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A new 20th Century genre for me? Looking for suggestions…

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Grumpy Gnome:
I have just written a lengthy blog post asking the question… what new genre should I do now that I have won some auctions with some 20th Century miniatures and vehicles…

World War 2?
Weird War 2?
Atomicpunk/Dieselpunk Fallout?
Worldwar (Alien Lizardfolk invasion)

Something else?

Well, if you have a load of WW" models, and you're likely to be playing on your own, why not try something like "Platoon Forward" published by TFL?

As it's name suggests, games are based around platoon-sized forces, and it's not only fairly well suited for solo-play, but specifically caters for this in the rules too. I daresay that you could play it co-op too if that ever becomes an option.

In the end though, only you know the answers to the following based on what you've recently acquired:

   - What models do you have?
   - What models are you excited to play a game with?
   - What sort of games do you like playing?
   - What models that don't fit into the above are you wanting to sell on?

If you already have painted armies for games that you've not played, and these new acquisitions are not something you're likely to play many games in without significant further time/money investment, than perhaps it's the new stuff that needs paring down...? :)

black hat miniatures:
I think you need to decide on what excites you in terms of the models AND the rules - otherwise you aren't going to play them.

I am in the process of moving stuff on (all my weird war WW2 DUST stuff is on sale at the moment) because I haven't played it for a long time and it just doesn't excite me enough when I can play WW2 straight with Bolt Action...

I am also really interested in Core Space but need to clear out an unplayed project before I can justify taking that on.


Agreed on finding what really excites you and possibly considering paring down the new stuff if it's not quite what you hoped for?

With respect to a few of the thoughts thrown out in the article - for a starship troopers goes Atompunk feel, then giant insects ala Them! would be an alternative to WA spiders.
Twilight 1950 was a concept I liked (but then I have plans for something similar) you could also check out .45 Psychobilly retro apocalypse ( and Atomic Cafe 1957 from Brigade games as similar takes on 'mid century apocalypses'

Grumpy Gnome:
I was aware of Chain of Command but not Platoon Forward. I will look into that as the solo play is attractive given Mrs. GG is reluctant to try a 20th Century warfare setting. She has expressed an interest in Pulp Adventure though.

The only new thing that came painted is the M4 Sherman, so considerable paint time is going to be involved. This is a project for next year really but to get the best savings it helps to have an eye open for long term projects. Great deals come and go in the blink of an eye on eBay.

Core Space is great but like Frostgrave and Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, it does not scratch all of my hobby itches.

Thanks for the tips on the games, this is exactly the kind of information I am after. There are so many games out there that I have not heard of.

What is the most exotic setting anyone has seen Chain of Command used for?

EDIT: Reading up on Platoon Forward, this seems right up my alley. I am surprised I have not come across it sooner and it could also enhance Sharp Practice. Huzzah!


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