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Author Topic: Dracula's (Near)-Future Scandirama - AAR  (Read 353 times)

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Dracula's (Near)-Future Scandirama - AAR
« on: January 21, 2022, 09:37:58 PM »
After about a month of planning and painting, we managed to get together for the first game of a small campaign set in our (not too serious) near-future northern country.
For rules we're using the excellent Dracula's America. The plan is to write some house-rules to push it slightly more towards a sci-fi flavour after we get properly to grips with the game, but since it works beyond fine just out of the "box" (or book?), we're keeping it simple for this campaign.

The campaign pitches my friends Biker-gang, mysteriously funded by foreign intelligence, battling it out against my own intelligence agency special operations team over the scant valuables left in a collapsed northern nation – Primarily the nations renowned high alchohol-content beer and valuable medicine-patents.
Rumours abound of a VIP in hiding though, and both groups want to locate them.
It is set to run for 3 game sessions (probably 3 games).

Game 1 - Looting and shooting

The game was a straight (almost), out of the book Loot grab. We rolled 5 tokens, and scattered them around the midfield.
We're playing on a 24"x24" table, as that is what we have terrain and space for.
It should also focus the action more – I quite like games with smaller boards like that.

My gang used the rules for the Shadow Dragon Tong and consisted of:
 - My boss, a veteran with a pistol,
 - 2 "Ghost" androids with swords
 - 1 Novice agent with a pistol
 - 1 Novice mercenary with a riffle and
 - 1 Novice agent with a carbine.

My friend is playing his bikers as the Twilight Order, and thus had two scary looking Junkers (knights) armed with riffles, one of them his boss! Yikes!

My first turn saw me dash for cover, taking up positions...

...as well as running a lightning fast "Ghost" android up the flank.

Meanwhile, my friend was moving forward and, in order to get a shot on the flanking android, exposed one of his Junkers to my riffle-man on Lookout.

The junker dropped like the heap of scrap metal his armour was stitched together from.
This was an early and brutal lesson on the efficacy of a well positioned riffle on Lookout.

At the close of the turn, sensing an opportunity for a quick kill, the flanking “Ghost” leapt over the building it was hiding behind (no doubt doing all sorts of fancy acrobatics and cartwheels) and quickly curb-stomped the downed Junker, taking him out of the game completely.
Unfortunately for the “Ghost”, the biker-boss, up on a nearby building, slowly turned around and -

- proceeded to pump her full of lead. Downed!
The moves of the next many activations saw a lot of manoeuvre, under the lookout of the biker-boss.
Sensing an opportunity and a chance to prove himself, a young Novice agent jumps from a hiding spot to shoot at the Biker-boss’ un-covered flank and completely misses.
In turn, he too is mowed down brutally.

While that was happening though, the other “Ghost” seized this opportunity, with the boss distracted, to leap up on the building. The boss was having none of it, and successfully fended off the rapid attacks of the assassination android.

With neither combatant really gaining an edge, it was up to the prettiest member of the biker gang to sort out what the man obviously couldn’t. Having been relegated to watching over a VIP, she sprang into action.
Climbing the building, she swiftly and brutally disposed of the android with a well-aimed pistol whip.

Crucially though, this left her open to my carbine-carrying agent, and the poor woman was efficiently gunned down, loosing the bikers control of the VIP.

While all of this was going on, I had managed to secure 1 loot counter, and started retreating.

The board was set for a tense final turn, as 2 of the bikers had managed to sneak up quite close to my loot-carrying operatives. At this point though, enough of the gang were down that the biker-boss (himself having started to come under fire from my boss, being shaken as a result) lost his nerve, failed his bottle-test and decided it was time to get out!

A victory for my operatives! Barely!

In the post-game, the androids was found to have sustained critical injuries to their legs (both of them) and were thus dully scrapped and replaced with fresh models.
The bikers also had some critical injuries – The (so far unnamed) woman of the gang having lost an eye, but very suitably gaining the Mean skill as a trade-off. The Junker that was gunned down in the beginning stages of the game turned out to be stone dead! His gear was passed on to another member of the gang, and a pugilist was hired for our next match.
Overall, the bikers came out a bit ahead of the post game.

The game was very close fought, had some incredibly tense moments and a good deal of back and forth! Dracula’s America is quickly growing to be one of my favourite rulesets for any kind of "shooty" small-scale setting, and we’re both very much looking forward to the next encounter.

I will try to post some proper pictures of my gang in this thread, when lighting allows.

Cheers, and thanks for reading!

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Re: Dracula's (Near)-Future Scandirama - AAR
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2022, 10:05:39 PM »
Good stuff! And I like how you used the rules to suit yourself,excellent  8)
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Re: Dracula's (Near)-Future Scandirama - AAR
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2022, 08:41:59 PM »
Nice report, and the terrain and minis look great. I don’t really know much about Dracula’s America although it seems to have some popularity with sci fi wargamers.

Thanks for sharing this.


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