assumed that they are really paying attention to keeping their vehicle under control and don't need to test. 

Cabin filters - 1 VP - gives the Driver of the vehicle a +2 toughness for tests against gas attacks.

Hover - 1 VP per VP of the vehicle.  z.B. if you wanted to give Hover to a 4 VP truck, it would cost 4 VP and the truck would then be a total of 8 VP.  Incidentally it could also hold 8 Gangers.

Improved headlumens - 1 VP, when driving at night these extend the view of the vehicle by 12" ahead and 6" in width.  Instead of being able to see only a tunnel 12" by 6" they would now be able to see 24" by 12". 

For one additional VP the headlumens can be upgraded to have the blinding flash ability.  This can be used once a game to blind all enemy warriors that targeted that vehicle or anyone on it that turn.  Models so effected count as being hit by a weapon with the Flash trait with a -1 penalty to their Initiative roll. 

Infrared HUD - 1 VP - Driver does not have to take Drive Tests for driving through smoke.

Oil slick - 1 VP.  This allows any vehicle to release a substance directly behind them making a Large blast template puddle that counts as difficult terrain.  This will force a Drive Test for any vehicle passing through it as soon as the puddle moves.  This test is at -2.  When the vehicle next moves in the next turn it will also require a drive test but that test is with no penalty. 

So the sequence would be like this:  End of turn - all terrain moves 12" East.  This puddle moves under a vehicle, the vehicle immediately takes a drive test at -2.  The next turn the Driver wants to move the vehicle, he would require a Drive Test at no penalty.  If he does not want to move there is no test required and in the next turn there will be no test.  If he has to take a Drive Test for any other reason that turn the test is at -1. 

Pintel mounted Heavy Stubber - 1 VP.  Any Passenger may use the heavy stubber to shoot in a single 45 degree arc from the vehicle.  The location of the stubber will determine which direction it can shoot. This cannot be used on a 1 VP vehicle. 

Ram - 2 VP - this is any device fitted to the front of a vehicle allowing it to make ramming attacks against their opponent.  It could be an armoured prow, a death roller, a bulldozer blade or what have you.  To do this the driver must move the vehicle into contact with an opponent's vehicle and then make a Driving test.  If the test is successful the target vehicle takes 1 VP of damage.  If it is failed then the Driver takes a second Driving test and if that is failed the attacking vehicle takes 1 VP of damage.

Rear Anchor - 1 VP.  This is a large piece of stone or metal on the rear of a vehicle.  While it is on the vehicle the vehicle is moved back 1" at the end of the turn.  The vehicle and crew all count the Anchor as cover from shots from the rear 45 degrees.  Crew automatically count as being in full cover even within 6".  The vehicle gains a 5+ invulnerable save against any hits it takes from that direction.

The Anchor can be thrown off any turn by anyone other than the driver.  This creates a piece of terrain right behind the vehicle and, if the player wishes, can cause the vehicle to move 6" back at the end of the turn.  If the player does this then the model carrying out the action must make an Initiative check or the vehicle takes 1 pt of damage and all Gangers on the vehicle lose one action.

Smoke Cloud - 1 VP This allows any vehicle to release a cloud of smoke directly behind them that blocks line of sight.  The cloud is the size of the large blast template.

Spare Parts - X VP- each set of spare parts allows a gang to affect two repairs on a vehicle without having to make a mechanic roll in-between games.  They can be spent in half units, so if you had 3 Spare Parts you could spend 1.5 of them to fix 3 points of Vehicle Damage and then have 1.5 Spare Parts left.

Wrecker - 3 VP - this describes any device that is designed to damage an enemy vehicle, like a wrecking ball, scythed wheels, a big spear, a flipper etc.  When a target vehicle is within 3" of the vehicle with the wrecker a Passenger can make a shooting attack against the target.  If that is successful the target is hit with a S8 shooting hit as described in shooting.

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Re: Necromunda Ash Wastes campaign, with rules
« Reply #5 on: October 20, 2021, 08:31:08 PM »
Thank you for all that, it seems very straightforward and logical - I like the idea of the rolling road with stationary vehicles (itís often hard to get a table big enough for people to drive in any direction they want and even then vehicles often have to be limited in some way to account for the playing surface). I hope that was a copy and paste job  :o apologies if it wasnít.


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Re: Necromunda Ash Wastes campaign, with rules
« Reply #6 on: October 20, 2021, 10:10:42 PM »
Very well done!
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Re: Necromunda Ash Wastes campaign, with rules
« Reply #7 on: October 21, 2021, 06:18:11 PM »
Don't worry, I wasn't about to type all that up twice. Even with copy and paste it had to be done multiple times as it went past the size limits.

I'm glad you guys liked them.  We had fun playing the games.  I hope we can get three games in this Tuesday.

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Re: Necromunda Ash Wastes campaign, with rules
« Reply #8 on: October 26, 2021, 01:21:00 AM »
Here are the scenarios we used for the first week.

Scenario 1.  Settlement Raid. "We have nothing you can take from us but our poverty."

With a ganger's typical lack of foresight, both Goliaths and Cawdor gangers find themselves quickly running out of supplies.  Water, especially, was consumed much more quickly than expected.   The nearest settlement to Hive Tertius was quickly spotted from vantage points by the two gangs, unfortunately for them so were each other.  Now it is a race to get to the settlement and plunder whatever resources are available. 

Combatants: Both gangs may bring as many combatants and vehicles as they have available.

Map/Terrain. For the first 4 turns of the game the players generate terrain randomly.  Turn 5 has no terrain as the Settlers have cleared the area around their compound.  Turn 6 you automatically generate vegetation terrain.  Turn 7 generates terrain from the building table.  Turn 8 generates 3 pieces of terrain from the building table.  Once the terrain is generated for turn 8 play one more turn as the gangs streak past the outlying buildings and then the game is over. 

Players take it in turn to place one vehicle model at a time on the table at the start of the game.  Vehicles may start anywhere on the table at least 12" away from an enemy vehicle.  There is no restriction on how close they may start to friendly vehicles.  The player that wins a priority roll decides if they will place a model first or second. 

Objective: to keep your gangers in the race until turn 8.  At any point if one gang is eliminated the other gang wins a major victory.  If both gangs make it through turn 9 then the player that has more Wounds worth of gangers on the table at the edge wins a minor victory.   This counts the starting value of Wounds.

Rewards:  If a gang wins a major victory they get 3 vehicle parts and 3 PP as well as two weapons generated from the table in the Scavengers scenario from the Book of Ruin.  The other gang gets 1 vehicle part and one weapon generated in the same way.  If a gang wins a minor victory they get 2 vehicle parts, 2 PP and one weapon.  The other gang gets 1 vehicle part and 1 PP. 

Scenario 2: The Short Cut "Yinz can't get there from here."

After a breakneck race across the dusty plains the destination doesn't seem any closer than when the gangs left the Underhive.  While the flat expanse of the Ash Wastes curves around a range of mountain it seems that there might be a possible way to get around the mountains cutting North of them.  When the Escher head off in that direction, the Corpse Grinders and Enforcers decide to follow them that way.

Combatants: Both gangs can bring all of their available gangers and vehicles.

Map/terrain:  This scenario uses the randomly generated terrain but as this area is not an area of much traffic players will add 1 to the number of terrain pieces rolled for each turn.  In addition, if the Rocky Ground terrain piece is rolled roll a d6, on a 4+ that is replaced with an Active Mine field, instead of 1 S7 hit the vehicles will take d6 S8 hits.  That is why no one goes this way. 

Players take turns placing ALL of their vehicles on the table, each vehicle must be within 6" of a friendly vehicle and no closer than 12" to an enemy vehicle.  Roll to see who places first, highest roller places all of their models first, then the next highest roller and finally the lowest roller. 

Objective:  The game lasts for 6 turns.  The players with a vehicle closest to the Western edge of the board at the end of turn 6 wins the game.  The game ends if only one gang has models still on the table at the end of any turn.

Rewards:  The player with the vehicle closest to the Western edge of the table at the end of the game earns 6 PP.  Going with the theory that second place is the first loser the other two players get 2 PP each. 

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Re: Necromunda Ash Wastes campaign, with rules
« Reply #9 on: October 26, 2021, 01:21:48 AM »
And these are the scenarios for tomorrow.

Scenario 1.  The Pass.  "Proud swagger out of the school yard, waiting for the world's applause."

The mountain range rises up out of the plains, most of the gangs are just going around but a rumour mentioned a pass that would cut days from the travel time.  The trouble is, that if you aren't the first one there, you aren't likely to get through with the mining equipment of the Golden Dawn corp. they will easily be able to block off the pass and the Enforcers, why roadblocks are just something they do. 

Combatants: Both gangs may bring as many combatants and vehicles as they have available.

Map/Terrain. For the first 4 turns of the game the players generate terrain randomly.  After that players will start wall terrain as the cliff faces start looming up on either side of them.  The cliff faces will start on the table edges and the end of the piece will be 6" onto the table.  Each turn another piece will be place so that it touches the previous piece.  This continues until players reach turn 8 when there should only be a 24" gap at the end of the table.  Terrain is generated still from the Difficult Ground table but should only be placed on the table if the roll determines that it would end up being somewhere between the cliff faces.  Crashing into the cliff is like crashing into a building. 

Players take it in turn to place one vehicle model at a time on the table at the start of the game.  Vehicles may start anywhere on the table at least 12" away from an enemy vehicle.  There is no restriction on how close they may start to friendly vehicles.  The player that wins a priority roll decides if they will place a model first or second. 

Objective: To be the closest to the Western board edge at the end of turn 8. 

Rewards:  4 PP to the winner plus 1 VP, - 2 PP to the loser plus 1 VP.

Scenario 2:  Caravan Raid "Come round the bend, you know it's the end, the Fireman screams and the engine just gleams."

An Ash Wastes merchant caravan is passing near the path to the Treasure and gangs wouldn't be gangs if they didn't avail themselves of Emperor given blessings like this.  Still reeling from the damage they sustained in their attempt to take a short cut the Escher need spare parts to make good the damage they sustained.  The Caw-Cawdor can smell an opportunity to scavenge when it passes by them at 70 mph. 

Combatants: Both gangs may bring as many combatants and vehicles as they have available.

Map/Terrain. Terrain is generated randomly.  The game goes for 8 turns at which point the gangers have to veer off as the caravan has reached friendly territory where they won't take a chance against the heavier guns.   

Players take it in turn to place one vehicle model at a time on the table at the start of the game.  Vehicles may start anywhere on the table at least 12" away from an enemy vehicle.  There is no restriction on how close they may start to friendly vehicles.  The player that wins a priority roll decides if they will place a model first or second. 

Objective: A merchant caravan is set up on the table at the beginning of the game.  Take vehicles in your collection and put them on the table in a line with the vehicles at least 4" apart and with at least 4 vehicles in the caravan.  Each vehicle has two Ash Wasters defending it.  One of them is armed with an autogun while the other has an auto pistol and a club. 

To get loot off of the caravan a ganger must jump on board a vehicle in the caravan and then jump back into their own vehicle. 

For each time a ganger is successful in boarding a merchant vehicle and making it back into their own vehicle they get a victory point.  The gang with the most victory points at the end of turn 8 wins.

Rewards:  The winner receives 2 vehicle points and 3 weapons generated from the Scavenger scenario, they lose 1 PP as the Ash Wasters will now try to obstruct their way.  The loser gains 1 PP and 1 Vehicle points as well as a autogun that fails its ammo check each time it is fired.

Scenario 3.  Zombie stomp. "Searching for a different ride, had a funny feeling I can't hide."

What seems like a dark mass ahead of the gangs resolves eventually into a mass of people just walking across the plains.  As the vehicles get closer they see that the people are staggering around somnambulantly.  Anger rises in the hearts of the Corpse Grinders as they see a taint on the shamblers that is somewhat familiar but different enough to cause them serious contempt.  The Goliaths just want through the hordes and to get closer to the Treasure.   

Combatants: Both gangs may bring as many combatants and vehicles as they have available.

Map/Terrain. Terrain is generated randomly, but in addition to any terrain, players place d6 zombies on the table each turn an equal distance apart.  Prior to moving the terrain and the zombies, each zombie moves d6" in a random direction before being moved the 12" back.

Players place all of their vehicles together and they must be within 6" of a friedly vehicles.  Players roll off and the winner places first.  The second player must place their vehicles at least 15" away from any enemy vehicles.   

Objective: to keep your gangers in the race until turn 8.  At any point if one gang is eliminated the other gang wins a major victory. 

If a vehicle hits a zombie the driver must take a Drive test, if this is failed the vehicle sustains an S7 hit. 

Any gangers that go out of action and are not in a vehicle at the end of the game roll twice on the lasting injuries table and take the worse of the two results. 

Gangers falling off of vehicles but surviving must make a roll at the end of the game as if they had sustained a serious injury to see if they go out of action if there are any zombies within 18" of them when they leave the board. 

Rewards:  The winner receives 3 PP, the loser gets 2 PP. 

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Re: Necromunda Ash Wastes campaign, with rules
« Reply #10 on: October 27, 2021, 05:22:11 AM »
We only ended up playing two of the games because one of the players couldn't come in due to quarantine. 

Still the two games went well.

The first game with the pass saw a shoot out between the two gangs that that Enforcers were able to win.  Largely it came down to the GSC having two vehicles and the drivers being taken out requiring them to lose activations replacing them. 

The other game, the one with zombies, required all kinds of careful maneuvering by the two gangs as they encountered a ton of terrain in addition to the zombies.

The players were so busy shooting down the undead that they took relatively few shots at each other and both made it safely to the end of the game.

Next week we have our grand finale. 

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Re: Necromunda Ash Wastes campaign, with rules
« Reply #11 on: October 27, 2021, 02:16:29 PM »
That just looks great fun Pict. Iím optimistically hoping that when I can finally return to my club (still in limbo for me due to the large numbers of gamers, many young and still mixing) that the members will have been inspired over the recent interesting times to try things that are not just mainstream, big brand and often seemingly boringly repetitive games. Fingers crossed.  lol



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