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Author Topic: (SALE) mega fire sale- Warlord, WH40k, paints, rulebooks & more [UK buyers only]  (Read 1381 times)

Offline jawd500

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Hi All,

Having a big old clear-out of stuff. UK buyers only, open to offers for purchases of multiple items. Postage is as listed. If a photo's needed, message me and I'll send you a link to a file drive. Any other questions just ask. Payment is via paypal. There's also some free to a good home bits as well. 

Games Workshop

Start Collecting! Chaos Space Marines, new on sprue; contains Greater Possessed x2, 10-man CSM squad, Venomcrawler, Obliterators x2 and one Master of Possession – £45 free postage

Primaris Vanguard force, new on sprue; 10-man squad Primaris infiltrators, x3 Eliminators, x3 Suppressors, Librarian in Phobos Armour, Lieutenant in Phobos Armour – £45 free postage

[Shadowspear box – contains both armies + softback rule and campaign books – £80 free postage]


Warlord Games

BTGOA C3M25 Heavy Combat Drone, new in box – £20 + postage

Konflikt ‘47 German Panther X with light rail gun, new in box – £20 + postage

Konflikt ‘47 Hauptmann Heinrich Gross, new in box – £10 + postage

Konflikt ‘47 British towed Tesla AT gun, new – £10 + postage

Konflikt’ 47 Soviet towed ZP gun, new – £10 + postage

Pike & Shott Landsknecht missile troops, new – £12 + postage

Pike & Shott Landsknecht zweihanders, new – £12 + postage

Bolt Action North Korea LMG squad, new –£12 + postage

Bolt Action North Korea SMG squad, new –£10 + postage

Bolt Action North Korea Rifle squad, new – £10 + postage

Warlord Games ruined hamlet set, new – £25 + postage

SPQR Gaul Chieftan and Roman Commander – £5 + postage


Knight Models

Albus Dumbledore, new in box –£20 

Barty Crouch jr & death eaters, new in box – £20

Barty Crouch snr & aurors, new in box –£20

Voldemort & Nagini, new in box – £20



3D printed well, as new – £5 free postage

Grey for Now games Ashigaru squad, some parts missing – £6 + postage

Mantic Kings of War Goblin Snaggit – £5 free postage

Sarissa 3D printed well – £5 free postage

Wildlands adventuring party – £6 free postage


Paints and hobby supplies

Coat D’arms entire range; several bottles opened and virtually full, otherwise new – £200 and free postage.

GW paint pot holders x5, as new – £15 free postage

Citadel Spray Handle, as new – £5 + postage

Dark Star metallics paints x3; gold, silver, metal thinner, new – £5 free postage

Game color fantasy ink set, paints unused; red ink, violet ink, blue ink, green ink, black green ink, skin wash, black ink – £10 free postage

Game color acrylic washes set, paints unused; black wash, plae grey, flesh wash, umber wash, blue wash, red wash, green wash – £10 free postage

Life Color shell case set, paints unused – £10 free postage

Premi Air foaming airbrush cleaner, new – £5 + postage

Tensocrom active surface agents, unused – £10 free postage

Vallejo mud and water textures pot set x4; black mud, European mud, still water, transparent water; European mud has been open, used once and virtually full, otherwise unused – £5 + postage

Vallejo Weathering Effects 40ml pots full range (*see below for full list) – £55 +postage

*Vallejo Weathering effects 40ml pots list (not sold separately):

Moss and lichen 

Petrol spills Rainmarks 

Light brown splash mud 

Streaking grime 

Mud and grass 

Russian splash mud 

Diesel stains 

Brown mud 

Russian mud 

Brown engine soot 

Industrial mud 

Snow European splash mud 

Light brown mud 

Fuel stains Black mud 

European mud 

Slimy grime dark 

Wet effects 

Industrial splash mud 

Slimy grime light 

Gloss black surface primer 

Crushed grass 

Rust texture 

Brown splash mud 

Engine grime 

Oil stains 

Black splash mud


Heroes of Stalingrad: box opened and some pieces taken out of frame, otherwise as new – £25 + postage

Red Alert carrier starship escalation pack – £10 free postage



Broken Legions rulebook – £8 + postage

Forgotten worlds rulebook – £8 + postage

Foundry painting and modelling guide – £10 + postage

Frostgrave Perilous Dark rulebook – £8 + postage

Gaslands Refuelled rulebook – £8 + postage

Kings of War 3rd edtion rulebook –£8 + postage

Last Days zombie apocalypse seasons rulebook – £8 + postage

Open Combat rulebook, second thunder – £8 + postage

Ragnarok the Vanir rulebook – £8 + postage

Reality’s Edge rulebook – £8 + postage

SLA Industries rulebook – £10 + postage

SLA Industries Cannibal Sector rulebook – £10 + postage

Zona Alfa rulebook – £8 + postage

Tabletop Wargames, a designer’s and writer’s handbook, Rick Priestly and John Lambshead – £8 + postage


Free to a good home except for postage: 

Reserved 2 Cans of GW Purity Seal; one unused, the first also nearly full – free to a good home for anyone who’ll pay postage. No guarantees on quality of the spray.

Reserved 2 lots of 2-part epoxy resin; both mostly full – free to a good home for anyone who’ll pay postage. No guarantees on the quality of the resin.

Warhammer 40,000 8th edition rulebook & datasheets

Warhammer 40,000 3rd edition Space Marines Rulebook

10 Wargaming magazines collection; White Dwarf, Miniature Wargames, Tabletop Gaming

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Online McYellowbelly

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PM sent
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Offline mcfonz

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PM sent.  :)

Online aircav

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Sent a pm last night

Offline Ranthony

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Pm sent
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Offline jawd500

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List updated with sold and reserved items.

Online OSHIROmodels

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No 'Friends and Family' sales on the forum please.


Offline jawd500

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List has been updated with sold/ reserved items.

Online matthais-mouse

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PM inbound about the chaos start collecting set :)
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Offline sir_shvantselot

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All beautifully received today - Reality’s Edge etc. Thanks!

Online aircav

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K47 received today, thanks  :D :D

Offline Ranthony

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Recieved in good order.



Online matthais-mouse

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All arrived in good order, after my slight mistake  :?

Offline jawd500

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Just bumping this up to make sure it doesn't get deleted during the monthly thread sweep.


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